A Message from Our Director, Riko Chirito July 21, 2018

Greetings waking hearts!

Riko here, Director and Founder of Waking Hearts. It's been 3 years since we first launched our project. We sureeee tested quite a lot of ideas, and not without blood, sweat and tears, but actually mostly with fun, love, and creativity. 

Our first phase was called, "Awake the Flow." It was designed to awaken the hearts of the community to see what we could create. In the brief moments of this phase, we brought hundreds of artists together and showcased our inner souls in experimental and audacious ways.

We put together dozens of multifaceted events (HeartCore, Heartbeats, Art shows, Workshops, Outings, Meetups), we broadcasted ourselves on social media, we collaborated with other groups and figures, we established an artist residency, we brought our hearts out to festivals and community events, we produced pop-ups and concerts, and we did a lot of office work to research ways to preserve culture.

And we did it all with no real funding. We as artists created with what we had in hand. For that, I thank all the artists that pooled in their resources and time. Although we made magic happen, it caused us to pause our efforts quite often.

In this next phase, we are changing things up a bit. We are going to gather the support we need to never stop waking hearts. 

That's why this time around we are starting an online fundraiser to through all fronts! We believe that there is battle ahead, a fight for our cultural legacy as humans in this planet. As our live-long project, Waking Hearts is dedicated to preserving the aspects of the soul that makes us waver, the wake in our hearts that brings tears to our eyes with determination and passion to do what's right... for our fellow souls and our home, planet Earth. Such beauty can be found when we stare at the horizon, during a sunset or sunrise, where the almighty sun that gave us, and all beings, life, and we find ourselves reconciled, equal for a brief moment in perspective. That power, is the power of our inner sun, our soul. 

How lucky we are to have such gift… How lucky we are to chose what to do with such gift… How lucky we are to write our own story and ultimately decide what kind of legacy the human race left in its cosmic wake.

That’s what I’ve decided to dedicate myself to this project, to waking hearts. It is my answer.

But I’m not alone. In my short time, I’ve met others. Others that share this answer. Others that light the flames in others by recognizing the value of our own souls.

Would you join us? Will you support our cause?