Mexico and Corona Virus March 26, 2020



I know...How? Short answer the Lord. I have been in Morelia, Mexico for 3 months. I am co-leading a Bible school through YWAM Orlando called, Bible School of the Nations. We are training and equipping students to become teachers of the Bible! Our main purpose is to multiply the truth of the Bible throughout the earth. Along with leading a Bible school; I have been teaching and doing...


Bible Translation!

Honestly Bible translation has opened my heart to a deep revelation on how much God longs for the nation to know Him. I have been on two trips so far and 5 locations. My team and I look for people groups within the state of Mexico (mostly indigenous) and try to build relationships and connections with them so we can translate parts of the Bible into their native language. Can I tell has been amazing!

But it is not without its challenges. We have taken many buses, taxis and walked to find some of these communities of people. The people are extremely helpful and hospitable. However, recently we came across a community that’s language had died out. For me that is a sad reality about doing Bible translation


When a language dies, so does the culture. I’ve witnessed individuals no longer having a connection with their language or indigenous culture. Nevertheless, God is moving in Bible translation. Out of the 5 communities we went to, we were able to translate 16 Bible stories in 4 different indigenous languages! It is a great start, but we are not done. Neither is God.

Coronavirus and what that means for me?


After praying and seeking God, I have decided to stay in Mexico and continue the work of the Lord. In times like these the truth of God is needed. A lot of people are reaching out for God, asking questions and looking for answers. I want to be there for them when they need answers. I am safe, and all is well. I will keep ya’ll posted on any changes. 


I do ask for two things.


1)    Keep me in the loop on your prayer needs. Please email if you have specific prayer requests! You are not alone. 

2)    Don’t forget about me. I need family and friends support especially in these circumstances. 


I am grateful you all and I here if you need anything. 

Love, Jarnae Hall

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Love yall

Jarnae Hall February 04, 2020


I went to a Rehab center today to do some ministry. I was asked to teach on the beginning of sin ???? So here I a Rehab center....with about 40 people who first language is Spanish...who are currently facing withdraw and I, Jarnae Hall, had to teach them about sin?! CHALLENGE ACCEPTED

I went in and I read Genesis 2:16-17 & Genesis 3:1-13. When I read I'm super dramatic so that helped take off the pressure...but what happened next was only God. Yall it went amazing. I legit saw some of them on the edge of their seats. I shared about my personal experiences and how drugs effected my family. And that at the end of the day the serpent did not make Eve or Adam chose to eat from the tree but they chose it. So that means sin is a choice. 

It was powerful! So others build upon my teaching and at the end we had a time of prayer. I saw this girl raised her hand so I went over to her. I wanted to pray in Spanish then I remembered that I said mucho gusto after someone gave me food instead of muchas gracias so I threw that idea out.

But I really wanted her to know what I was saying so I asked the Lord to speak to her soul what I was praying. While I was praying for her I got a picture of what God thought of her (it's a thing that usually happens when I pray for someone) Again, no hablo uhhhhh Spanish so I used google translate #thanksgoogle. Yall why we both ended up cry by the end of our google translated conversation. 

She told me that she did not know how to explain what she was feeling. She felt peace for the first time in her life and felt something change in her heart. She also told me I was the first person to ever encourage and pray for her.Her words "No one has ever done this for me before" it left me undone because God used me to show His Love in the middle of a Rehab center. 

Tonight I watched hope reenter a girls eyes. She know that she is not her problems, that no matter what hits her she has the choice to let it consume her or turn it into something beautiful. Getting over drug addiction isnt easy but having people root for you makes choosing life worth it. 

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Jarnae's Christmas Story! December 17, 2018

Before I left for Haiti, I felt like the Lord wanted me to get a Typhoid shot. Now if you know me, you know that I only get shots if the Lord tells me. Good thing I did because while in Lubin we came across a child that had Typhoid. The little boy had to be around 4 years old. He was sitting on a corner getting kicked, having trash thrown on him and being called names by the other kids. The Pastor, who is also the base director at YWAM Lubin, found the kid and took him into the base. We found out that his mother left him, he lost his father a few week before we got there and that he was dying of typhoid. He only had 2-4 weeks to live. I looked at him and saw my 4 year old brother, internally I wept. I went to him, picked him up and held him. He was stiff as if he was afraid to relax. I looked at him and kissed him on the cheek. In that moment he relaxed and laid on my chest. I prayed in that moment that he would not be left alone and that he could be healed. I left Lubin with a heavy heart and wanting to do more. It was not until I got to the Dominican that God revealed the answer to my prayer. We were told that one of our leaders had went throughout the village looking for his relatives. She was able to find his aunt to take care of him and she also paid for him to go to the hospital and get treated. In that moment I cried like a baby. To be honest I am balling my eyes out now because God is faithful. In Psalm 10 :14 it says " But you, God, see the trouble of the afflicted; you consider their grief and take it in hand. The victims commit themselves to you; you are the helper of the fatherless". God is always a helper, He is always faithful, He is always good and He is always love. When anyone asks me How do you know God is helper? How do you know God is faithful, good or even love? How? I touch my lips and flashback to the moment I kissed the cheeks of a dying boy. Then I say because He answered my prayers.

Update! August 01, 2018

Hey friends,

I want to thank everyone that has supported me in this walk so far. I am able to do this and be God's heart to people because of your faithfulness in giving. Because I am now on staff, I have more responsibilities at YWAM Orlando, my expenses have increased some and I need even more help. Below I am going to share what the needs are and if you are moved to become a part of this journey, I would be grateful and happy to invite you into what God is doing in and through me.

By August 15th, I am in need of $1750 to travel to Thailand for a conference with a group of other staff member form Ywam Orlando and others throughout the world. I will be gaining more international connections, learning more about what God is doing in the world and also will be partaking in evangelism in the Red light district, It is a hub for human trafficking.  This conference is important and recommended to every staff member globally with YWAM.I will be using all the skills from this conference to continue to teach, lead and disciple many more students that are wanting to be trained in missions.

Monthly I am in need of an increase in support. While my leadership role has increased, so has my expenses. God has a great calling for my life and  I would hate to see it die because I was afraid to ask for help. Monthly support includes travel costs and other items that staffing incurs. All donations are tax deductible. 

Thank you, Jarnae

Here's something I want to share with you as well...

There was a moment when I was in South Africa that time seemed to stand still. I had many moments when time did not seem to be enough. I wanted more time to love, more time to think, more time to breath; but at this moment time stood still. I was outside of a soup kitchen. Soup kitchens here are dramatically different than those in America. It was a tin and brick building (what you imagine is basically it) It had dirt floors and a random “wooden like” Island in the middle of the room with smaller tables on the side.

My team and I were in this soup kitchen giving out food. We had loaves of bread and BBQ drumette chicken wings. Each child was responsible for bringing a container of some sort in order to eat. These kids were covered in dirt and smiles. One by one, they came to receive their loaf of bread and one drumette. We did not have any gloves so we had to give the food out with our bare hands. As we gave out this food, every kid smiled and said thank you. Not one parent was there, just kids bringing their brothers and sisters. Five-year-olds bringing their one you old siblings. Kids taking care of kids is common in the townships of South Africa.  Nevertheless, these kids stood in line. At one point I had to leave because my heart was overwhelmed with emotions.

As I exited, a fight broke out between a teenage boy and a woman. The woman lost it and began hitting this teenage boy. He then picked her up and dropped her on her back. Some team members and I broke up the fight. While they were fighting, another group of kids were on the sidelines making jokes and laughing. I went to the boy who had gotten into the fight and talked to him. I call it “loving” on him. I asked him what happened and we began to have a conversation. I reminded him of what a man was and encouraged him to be more than his anger. I then turned to the group and  I asked them if they loved when their parents fought. Did they love when their dad beat their mom? Is this the life they dreamed of?

A hush went over them. They stood there, some had tears in their eyes, others were lost in the question. At that point, I told them what God thought of them and all that God has for them. I poured truth and life into them. They opened up about their lives and I got to love them some more. Afterward, we hugged them. In the middle of those moments is when time seemed to stop. I looked and saw something I never thought I would see. I saw hope, I saw joy, but mostly I saw endurance. When you think of missions, most people think of Africa with little black kids needing food. Missions is more than that.

There is a saying when it comes to meeting the needs of people “empty bellies have no ears” I would add to that saying “ and a life without love has no hope”. My job as a missionary is to love like Christ. He met both physical needs and spiritual needs. He fellowshipped around a table of food! He valued the sinner just as much as the fisherman. I am a person who cannot help but love. From waving down an ambulance driver at a stoplight to say thank you, to holding a child in a village of Haiti dying of Tuberculosis; I love....and I do it well. That is the calling God has for me and I am willing to go anywhere and do anything for the love of Christ and the redemption of God to be restored in the lives of people. The goodness of God is dripping all over the nations. It is my calling to help them discover it.