August 23, 2022


We are very excited to bring this event back since it has been since 2019 since we have hosted this event! 

We were so happy to have you at our last event!!! 

we are excited to bring this event back and hope to make it a successful event for the future! With just over 3 weeks before this event, and as fast as time seems to be going by, I’m gonna be pushing this event hard and fast to get folks to participate. The original goal was 128 players on 64 teams. This amount can really make a substantial difference in the success of the event. Participation and guest count is the most important piece as usual. 

Tournament entry fee - $60 per team (2 people per team)(1 FREE drink ticket per player)

Sponsorship - Levels vary, please select your desired level to Sponsor.

CASH PRIZES - for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd tournament places. Cash prizes will depend on the amount of teams to register. 

Long Toss Challenge - There will be a long toss challenge to have more opportunities to win some money and have fun!! 

Raffle and Games - There will Raffle tickets for sale at chances to win more prizes and more games for more giveaways!! 

Please check it out on our website and we hope to see you there! 

Thank you, 

Derrick Burpo

Executive Director

[email protected]