Here Are My Summer 2020 Plans!!! May 24, 2020



Some Great News!!!


So here it is ladies and gentlemen; the update of all updates! 


If you read my previous newsletter covering April and May's activity then you now know that earlier this year The Lord led Nina and I to begin a relationship while serving here in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq. As previously stated, this relationship has been fully led by God and as He speaks I have listened and walked out the words He has spoken as guidance and as instruction. Altogether it has been a fun and exciting journey that has led me to continue to enjoy life with Jesus while serving alongside the amazing people here, including my beautiful girlfriend Nina.


Well, The Lord has spoken once again and we are off as we seek to run toward the word He has spoken. Come August, Nina and I will be in Florida together; not just to enjoy family, beaches or rest... But above all, Nina and I will be in Florida in August to get married according to the word God has spoken. This is a very exciting time for us and has not been easy whatsoever but definitely worth it. I say it is worth it because I know what God has spoken, in that no opposition can take that away. Not closed nations, any virus or whatever other obstacles may try and get in the middle, if God spoke, it will be because it already has been.


I know that some may think I am moving a little fast and to that I say this, "God is moving faster than I planned to. The truth is, He is the protector, provider, author and finisher. If He spoke it, He will make it happen." I trust Him fully to open every door needed for His word to become real and I vow to continue listening to Him and following what He says. I mean, He has been around a little longer than I have, so I think He knows what He is doing.

What's New?


So nice that you asked!!! As the whole world is beginning to open up and come back to normal (whatever that is now), things here have been a little different. For over a month already life in Duhok has been back to how things were prior to Covid-19. Jobs open again, people on the roads, shops and malls open, all to simply say, it's good to be here. With the checkpoints back open we have been able to do a few distributions of food to camps in need as well as individual poor families in need throughout the town. 


Aside from the work, it has been a good time to meet up with local friends again. Some of the fun times we have had include hiking the gigantic and beautiful mountains through trails that are used by the military to this day, hiking to rivers and SWIMMING. YES, I SAID IT RIGHT!!! THERE IS WATER IN IRAQ! Who knew?? Camping in the middle of nowhere, and meals upon meals with families and friends (as it is a regular custom here in the culture). This has been very enjoyable because to this day we have been so caught up and busy working that going out to enjoy God's creation has not been one of our scheduled events. Now we try to go out one day of the weekend to enjoy in nature with friends and campfires that include a lot of cooked meat! 


These times of enjoying nature with friends have been a blast and has opened many doors and opportunities that are definitely leading people into the kingdom. To be honest, I have such a love for these people and as I continue to learn the language my heart is to share with them my experiences, encounters and testimonies that I have had with the Lord. I have seen that one thing that is difficult for God to hold back is to do with showing up when He is spoken of and what He has done is spoken of. When we share testimonies, He is stirred and excited to be present with us. TRY IT! I dare you! As you speak of His wondrous works, you will step into a moment like that of Moses and the burning bush. A moment will arise that God allows Himself to be seen or felt, and when He does it is our turn to fall into His presence coming in. When we do, you will begin to encounter Him like never before. HEAVEN ON EARTH!



Your Turn...


What has God been speaking to you throughout this time?


What is He stirring up in your heart to do?


And how can we sharpen one another?




Prayer Requests.


"And pray in the Spirit on all occasions with all kinds of prayers and requests. With this in mind, be alert and always keep on praying for all the Lord’s people." Ephesians 6:18

Prayer Requests:

  • A greater level of holiness, purity and love in my relationship with Nina.
  • Our local friends to encounter Yahweh.
  • More skilled workers, willing to give it all that the least may be reached
  • Finances for proposal, wedding and family
  • Personal finances (to reach a minimum of 1k/month) especially now as I plan to move on toward marriage and starting a family.
    • I am currently at $600 monthly but am seeking people seeking to partner with what God is doing in my obedience.
  • Dreams and visions for those who don't know Jesus . . .Yet.


UPDATE: May/June May 22, 2020

Some good news!

It is interesting to me how God makes his plans come to pass in our lives. At least for this case I will be speaking in the realm of relationships. Since the beginning, when it was recorded that God was in the process of creation, He created woman from the man with the purpose to one day leave his father and mother to be united to his wife and become one flesh. Ladies and Gentlemen, may I say that the Lord has placed me on the honoring path toward one day becoming one with what will one day become my wife.

Since the beginning of this year, God has brought a beautiful lady to the region with identical vision and a calling worth giving a thought to in regard of the possibility of a relationship. A few weeks after her arrival we began to spend time together as friends until the day she asked to speak with me. To save you an hour of reading, she had received the green light from above tin regard to beginning a relationship with me. This conversation sparked up a desire within me to take some time and ask the Lord if this was something that He wanted to happen and if Ge was in this. Two days later He gave me a vision communicating to me through me the words, "I choose you" and speaking them to her. At that moment I knew that she was brought into my life for a purpose. And as of March 3rd, I have been in a relationship with a beautiful special lady named Nina.

And here she is. . .

Breaking out of quarantine to celebrate Newroz, (Kurdish New Year). 

Purity & Holiness.

Through this relationship I have come to learn a great amount about the love that God has for me, and His desire for His people out of a love that is undivided and pure. In this relationship with Nina, God has begun to show me through her and through His leading the importance of holiness and purity. The truth is, without a pure heart we cannot see God (Matthew 5:8). It has been as Nina and I have been pursuing purity and holiness that righteousness has simply been a result of our decisions.

Our individual lives have to be based out of the revelation that we are called to be living Christ-centered lives. Lives that keep Jesus as the one and only and the first love. If Jesus remains my first love, He has my full, undivided attention that then enables Him to speak, enter or do whatever He wants to do as He desires. While writing this I easily recall moments like the one that we were cooking coconut curry potatoes with chicken that I had to shut off the fire that we can both get on the floor on our knees in honor and worship as God's presence filled the kitchen. Or even the moments that occur daily that as we are sitting with each other, the love of Jesus toward His bride comes over me and causes my love for Nina to grow greater with such a great purity as a foundation. Living holy is the key for a pure, Christ-centered relationship that also becomes an open door for God to enter and bless.

Having a kurdish picnic on the mountain! Something the Kurds love. 

Life During Covid-19

As the entire world has come to a halt because of this "pandemic", causing everybody to fear, things here have been quite interesting but blessed. In this time of all of the camps closing, work stopping, and basically life being shut down, God spoke to me and communicated that His desire for this time was for investing into my relationship with Nina and setting an unshakeable foundation. Because the government basically stopped the possibility for life to occur outside the four walls of one's home, I was found to have a whole lot of free time to be used as an investment into the great gift He had just brought to me. 

Most of the time was filled with spending time together with my Habibti (Arabic for "My dear" aka "My special lady"), and getting to know her little by little which I loved and still love to this day. As things began to calm down in the region, the government began to become less strict; opening opportunities for us to work and serve the locals. In that, those who stood behind got together and ordered 100 meals and began to distribute them to the government officials and law enforcement forced to be on the streets keeping all safe in checkpoints all around town. Just recently we completed another food distribution, geared toward the poor families in the area, in which we put together 420 food packets (included rice, beans, meat, chai, salt, sugar, and many other dry foods) to a Syrian refugee camp, poor families in Duhok and are also getting ready to put together and distribute another 400+ food packets to a Yezidi camp close by that is in need.

On top of that, Nina and I are on the planning side of getting ready to head back to the states this summer. The plan is to arrive mid June and be in Texas and Florida for a total of 1.5 - 2 months. We are really looking forward to meeting with family, friends and those interested in sitting to talk testimonies of what God is doing here and there.

Prayer Requests.

"And pray in the Spirit on all occasions with all kinds of prayers and requests. With this in mind, be alert and always keep on praying for all the Lord’s people." Ephesians 6:18

Prayer Requests:
  • A greater level of holiness, purity and love in my relationship with Nina.
  • More skilled workers, willing to give it all that the least may be reached
  • Finances for future proposal, wedding and family
  • Personal finances (to reach a minimum of 1k/month) especially now as I plan to move on toward marriage and starting a family.
    • I am currently at $600 monthly but am seeking people seeking to partner with what God is doing in my obedience.
  • Dreams and visions for those who don't know Jesus . . .Yet.

January Update January 17, 2020

"Worship will transform the region."

As I sit here in attempts to place the past few months into words I am at a loss for words. Although the work has been great and the opportunities for work simply continue to almost be placed at our feet, the greatest treasure found here in the midst of all the opportunities has been the one spoken of in Matthew 13. That is Jesus Himself, worth surrendering all for the sake of knowing Him deeper. A word that God has spoken over the vision here is summarized in this, "As we worship, the region will be restored." 

To some this may seem as if we are not stepping out but the truth is that as we worship the Lord out of obedience, His presence has been coming in so thick and His glory so real that all we can do is surrender and drop to our knees out of the power he comes into the room with. And as we continue to surrender to Him and His coming, we are made more and more to look like Jesus which in turn the signs, wonders and miracles simply happen out of accident due to a deep love and passion for Jesus Himself. And that is where we are finding ourselves at in the moment and in the midst of all that is going on with the Iran vs USA situation. The Holy Spirit has increased since the tensions have begun to hit the region. All I can say is more God, and let it be done to me as He has spoken.?

On a more practical note, since the Iran vs USA tensions, many foreigners have left the region and our numbers have gone down but recently we have begun to enter into camp once again as well as continue the work (english courses) that were being held in the refugee camp.
Opportunities have opened in a Syrian refugee camp heading toward the Iran border that we have begun to pursue and serve as we can in accordance to the finances we raise and skills that are available to be provided.
There is a small camp of 44 families receiving little to no aid that we are involved in with distributions of many kinds from clothing to water filters, to food and simply to go and play soccer with the teens and adults and share with one another.
We have visited and intend to return to an orphanage close to the Syrian-Turkish border that is run by some of the adults in the neighborhood who have done what they can to serve and be there for over 20 children ranging from a year old to just about 7 or 8 years old.
And soon enough we will be taking a trip to visit and serve in an orphanage in Syria housing 60 children that can be classified as the least of the least in many peoples eyes but as treasures in the eyes of Jesus. These children are the children that are a result of the terror striking group in this region that has raped many Yezidi women that were forced to give their children up one they were rescued and prior to entering into Iraq. These being children that a result of the enemy raping these women that now are technically not allowed to enter back into their society because they are now termed as unclean and the enemy, all because of being defied by what they call the enemy. We are very excited and expectant for this opportunity and are excited about what God is going to do there.
And really there are many more opportunities that would take forever to write and read but countless, great opportunities that God is providing.

Finances Needed:

Finances/fees to live here: ($1,000 USD per month)
Project Finances: ($1,000 USD per month)
Trip to Orphanage in Syria ($400-500 USD)
Would you consider partnering with me to bring God's Kingdom as we serve His people in the region?

"And pray in the Spirit on all occasions with all kinds of prayers and requests. With this in mind, be alert and always keep on praying for all the Lord’s people." Ephesians 6:18
Prayer Requests:
  • - A vehicle; the only means of transportation at the moment is taxi. A vehicle is anywhere from 10k – 15k.
  • - More skilled workers, willing to give it all that the least may be reached
  • - Finances to appear to serve the in orphans in the area
  • - Personal finances (minimum 1k/month) and project finances (minimum 1k/month)
  • - Dreams and visions for those who don't know Jesus . . .Yet.

It Only Takes One Leap... August 21, 2019

The truth is, we are all on a personal journey with Jesus. How it plays out, and the difficulties along the way is determined by one’s level of surrender and committed partnership with the Lord. Each journey is truly special and unique in every single way because every person, although made in the image of God, is different from the next individual. But, simply put, our life is like a hike, and the best views are as we move onward and upward.

In the bible there are many individuals that I admire, and many if not all, that have helped me see Jesus in a new light and walk with Him in a new way fully based out of faith. In this moment, there is one in particular I’d like to shine a light on, and that is Abraham. As some of you may know, Jesus told me to do a trip with a friend through Europe that altogether lasted about a month and a half. Not knowing our next destination until nearly hours before departing our current destination, it was a stretching time with the only direction being to bring His Kingdom.


Bringing the Kingdom of God does not necessarily mean to share with EVERYONE about who Jesus is and try to bring EVERYONE to Him. But it does mean that each day we woke up, we simply asked The Lord what He had for us. Where He would like us to go and what to do. In that, we were bringing His kingdom, aka, Him, with us everywhere we went. We did see a lot of people touched by God and a number of divine appointments, but that came simply through His desire to share, and the strength to obey that He gave us. It was a beautiful time to be honest. Tough, but great.


As we concluded the trip and moved onto the next destination that the Lord had shared in the Middle East, I found myself being questioned by many people along the way and in this current destination, asking, “how long are you going to be here?”, “what will you be doing?”, “with who will you be?”, etc. But the more these questions arose throughout the month and a half prior to arriving and even the time currently in the location I am now in, I begin to see how The Lord has been giving me the strength that He gave to Abraham. He simply told Abraham to go to a specific land, and that being the most direction He received. As for me, The Lord told me, go to a land and commit to a year, and toward the end of the year He would tell me whether to stay or go. Along with that, He spoke to me about who to be with, but I have no idea the work I will be doing or anything else. I just know I am supposed to be here as of August 20th.


The more people I share this with, the crazier responses I receive but truly, I do not see it as being too wild in itself. The more I share it, the more I realize that it was Jesus who gave me the strength to obey, and sort of blinded me with His love to the point that I would say yes to anything. What a great place to be!!! So, to update you, the truth is this… I am in the Middle East, will have a place to stay but will have to soon get an apartment, have no idea what I will be doing but do know this: I am supposed to be here, now. And where the Lord wants me to be, I will be, because there is no greater place. Thank you for your time and be blessed!


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In-route to K-stan July 17, 2019

Hi, from Amsterdam, Netherlands! A place full of history, bikes
and lots and lots of people! From a historical point of view and from the point
of view of a big city, it is absolutely beautiful. With canals flowing through
many areas of the city, as well as many areas to sit and share a homemade meal
with friends by the canals, park or even city center. Amsterdam is definitely a
friendly culture based out of relationships and time together. An overall fun
place to be.


As you may know, my friend Glauco and I left the states for
a trip through a small portion of Europe that I felt Jesus lead me toward
taking. Now, if you know me then you know that I actually despise traveling and
much more rather stay in one place and invest in the people and place with all
of my effort. Buuuuuuuut, that’s not the case with this one. Although it has
been a pretty fun and awesome trip with seeing what God is doing, it has felt
like if every day that passes, God peels another layer off of me until there is
nothing left. It has been difficult and absolutely worth it but has come with a
painful process of peeling of a layer one at a time.


Right now, we are at a time that we do not know what God
wants us to do next. We are faced with two options: staying in Amsterdam and
finding out a way to partner with people here and bring the Kingdom of God to
the streets of Amsterdam, etc or head over to Lesvos, Greece and work in a
refugee camp there where I have worked before. It is definitely a moment of
being torn between the two, because both have heavy needs and God is moving in
both places as well. What to do? What to do?


In all honesty, I have seen the bigger struggle to be that
whenever we ask God what to do we feel that He gives direction met by a closed
door on every side of the road. It is definitely a very difficult place to be,
again, living with the feeling of being peeled away one layer at a time until
there is nothing there standing of me. But, in all things I know this… I was
led by The Lord to do this trip and I know I am supposed to be here. I don’t
know what lies ahead but I know this: Jesus is there waiting.


If you pray, please pray for Glauco and I. For finances, God’s
leading, open doors, and for the Kingdom of God to continually be established
everywhere we go with Jesus at the healm.


Want to partner? You may do so below.


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Pre-Kurdistan. July 05, 2019

Good morning, as I am writing this, I am currently in London’s
Victoria Station, heading out to Scotland to visit family Scotland after being
here a few days. As I sit here, I am at a loss for words in attempts to
describe the current state of London, but I will try and put it into words.

With such a rich history and multiple historical events
having occurred in England, including a period of evangelical revival during
the 1700’s, I have come to find London to be spiritually poor, with the regions
in in which I visited alone during my few days here. I was able to meetup with
a good friend that is heavily invested in bringing the Kingdom of God to the
region. His desire is to simply lead people to Life and he also works to
restore the region/land; God is truly moving through him and his family. He
took time out to show us the area they live/work in and the strongholds of the
region holding the people oppressed, it was a lot!

He opened our eyes to the street they are operating out of
and how in one area alone, is such oppression and in that area alone, the owner
of the region has made it in such a way that the 7 deadly sins (Lust, gluttony,
greed, sloth, wrath, envy, pride) are constantly active in the area, as well as
witchcraft and idolatry. He spoke to us of the moments that they go out to
evangelize and witches cement idols to try and give them authority over the land,
and they go out at night with sledgehammers to break them and throw them in the
river. As well, how the witches are paid from above in order to walk the
underground tunnels and place curses and strongholds on the land.

In response, he and his team go out multiple times a week to
set people free from all that mess and have an encounter with Jesus and receive
true Life and truly live through Jesus. It is a region in need and a region
that God is about to explode as the anticipation increases more and more. It is
an area I would like to return if I can find people to allow me to stay with
them for some time. I can’t wait to see Jesus move so mightily in the area;
breaking people free.

While we were in our hostel in a different part of town, we
were able to meet an atheist man from Australia that was hurt by the church as
a child when his priest was caught cheating on his wife. From then on, he has
turned away but after having a few encounters with Him and sharing who Jesus
truly is and what He is capable of, he was at a loss for words. He began to
share how this is the third and fourth people who this year have shared with him
about who Jesus truly is and what following Him is about as they go out to
serve the Kingdom. He did not start following Jesus YET, but The Lord is after
His heart with such a powerful love!!! It will happen!

Well, there is so much more that is going on during this
trip through parts of Europe to bring the Kingdom of God, if you want to know
more or contribute to bringing the Kingdom of God and encounters with Jesus,
please reach out. Until next time… Be blessed!


Venmo: @Christopher-Quinones-8


To Make Him Known - Living in the Kingdom June 23, 2019

'“Whoever loves
father or mother or son or daughter more than me is not fit to be my disciple.
And whoever comes to me must follow in my steps and be willing to share my
cross and experience it as his own, or he cannot be considered to be my
disciple. All who seek to live apart from me will lose it all. But those who
let go of their lives for my sake and surrender it all to me will discover true


Matthew 10:37-39



Throughout Jesus’ life, while walking the earth, we see Him preaching
the hope of the Kingdom of God, healing every sickness and every disease.
Teaching His disciples to “love your neighbor and pray for those who persecute
you (your enemy)” (Matthew 5:44), and to not retaliate to those that strike you
but turning the other cheek that they may do the same as you respond in love.
But, then we encounter a Jesus in Matthew 10 that seem to be slightly different
to the one we see in the previous chapters of Matthew. But, is He the same or
simply out of the goodness of His heart leading us closer to Him?


There is something about surrender that brings life and life
eternal. It is when you surrender and only when you surrender to Jesus that you
may find true life, eternal life. Through you choosing to surrender all to Him
and bring yourself down to 0% that the “Ancient of Days”, “King of kings and
Lord of lords” is able to come and fill you with His 100% as He Himself is
Eternal Life. Surrender, it is for your own good, and to have life breathed in
to you as Jesus breathed into His disciples in John 20:22.


Returning to the scriptures above and stepping into understanding
these verses from a surrendered reborn believing life, we see that through these
words Jesus is telling His disciples that unless His own love Jesus more than
their own mother, father, son or daughter they cannot follow Him. The reason
being is this: when we surrender to Jesus, there is a heart exchange that
occurs on the cross and Jesus’ heart becomes yours as He replaces your heart.
Through Jesus’ heart, loving your mother, father, son or daughter is now with a
pure heart, Jesus heart, who loves them wayyyyyyy more than you can ever love anyone.
With an eternal, powerful, power-filled, sacrificial love.


Jesus calls us to love Jesus more than those around us, and
especially more than ourselves so that we can have Jesus in relationship as our
true King and our Everything, but also, that those around us may benefit from
the relationship as we are enabled to love them from a greater place, heaven.


Again I say, surrender! There is nothing greater; for you,
and those around you.


Isla Vista Worship – 814



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To Know Jesus - May '19 May 26, 2019

I write this simply with no intention other than to inform
on what The Lord is speaking and doing as well as to attempt to share some of
what He is teaching through our everyday conversations and time spent together.
I hope you find this to be a blessing and invitation to seek the Lord more and
more since He is fully available to us, and we are fully available to have as
much of Jesus as we desire because of His life’s fulfillments and as a result
of His life, death and resurrection.

            To begin, I’d
like to make the very true and powerful statement that there is NO ONE like
Jesus, not even one. The way He loves His children, stands by them through
thick and thin, fights for them, encounters them, and simply wants to just be
with them EVERY moment of their existence; none compare. In the recent months,
I have truly met Jesus like I have never met before in my life. Encounter after
encounter, He just desires to be with me even more than I desire to be with
Him; it’s incomparable. For the sake of time and your attention I want to share
two of the encounters I have had with Jesus recently.


In my last week in France, some of the students and I gathered for an evening
time of worship and a time to listen to what Jesus wanted to speak. In that
time, as we spent time in worship, Jesus began to open my eyes to what He desired
from us in that time together. First, he shared with me that we were to spent
time in His presence without words or doing anything but enjoying His peace and
presence. Next, He began to share about what we were to do next which was to pray
for everyone in the room, one at a time, by only speaking out the words that Jesus
gave us to pray over one another, the Father’s heart for each one of us. After
hearing the Father’s heart for everyone and receiving God’s identity for His
children, we began to just praise Jesus and out of grateful hearts, thank Him for
who He is, what He spoke and His love for us.

It was as one of my friends was thanking the Lord out loud that I felt
the Holy Spirit strongly and as I thanked the Holy Spirit for being present
that it was as if I fell back and my eyes closed, and in that moment I was
directly in front of Jesus, face-to-face with Him. It was no surprise or new
thing for me by the way I saw that I acted. It felt like when one sees a good
friend and greets them because they always hang out together and see each other
because of their good friendship. Suddenly, I hear my friend praying so I ask
Jesus if He hears it and we both follow the sound. At that moment I open my
eyes and was startled because I forgot I was in the night of worship. At that
moment I felt the Spirit again, and once again eyes closed to bring me face-to-face
with Jesus. No words were spoken but we just looked at each other and enjoyed
the moment together. Once again we heard my friend praying and followed the
sound to be startled once more until I realized I was in the night of worship.


The second encounter being:


During one of our Life Group’s on a Tuesday Night after dinner, the
group gathered and as we waited on the Lord to share who would share this present
week, I heard The Lord tell me, “if nobody else shares, you share.” I was
willing to do as He led because I knew it would end up great so I shared. Not
knowing what to share I asked and He led me to share about surrender. To share
on how the best place to be in life is surrendered at the feet of Jesus, EVERY
MOMENT of everyday, etc. The moment that I finished sharing for those five or
so minutes out of nowhere, the Holy Spirit blew into the room so strong as a
physical wind and it was then that not a soul moved. The seven of us present
all looked at each other to see if we all felt the Holy Spirit and the answer
being a loud yes. Two minutes later, 4 of us were on the floor face down out of
honor and thanks to The Lord. For the next few hours, I was listening to Jesus
on what He desired to do and obeyed out of love for Him and what He wanted to
do. This night Jesus began to share with everyone about their original design
and the way He see’s them and loves them greatly. After 4 or so hours of the
love of Jesus being poured out over us, He did not share on anything else but
we just sat in His presence and received Him more and more. By the end of the
night, everyone was in tears and being transformed from the inside out by Jesus
and His desire to come and be with us.


The truth is, Jesus has invited
us to live in a relationship that we are together with Him every single day in
presence and are able to worship Him in Spirit and Truth. In order to worship
Jesus in Spirit and Truth, we kind of need the Holy Spirit to enable us and
lead us because anything we do apart from the leading of the Holy Spirit is
religious and man-made. It’s as we seek Jesus that we will find Him, and how do
you find something you cannot see, feel, encounter or be present with? As we
seek Jesus to come in His presence, the Holy Spirit, HE WILL! And there is
nothing better than to be led with and by the Holy Spirit in everything you do.
It takes away all desire to succeed, perform, become, or to do. It brings an
assurance upon you that you are a child of God, that you are loved and not
alone because Jesus wants to do everything with you. And just one word from
Jesus can transform your whole life and everything in it. There is nothing

Here is a quick update for those
I have not had the opportunity to speak about it. In late December 2018, I
arrived in Biarritz, France ready to spend the next few years serving alongside
that which Jesus has called me there for: bringing revival and being sent out
periodically to follow the Lord’s call. Sometime after arriving in France, I had
a conversation with the leader of YWAM Biarritz and he spoke with me about
praying and asking The Lord when He wanted me to partner with the call He gave
the base to a specific area in the Middle East and I did just that. Jesus spoke
to me that I was to go in March which meant late February until late April. So…
I went.

It was such a beautiful time that
included seeing firsthand God move in healings, miracles, signs and wonders;
anything it took to let His people know that Jesus loves them. With that I was
able to see five people from a camp in the region come to a picnic we put on
and during that time have an open vision of Jesus telling them to follow Him,
followed by the Holy Spirit being poured out over them in love and power; a beautiful
moment that the Father and His children meet. The sort of thing that only the
Holy Spirit is able to work and do, with us just being a bridge for the Lord
from heaven to earth. While there, The Lord began to speak to me about returning
for more of a long-term stay and serving in what Jesus is doing in the region
to love His children (a lot that can be spoken of if you like). And simply
seeing God move in powerful ways.

Since then, I returned to
Biarritz, France and after spending time with the Lord and speaking with
leadership at the base, I was released to follow what God spoke wholeheartedly
and with the blessing of the base and leadership. After a few weeks in
Biarritz, I returned to Florida for a short period of time to be with my dad in
his efforts to recover from His back surgery that he recently had done. I plan
to be in the states until mid June and then head back to Europe with a friend
to fulfill a dream Jesus spoke to me about reaching the lost in Europe as well
as revisiting some of the churches I was a part of as Paul would do through His
life journeys. This is a very small part of the big picture Jesus has me a part
of at the moment but all I can say is this. Nothing matter but Jesus. Please,
if you do not know Him yet, drop everything and seek Him. There is nothing
better than being fully surrendered to Jesus and His Spirit. His love is incomparable
and His desire for you is far greater than you would ever come to know. He gave
up nations to be restored to His children, imagine what He is willing to do to
be one with you.

EXCITING NEWS! Shirts for sale! Get yours soon. February 12, 2019

Good evening everyone. Thank you for taking the time to read this and find out information on this cause and great opportunity to advance the kingdom, bring liberty to captives, healing to those with sickness and disease and proclaiming Jesus to those unaware of His freeing power in His love. A quality friend of mine has the opportunity that The Lord has spoken to her AND opened the door for to go to Japan during the rugby World Cup at the need of the year and share Christ with the rugby world as they prepare to bring that to France next Rugby World Cup. 

To raise funds she drew up a pretty cool design representing the vision and as you will see, she is extremely talented with her hands and a pen. My desire is to help her by getting at least 20 people to purchase a shirt as a means of supporting and if you feel led to support with her financially then please contact me and I will help make it happen. Below is an email from her regarding information on the trip and costs. 



Exciting news! This September/ October Matt Gwynne and I will be part of ENGAGE Japan 2019. This is a French, Christian delegation to help serve at various schools, churches, sports academies and community events surrounding the Rugby World Cup 2019. We will be following the national, French rugby team around several major japanese cities while investing in the local community and fan zones by hosting French culture nights and rugby focused activities. The heart behind this ministry is to share the gospel and create community connections which we can replicate with future sporting events here in France. (Such as the next rugby world cup and the olympics!)

As a way for you to partner with us in support and capture this vision, we're selling our own limited edition Japanese inspired shirts! For 21 days you can buy this shirt with one of my own designs in 4 different colours for just 25$ + shipping ( international available). Once the campaign is over the shirts will be shipped but if people still order a second campaign will automatically restart and they'll be available for longer.

Overall Matt and I are trusting for approx. 1,500€ to get us there and back and cover our time spent in Japan. If you feel lead to donate more you can either donate at the check out or feel free to contact me or Matt. 

Either way we appreciate you support! If you want to find out more please message, we'd love to fill you in! 

February Update February 10, 2019


Where's January?

?“If you say, “The Lord is my refuge,” and you make the Most High your dwelling, no harm will overtake you, no disaster will come near your tent. For he will command His angels concerning you to guard you in all your ways; they will lift you up in their hands, so that you will not strike your foot against a stone.”
Psalm 91:9-12
In our lives there are two forms of suffering/breaking that can occur. Both are built upon Christ and with a heart of building up, since Jesus is good and all He does is good whether we choose to agree or not, it’s true. While spending some time with Jesus a few weeks ago, Jesus stopped me and out of His love had a desire to communicate a beautiful truth to me that strengthened me greatly and it came through this verse:
“Anyone who falls on this stone will be broken to pieces; anyone on whom it falls will be crushed.” 
Matthew 21:44
In our lives there are two type of breaking that can occur; both being absolutely essential for us in our walk with our Creator. Which one will be the one to happen to me, you ask? Well that is completely up to you and your decision in choosing. The truth is, Jesus is the chief cornerstone. Meaning, He is the first stone laid as a foundation. The cornerstone has two possibilities when it comes to our lives: we can choose to allow Him to break us, or we can be broken by Him.
The beauty about surrender is that, in it we seek The Lord to be the one to break us, while making Him “my refuge” and making “the Most High your dwelling.” When we choose to dwell in the Most High, the breaking happens in the secret place, where He takes us in all of His love, and breaks us to build us up again. His breaking operates out of a heart that is pure and desiring life upon you; it’s a life lived with a broken spirit, which is an offering to God. The other option is that we can choose to not be broken by God in the secret place, which then the breaking still has to occur in order to move forward. What happens then is that the world begins to break you and do so opposite to God’s heart. Not to build back up and not done out of love.
Jesus has been teaching me simply to make Him my dwelling because when I do, I am hidden under the shadow of His wing, which the enemy cannot enter. It is the safest of all places. It is there that no harm will overtake you, disaster will never come to your tent and He commands His angels to guard you in all your ways. So really, being broken and honest to God about it allows Him to desire to come in. Do you want Him to come in to your life? Rejoice in your brokenness and invite Him in.

Currently, I am working my hours in the kitchen with an awesome team of worshippers and people who simply hunger for the Lord and desire more of Him and His presence, I love it. In addition, a lot of my time is spent out in the city whether picking things up in shops for the base or serving in a refugee camp for migrants that came from many nations in Africa.
The time in the camp has been pretty awesome and has the Holy Spirit has definitely been showing up in many ways (Words of Identity, Words of Wisdom, Healing, Worship, Language, etc.). I do not know how whatsoever but every time I enter the camp or meet people around the area, I somehow understand and speak French. I cannot explain how but I LOVE IT!!!!!! It is Soooooooo cool! My desire is truly to bring Heaven on Earth and be the bridge that whoever is in front of me may have the opportunity to encounter their Creator and the one who loves them enough to have died for them. It’s truly my heart to love people and serve them, and this opportunity has made it fully available.
In addition, I am awaiting the approval or disapproval of the possibility to go to the Middle East next month to serve as a coordinator in a town filled with refugee camps and refugees all around with work we have been pioneering there for some time already, so please pray for wisdom and provision for this trip. I know Jesus told me to simply seek His kingdom and He will take care of the rest of it and pour out provision and support over me. I am not asking for provision but prayer in it. If you feel led to partner and send me financially then you may do so through the link provided but my desire is for prayer. (
Last but not least, I have had the enemy try and attack me over and over again but failed since the Most High has become my dwelling. But I have received word over and over from people around me that because of the calling God has placed over me, I am in need of prayer warriors around me and people fighting for me in prayer. A common message I keep receiving is that I am not aware of the magnitude of the calling and plans God has through me, which means that the magnitude of the attacks will also increase. I have no fear because The Lord is with me and He will never leave or forsake me but I do want to be a good steward and seek the prayer and a prayer team over my life and ministry. If you feel called to be a part of this team, notify me and we can speak a little more in depth and make this happen.

"And pray in the Spirit on all occasions with all kinds of prayers and requests. With this in mind, be alert and always keep on praying for all the Lord’s people." Ephesians 6:18

Prayer Requests:

  • Revival in France & Spain
  • Strength & Wisdom
  • For people to encounter Jesus
  • Financial provision
  • Workers to come (Luke 10:2)
  • Relationships

Third X's The Charm January 16, 2019

The Secret of His Presence
"In the Secret of His presence,
how my soul delights to hide!
O, how precious are the lessons
which I learn at Jesus' side!
Earthly cares could never vex me,
neither trials lay me low;
For when Satan comes to tempt me,
to the "secret place" I go.
When my soul is faint and thirsty,
'neath the shadow of His wing
There is cool and pleasant shelter,
and a fresh and crystal spring;
And my Savior rests beside me
as we hold communion sweet;
If I tried, I could not utter
what He says when thus we meet.
Would you like to know the sweetness
of the secret of the Lord?
Go and hide beneath His shadow;
this shall then be your reward:
And whene'er you leave the silence
of that happy meeting place
You must mind and bear the image
of your Master in your face.
You will surely lose the blessing
and the fullness of your joy
If you let dark clouds distress you
and your inward peace destroy;
You may always be abiding,
if you will, at Jesus' side;
In the secret of His presence
you may every moment hide."

- Ellen L. Gorch

There are a few things to remember in our walk with the Lord that are very key to the understanding of our place in it. First of all, the battle is not between you and satan, and it's not even between God and satan because Jesus already received the victory. Now it is up to us to go and proclaim the victory everywhere we go. If you are walking with Jesus, YOU ARE VICTORIOUS! Number two, Jesus minus me equals EVERYTHING, and me minus Jesus equals absolutely nothing. The truth is, we are nothing without Jesus. That is our place! It emphasises the need for Him and the place we hold in this walk that we don't bring anything to the table except that which is already His which then it is not even us bringing but His giving. I say this simply because when we are reduced to nothing, The Lord sees a yielded heart that He can come upon. Lessons that I have been learning from The Lord during my three weeks here of being with Jesus, and He is good!

Currently, I am working in the kitchen cooking lunch and dinner, while also allowing Jesus to bring me into His presence when He calls. My desire is to live with such a yielded heart that Jesus does not come and go but remain forever, causing His presence and mine to be one so that others may see Him and not me. It has been a fun journey while working with a great team that includes a cool experienced cook that was working in a restaurant in Paris. I can say, I am learning a lot from her and it has been a humbling experience even in the process of cooking.

Moving ahead, Jesus has been speaking about reaching the region and nation of France by bringing revival to the land and people. Prayer is definitely needed in this one since I am asking Jesus for a great move of His Spirit as Isaiah spoke, "'The Spirit of the Sovereign Lord is on me, because the Lord has anointed me to proclaim good news to the poor. He has sent me to bind up the brokenhearted, to proclaim freedom for the captives and release from darkness for the prisoners,"
I believe this is what The Lord is wanting to do and I am trusting that Jesus will bring prayer warriors beside me to bring about a mass healing and restoration of not just France but also Spain and all of Europe.

I do not know what else to say other than Jesus is so good and I strongly urge you to dive into His presence! It is the best place to be. It all begins with waiting on Him.

Enough about me, how are you doing?

First week with Jesus January 06, 2019

I will not be doing this every week but, this has been a special week with The Lord here in Biarritz, France. It has been nothing like a normal first week for anyone joining or returning to Youth With A Mission. While I was still in Orlando, Florida I had a feeling that Jesus wanted me to take the first week of my time in Biarritz to ONLY be with Him and to fast during this week. I said yes! The beginning of a journey like no other, and he was leading me every step of the way. Here are a few thing he spoke...

Overall, a major theme of what Jesus was speaking had to do with the fact that Jesus plain out destroys religion. From the reason for fasting to the diving into His presence, He destroys religion. During my fast I was basically starting by giving up everything but water. It was to be an only water fast, as so I thought. The entire week consisted of diving into the tangible, literal presence of Jesus. As I would sit and just come to be with Him, i would have times that I would start reading the word because He had directed me to do so. Other times, I would worship and praise His name because He is good! And one day Jesus told me to pick up a specific book, The School of His Presence by Eric William Gilmour, and that was the end of it. In the book Eric Gilmour shares on the ways that have worked for him to be able to encounter the presence of Jesus and literally have Jesus possess him and be with him in the moment. As I began to read Eric gives a few steps which I followed to test it, and it happened. As I sat down on the sofa of the boys apartment in Biarritz, France, Jesus came into the room. I did not see Him with my physical eyes but I felt Him STRONGLY, and I saw Him with my spiritual eyes. It was in that moment that the Ancient of Days, Creator of the world and everything in it, my saviour and lover of my soul came to be with me and I will say this, the place submitted to Him and the air started to vibrate loudly. It was in that moment that I became addicted to Jesus even more.

As the week went on, day and night, I began to seek the presence of Jesus to come and be with me once more. Time after time He came, while also leaving me wanting and waiting at times, but He came. He has been speaking me about what He has for me in my life, how He wants to do a few things within me, destroying religion that has been taught to me in my past and aligning my knowledge of Him to that which is true, Him! While fasting I learned from Jesus a very valuable lesson: while fasting, be with The Lord, it is the most filling thing one can do. I left times spent with Jesus burping as if I had eaten and fully satisfied, or even crying/weeping and laughing. He is beautiful. At times during the fast, Jesus invited me to have meals with Him and when I brought up the fast He quickly responded with, "I am inviting you to do it with me." His blessing was upon the moment. The fast was to draw near and learn Him, and if He wants to treat me to a meal then it is the best and only choice I have. Fasting is not about starving yourself to feel more spiritual, but about being in relationship and being with your beloved, and My Beloved is Jesus! He is beautiful!

Another lesson I learned and I will finish with this, was about our walk, and my walk in specific. Surrender is what Jesus wants. With Jesus being the firstborn of many (Romans 8:29), He wants us surrendered that He may fill us with His presence, while the old us is dead and He now lives. As we surrender to Jesus, it is when one has completely surrendered all to Jesus; making Him their delight, desire and dependability that He will start giving back things because He loves you. DO we trust God enough to trust Him with all? He will handle it better than we can, and it was never ours to begin with. Release it all to Him, stripping you naked figuratively and allowing Him to choose what stays and what goes. In the meantime, as we seek to make Him our all, as we seek Him with all that we have, making Him the one we passionately seek and want to be primary in our lives, then as He is first in our lives, He will trust us with HIS belongings. Surrender, it's worth it!

There has been so much more that He has taught me and I am very excited to continue seeking His presence and walk in the fullness of what He has created me for. I urge you, seek His kingdom and seek His kingdom only, He will take care of the rest. Love you all! God bless!

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I Made it to Biarritz! December 28, 2018

Just under two years ago, while spending my final few moments in France, The Lord spoke to me and clearly stated, "Biarritz is home". What I believed to be an immediate launch back into the country of France and into fully immersing myself into the culture and people in order to bring the gospel as best as I can shifted to becoming a long wait with great experiences in between (some of you may already know). When Jesus spoke that word to me, He was essentially showing me the promise that one day I would return, and that my time there had not finished. The word was the assurance and the arm to hold on to if the storm became too rough (Matthew 14:22-33). 

During the time away, God was not just launching me to Biarritz to share the gospel, but equipping me to go back to France and bring REVIVAL. What was once known as the preachers graveyard, will now be known as the country of revival. How it will come about, I am not sure but I do know that just as the word about Biarritz came about, this one will follow in the same footsteps. Trusting in The Lord is all I can do. All I know to use as my response to the things of this life. God is teaching me how to rely on Him and be with Him as a priority. Those that I was seeking to do ministry with in Biarritz, He is taking elsewhere which will be a very fruitful and joyful time, as well as bringing me away from family in order to lead me in walking with Him through this joyous journey. It is tough leaving family, and has not been easy but I have definitely had God with me throughout the whole process and He is comforting me and loving on me through His Spirit.

There is a lot to learn and a lot to surrender, but that is not the main reason as to why I came to Biarritz. I came here out of obedience and I came here to bring revival to the country and see children reunited with their Father. "But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well." (Matthew 6:33)
"And pray in the Spirit on all occasions with all kinds of prayers and requests. With this in mind, be alert and always keep on praying for all the Lord’s people." Ephesians 6:18

Prayer Requests:
  • Revival in France
  • Strength & Wisdom
  • For people to encounter Jesus
  • Financial provision
  • Workers to come (Luke 10:2)

Up and Coming October 22, 2018

Want purpose? Life? and Identity? He is waiting for you, and "He" is Jesus.

Worship. . . That is what God has created us to live during out time in this world. Within us there is a desire for something greater. There are just not a lot of things that really cause us to feel an overwhelming of satisfaction and assurance. Whether successful or not, we desire to be filled; we are empty vessels. Relationship is what we were created into but not just with mankind, but mainly with Jesus Christ. I don't believe in Jesus, I know Jesus. It is not a belief but an assurance. I have been created to change this world in the areas and lives that Jesus takes me to. With God, nothing is impossible. 

Recently, God has been teaching me on being audacious and i am trying to learn what He shows but audacity is a landing strip for Jesus to move. We have lived in this world of darkness, pain, struggle, depression, brokenness, sickness, etc for too long; and we are now in a point that we welcome it and give it a place to rest within our lives. That ends today, Jesus opened a way for His children to be free from it all and live in peace, assurance, identity, hope, healing, light, love, freedom, etc. Do you desire to accept?

It is not Christianity, islam, buddhism, hinduism, universalism, catholicism or anything else because that is all man-made. This is relationship with Jesus Christ and a full surrender of your life and full obedience. God is good, and your job is to obey and live in relationship. The glory is His and the power is His. There is not yin-yang because nobody has anywhere as much power as Him. It is God and God alone.

Receive the healing Jesus is offering and trust Him. He lives, and because of that you can too.

As I continue to live in God's audacious call for my life, I present to you this offer... Not all people are called to go out to the nations because God has brought the nations to you right where you are; God specifically told me he created me to be sent which is why I am going. My question to you is, would you come? I am in need of people to come with me to bring the kingdom of God, freedom of Christ, and hope to where He is leading me. I am in need of people to partner with me financially in order to help me be funded to go and fulfill what God is calling. Join me!

I am trusting God to provide $1,000 a month from the combined partnering of multiple senders (that's you). This amount will cover for transportation, room and board, meals, and give the opportunity to bless others as well as fund my going into other regions whether on outreach or as God calls. God has called me into the a dream that I would have never imagined and I am preparing for that now. Join me!

I need people to join in releasing funds to bless others, and in prayer because it is what causes breakthroughs. Join me!

My call to you is simple. This call is not from me but from God, would you be audacious enough to commit to monthly financial gifts and become part of something greater than yourself. A move of God.

The process is easy and can be done through various avenues. You may do so through, TransferWisePayPalVenmoCash App, or LovesCalling International.

Partner With Me!

Partnering financially is not a loss on your end, but an investment in the kingdom of God and the transformation of lives. The truth is, you have been given the opportunity to live in light and live in freedom. Not all people have. This is not a feeling I have or something I want to do for fun. This is the life God has called me into that brings absolute fulfillment and a joy that is unshakeable. JOIN ME IN THIS!

How can I serve you?

How can I be here to serve you? A church is not a building, but a people. People help people, how may I help?

"For the one whom God has sent speaks the words of God, for God gives the Spirit without limit.”
John 3:34