First week with Jesus January 06, 2019

I will not be doing this every week but, this has been a special week with The Lord here in Biarritz, France. It has been nothing like a normal first week for anyone joining or returning to Youth With A Mission. While I was still in Orlando, Florida I had a feeling that Jesus wanted me to take the first week of my time in Biarritz to ONLY be with Him and to fast during this week. I said yes! The beginning of a journey like no other, and he was leading me every step of the way. Here are a few thing he spoke...

Overall, a major theme of what Jesus was speaking had to do with the fact that Jesus plain out destroys religion. From the reason for fasting to the diving into His presence, He destroys religion. During my fast I was basically starting by giving up everything but water. It was to be an only water fast, as so I thought. The entire week consisted of diving into the tangible, literal presence of Jesus. As I would sit and just come to be with Him, i would have times that I would start reading the word because He had directed me to do so. Other times, I would worship and praise His name because He is good! And one day Jesus told me to pick up a specific book, The School of His Presence by Eric William Gilmour, and that was the end of it. In the book Eric Gilmour shares on the ways that have worked for him to be able to encounter the presence of Jesus and literally have Jesus possess him and be with him in the moment. As I began to read Eric gives a few steps which I followed to test it, and it happened. As I sat down on the sofa of the boys apartment in Biarritz, France, Jesus came into the room. I did not see Him with my physical eyes but I felt Him STRONGLY, and I saw Him with my spiritual eyes. It was in that moment that the Ancient of Days, Creator of the world and everything in it, my saviour and lover of my soul came to be with me and I will say this, the place submitted to Him and the air started to vibrate loudly. It was in that moment that I became addicted to Jesus even more.

As the week went on, day and night, I began to seek the presence of Jesus to come and be with me once more. Time after time He came, while also leaving me wanting and waiting at times, but He came. He has been speaking me about what He has for me in my life, how He wants to do a few things within me, destroying religion that has been taught to me in my past and aligning my knowledge of Him to that which is true, Him! While fasting I learned from Jesus a very valuable lesson: while fasting, be with The Lord, it is the most filling thing one can do. I left times spent with Jesus burping as if I had eaten and fully satisfied, or even crying/weeping and laughing. He is beautiful. At times during the fast, Jesus invited me to have meals with Him and when I brought up the fast He quickly responded with, "I am inviting you to do it with me." His blessing was upon the moment. The fast was to draw near and learn Him, and if He wants to treat me to a meal then it is the best and only choice I have. Fasting is not about starving yourself to feel more spiritual, but about being in relationship and being with your beloved, and My Beloved is Jesus! He is beautiful!

Another lesson I learned and I will finish with this, was about our walk, and my walk in specific. Surrender is what Jesus wants. With Jesus being the firstborn of many (Romans 8:29), He wants us surrendered that He may fill us with His presence, while the old us is dead and He now lives. As we surrender to Jesus, it is when one has completely surrendered all to Jesus; making Him their delight, desire and dependability that He will start giving back things because He loves you. DO we trust God enough to trust Him with all? He will handle it better than we can, and it was never ours to begin with. Release it all to Him, stripping you naked figuratively and allowing Him to choose what stays and what goes. In the meantime, as we seek to make Him our all, as we seek Him with all that we have, making Him the one we passionately seek and want to be primary in our lives, then as He is first in our lives, He will trust us with HIS belongings. Surrender, it's worth it!

There has been so much more that He has taught me and I am very excited to continue seeking His presence and walk in the fullness of what He has created me for. I urge you, seek His kingdom and seek His kingdom only, He will take care of the rest. Love you all! God bless!

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