To Know Jesus - May '19 May 26, 2019

I write this simply with no intention other than to inform
on what The Lord is speaking and doing as well as to attempt to share some of
what He is teaching through our everyday conversations and time spent together.
I hope you find this to be a blessing and invitation to seek the Lord more and
more since He is fully available to us, and we are fully available to have as
much of Jesus as we desire because of His life’s fulfillments and as a result
of His life, death and resurrection.

            To begin, I’d
like to make the very true and powerful statement that there is NO ONE like
Jesus, not even one. The way He loves His children, stands by them through
thick and thin, fights for them, encounters them, and simply wants to just be
with them EVERY moment of their existence; none compare. In the recent months,
I have truly met Jesus like I have never met before in my life. Encounter after
encounter, He just desires to be with me even more than I desire to be with
Him; it’s incomparable. For the sake of time and your attention I want to share
two of the encounters I have had with Jesus recently.


In my last week in France, some of the students and I gathered for an evening
time of worship and a time to listen to what Jesus wanted to speak. In that
time, as we spent time in worship, Jesus began to open my eyes to what He desired
from us in that time together. First, he shared with me that we were to spent
time in His presence without words or doing anything but enjoying His peace and
presence. Next, He began to share about what we were to do next which was to pray
for everyone in the room, one at a time, by only speaking out the words that Jesus
gave us to pray over one another, the Father’s heart for each one of us. After
hearing the Father’s heart for everyone and receiving God’s identity for His
children, we began to just praise Jesus and out of grateful hearts, thank Him for
who He is, what He spoke and His love for us.

It was as one of my friends was thanking the Lord out loud that I felt
the Holy Spirit strongly and as I thanked the Holy Spirit for being present
that it was as if I fell back and my eyes closed, and in that moment I was
directly in front of Jesus, face-to-face with Him. It was no surprise or new
thing for me by the way I saw that I acted. It felt like when one sees a good
friend and greets them because they always hang out together and see each other
because of their good friendship. Suddenly, I hear my friend praying so I ask
Jesus if He hears it and we both follow the sound. At that moment I open my
eyes and was startled because I forgot I was in the night of worship. At that
moment I felt the Spirit again, and once again eyes closed to bring me face-to-face
with Jesus. No words were spoken but we just looked at each other and enjoyed
the moment together. Once again we heard my friend praying and followed the
sound to be startled once more until I realized I was in the night of worship.


The second encounter being:


During one of our Life Group’s on a Tuesday Night after dinner, the
group gathered and as we waited on the Lord to share who would share this present
week, I heard The Lord tell me, “if nobody else shares, you share.” I was
willing to do as He led because I knew it would end up great so I shared. Not
knowing what to share I asked and He led me to share about surrender. To share
on how the best place to be in life is surrendered at the feet of Jesus, EVERY
MOMENT of everyday, etc. The moment that I finished sharing for those five or
so minutes out of nowhere, the Holy Spirit blew into the room so strong as a
physical wind and it was then that not a soul moved. The seven of us present
all looked at each other to see if we all felt the Holy Spirit and the answer
being a loud yes. Two minutes later, 4 of us were on the floor face down out of
honor and thanks to The Lord. For the next few hours, I was listening to Jesus
on what He desired to do and obeyed out of love for Him and what He wanted to
do. This night Jesus began to share with everyone about their original design
and the way He see’s them and loves them greatly. After 4 or so hours of the
love of Jesus being poured out over us, He did not share on anything else but
we just sat in His presence and received Him more and more. By the end of the
night, everyone was in tears and being transformed from the inside out by Jesus
and His desire to come and be with us.


The truth is, Jesus has invited
us to live in a relationship that we are together with Him every single day in
presence and are able to worship Him in Spirit and Truth. In order to worship
Jesus in Spirit and Truth, we kind of need the Holy Spirit to enable us and
lead us because anything we do apart from the leading of the Holy Spirit is
religious and man-made. It’s as we seek Jesus that we will find Him, and how do
you find something you cannot see, feel, encounter or be present with? As we
seek Jesus to come in His presence, the Holy Spirit, HE WILL! And there is
nothing better than to be led with and by the Holy Spirit in everything you do.
It takes away all desire to succeed, perform, become, or to do. It brings an
assurance upon you that you are a child of God, that you are loved and not
alone because Jesus wants to do everything with you. And just one word from
Jesus can transform your whole life and everything in it. There is nothing

Here is a quick update for those
I have not had the opportunity to speak about it. In late December 2018, I
arrived in Biarritz, France ready to spend the next few years serving alongside
that which Jesus has called me there for: bringing revival and being sent out
periodically to follow the Lord’s call. Sometime after arriving in France, I had
a conversation with the leader of YWAM Biarritz and he spoke with me about
praying and asking The Lord when He wanted me to partner with the call He gave
the base to a specific area in the Middle East and I did just that. Jesus spoke
to me that I was to go in March which meant late February until late April. So…
I went.

It was such a beautiful time that
included seeing firsthand God move in healings, miracles, signs and wonders;
anything it took to let His people know that Jesus loves them. With that I was
able to see five people from a camp in the region come to a picnic we put on
and during that time have an open vision of Jesus telling them to follow Him,
followed by the Holy Spirit being poured out over them in love and power; a beautiful
moment that the Father and His children meet. The sort of thing that only the
Holy Spirit is able to work and do, with us just being a bridge for the Lord
from heaven to earth. While there, The Lord began to speak to me about returning
for more of a long-term stay and serving in what Jesus is doing in the region
to love His children (a lot that can be spoken of if you like). And simply
seeing God move in powerful ways.

Since then, I returned to
Biarritz, France and after spending time with the Lord and speaking with
leadership at the base, I was released to follow what God spoke wholeheartedly
and with the blessing of the base and leadership. After a few weeks in
Biarritz, I returned to Florida for a short period of time to be with my dad in
his efforts to recover from His back surgery that he recently had done. I plan
to be in the states until mid June and then head back to Europe with a friend
to fulfill a dream Jesus spoke to me about reaching the lost in Europe as well
as revisiting some of the churches I was a part of as Paul would do through His
life journeys. This is a very small part of the big picture Jesus has me a part
of at the moment but all I can say is this. Nothing matter but Jesus. Please,
if you do not know Him yet, drop everything and seek Him. There is nothing
better than being fully surrendered to Jesus and His Spirit. His love is incomparable
and His desire for you is far greater than you would ever come to know. He gave
up nations to be restored to His children, imagine what He is willing to do to
be one with you.