Pre-Kurdistan. July 05, 2019

Good morning, as I am writing this, I am currently in London’s
Victoria Station, heading out to Scotland to visit family Scotland after being
here a few days. As I sit here, I am at a loss for words in attempts to
describe the current state of London, but I will try and put it into words.

With such a rich history and multiple historical events
having occurred in England, including a period of evangelical revival during
the 1700’s, I have come to find London to be spiritually poor, with the regions
in in which I visited alone during my few days here. I was able to meetup with
a good friend that is heavily invested in bringing the Kingdom of God to the
region. His desire is to simply lead people to Life and he also works to
restore the region/land; God is truly moving through him and his family. He
took time out to show us the area they live/work in and the strongholds of the
region holding the people oppressed, it was a lot!

He opened our eyes to the street they are operating out of
and how in one area alone, is such oppression and in that area alone, the owner
of the region has made it in such a way that the 7 deadly sins (Lust, gluttony,
greed, sloth, wrath, envy, pride) are constantly active in the area, as well as
witchcraft and idolatry. He spoke to us of the moments that they go out to
evangelize and witches cement idols to try and give them authority over the land,
and they go out at night with sledgehammers to break them and throw them in the
river. As well, how the witches are paid from above in order to walk the
underground tunnels and place curses and strongholds on the land.

In response, he and his team go out multiple times a week to
set people free from all that mess and have an encounter with Jesus and receive
true Life and truly live through Jesus. It is a region in need and a region
that God is about to explode as the anticipation increases more and more. It is
an area I would like to return if I can find people to allow me to stay with
them for some time. I can’t wait to see Jesus move so mightily in the area;
breaking people free.

While we were in our hostel in a different part of town, we
were able to meet an atheist man from Australia that was hurt by the church as
a child when his priest was caught cheating on his wife. From then on, he has
turned away but after having a few encounters with Him and sharing who Jesus
truly is and what He is capable of, he was at a loss for words. He began to
share how this is the third and fourth people who this year have shared with him
about who Jesus truly is and what following Him is about as they go out to
serve the Kingdom. He did not start following Jesus YET, but The Lord is after
His heart with such a powerful love!!! It will happen!

Well, there is so much more that is going on during this
trip through parts of Europe to bring the Kingdom of God, if you want to know
more or contribute to bringing the Kingdom of God and encounters with Jesus,
please reach out. Until next time… Be blessed!


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