It Only Takes One Leap... August 21, 2019

The truth is, we are all on a personal journey with Jesus. How it plays out, and the difficulties along the way is determined by one’s level of surrender and committed partnership with the Lord. Each journey is truly special and unique in every single way because every person, although made in the image of God, is different from the next individual. But, simply put, our life is like a hike, and the best views are as we move onward and upward.

In the bible there are many individuals that I admire, and many if not all, that have helped me see Jesus in a new light and walk with Him in a new way fully based out of faith. In this moment, there is one in particular I’d like to shine a light on, and that is Abraham. As some of you may know, Jesus told me to do a trip with a friend through Europe that altogether lasted about a month and a half. Not knowing our next destination until nearly hours before departing our current destination, it was a stretching time with the only direction being to bring His Kingdom.


Bringing the Kingdom of God does not necessarily mean to share with EVERYONE about who Jesus is and try to bring EVERYONE to Him. But it does mean that each day we woke up, we simply asked The Lord what He had for us. Where He would like us to go and what to do. In that, we were bringing His kingdom, aka, Him, with us everywhere we went. We did see a lot of people touched by God and a number of divine appointments, but that came simply through His desire to share, and the strength to obey that He gave us. It was a beautiful time to be honest. Tough, but great.


As we concluded the trip and moved onto the next destination that the Lord had shared in the Middle East, I found myself being questioned by many people along the way and in this current destination, asking, “how long are you going to be here?”, “what will you be doing?”, “with who will you be?”, etc. But the more these questions arose throughout the month and a half prior to arriving and even the time currently in the location I am now in, I begin to see how The Lord has been giving me the strength that He gave to Abraham. He simply told Abraham to go to a specific land, and that being the most direction He received. As for me, The Lord told me, go to a land and commit to a year, and toward the end of the year He would tell me whether to stay or go. Along with that, He spoke to me about who to be with, but I have no idea the work I will be doing or anything else. I just know I am supposed to be here as of August 20th.


The more people I share this with, the crazier responses I receive but truly, I do not see it as being too wild in itself. The more I share it, the more I realize that it was Jesus who gave me the strength to obey, and sort of blinded me with His love to the point that I would say yes to anything. What a great place to be!!! So, to update you, the truth is this… I am in the Middle East, will have a place to stay but will have to soon get an apartment, have no idea what I will be doing but do know this: I am supposed to be here, now. And where the Lord wants me to be, I will be, because there is no greater place. Thank you for your time and be blessed!


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