Latest photos from St. Louis September 23, 2018

Check out these latest photos from community events held at Akwaaba Hall, organized by the International People's Democratic Uhuru Movement (InPDUM) and showing work at the future site of the Uhuru Jiko community kitchen and café.

Contributions from supporters like you make this possible. The Black Power Blueprint projects are moving forward, building a positive future for the African community every single day.

Zyon Farmer, age 9, leads the reading of the African Pledge at weekly InPDUM community meetings which are held at Akwaaba Hall.

Wanda Carson leads the monthly InPDUM Spiritual Rally held in Akwaaba Hall, mobilizing the church community around InPDUM's Keep 28 Campaign, organizing for black power and fighting back against the effort to reduce the number of St. Louis aldermanic wards from 28 to 14.

A spiritual song moves the audience.

Volunteers KC Mackey and Mustapha Musa Abantu returning to the Uhuru House after a work project at the site of the future Uhuru Jiko community kitchen and café (right)