Taste of Michigan City VIP Perks December 30, 2018


Thank you again for sponsoring our organization. As a part of your sponsorship, you are entitled to some number of VIP wristbands (quantity dependent on your sponsorship level) as well as food/drink vouchers that can be used at any food vendor or beer garden or VIP bar (again the quantity is dependant on your level of sponsorship). 

The wearer of a bracelet will be granted entrance to our VIP area (starting at noon on Saturday) which will include a shade tent, plenty of comfortable patio seating for socializing, and tables and seating to relax, eat, enjoy the many diverse musical performances we are providing, and have front row seats to watch the boat parade. The single-use vouchers can be presented to any food vendor in exchange for any one item they have for sale (regardless of price) or they can be presented at our beer garden or VIP bar (VIP Bar operated by Fiddlehead Restaurant) in exchange for one adult libation. 

You can pick up your sponsorship tickets at the MCMA/Info tent anytime during the event.

We look forward to seeing there!


Ryan Laughlin, President