UPDATE #1 January 25, 2016

The big day is almost here. We will meet on Saturday January 16th at 0800 in front of the office at the Oakland Yacht Club, and board CLOVER shortly thereafter and prepare for a 0900 departure. The batteries are topped off and the electric bilge pumps are in working order, with the manual pump shipped as well. We will also have a tow line rigged as a contingency; Patrick Mulcahy of Foss Tugs will attend us during the transit and pick us up in the estuary. 

Plan for a three hour transit to the boat yard. We will have chart tools on Russell's iPad. (Thank you Russell). 

Please bring your own PFD. I will have extra life jackets as well. Dress warmly as the transit from the Bay Bridge northward can be chilly. 

Low water is at 1300 at Yerba Buena Island so we will stem the remainder of the ebb by the time we clear the estuary; toward the shallow end of the bay the current will be less strong and be running with the prevailing wind. 

Thank you all for helping to move CLOVER to the Bay Marine Boat Yard and see you this coming Saturday.