Jambo Virtual Fun Run August 27, 2020

Here's a great chance for you to get more fit, help a wonderful organization in Zambia which has been severely effected by the Corona crisis, and support the development of Jambo Chapters and people trying to do more "Have Fun Doing Good" activities. Please join the Jambo Virtual Fun Run.

New Blog Post April 09, 2020

MANY THANKS to Jeff Harryman, the founder of Jambo International Inc, who has now retired as Director. Jeff took great efforts to establish Jambo as a 501(c)3 in the United States and finally succeeded in September of 2015. Without him, none of this would have been possible. He will still be on Jambo's Board of Directors and serve in an advisory capacity as Jambo marches on. It's because of proactive people like Jeff that  good organizations can thrive in an often troubled world. Great Job! (April 9)

New Community Board Message January 31, 2020

A BIG CONGRATS to Jambo Chapter "Toyko River Friends" (TRF) for winning first place in two categories for Arakawa Clean Aid's annual awards. TRF held the most number of events and collected the most trash in 2019, more than any other organization.  GREAT JOB James Gibbs (the relentless activity organizer) and all TRF volunteers. The people of Tokyo and the creatures in and around the waters all thank you! (January 30, 2020)

New Post November 20, 2019

A post has just been put up on the Community Board. Please take a look at (November 20)

New Post October 07, 2019

The following post has just been put up on the Community Board. Please take a look at

Jambo Japan is moving towards another record breaking year, with well over 100 events being held. In addition to the hiking and environmental events which Jambo holds (making up the majority of the events), Jambo Cultural Adventures holds one event per month and the Tokyo River Friends (a Jambo Chapter) holds 2 events per month. Also, Jambo takes part regularly in environmental projects of SHU (a Japanese-based environmental group) and Friends of the Earth Japan. Many thanks to these wonderful organizations for the good work they do. (October 9)

New Post August 16, 2019

Welcome back into action, Jeff Harryman (from JAMBO KENTUCKY)! After suffering a back operation which put him out of commission for a few months, Jeff is back with his first event (after his return) to Charlestown State Park in Indiana. Check out the pictures on the Facebook page of Jambo International Inc. Jeff is a living example of the tenacity and dedication which Jambo has to HAVING FUN DOING GOOD! (August 17)

New Community Board Post July 09, 2019

A new post "FANTASTIC JOB to Jambo Canada" has been put on the Community Notice Board. Please take a look.

New Post June 17, 2019

Please check out the new Community Board Post. It's committed action like this which provides us all with great inspiration.

Haunted Forest June 10, 2019

Take a look at the new post on the Community Board - The Haunted Forest. Interesting story and suggestions for leaders.

Cheers to JAMBO Canada May 28, 2019

Welcome to all of your good folk in Toronto CANADA. You are an inspiration to all of us, coming from so many different countries, adjusting to a new country, and at the same time doing good for the country you've adopted as home through the garbage pick-ups. And to those of you who are Canadian-born  welcoming these newcomers, this is the open spirit which JAMBO thrives on. Thank you all so much, and a special thanks to Nori Seaweed for making good things happen. (David Howenstein - May 28)