Time To Raise the Stakes on Torah Challenge!!! December 01, 2019

Baruch HaShem the Torah Challenge program has been a major success for anyone who’s taken it seriously.  With many of the kids taking on more mitzvoth and 10 making the major leap of Kedusha by signing up to attend YeShiva in Eretz Yisrael or in the US.  We thank HaShem for having the merit to be part of the journey. With that being said, we decided that it’s time to raise the stakes for the remaining and new students.  From now on, anyone who wants to get paid the $15, must stay for the entire lecture.  We look forward to learning more Torah with you and seeing you grow closer to HaShem. 

Rabbi Yaron Reuven

Here's One Part Of The Program That Helped Send Several Secular Kids to YeShiva in Israel For A Year September 17, 2019

Here's One Part Of The Program That Helped Send Several Secular Kids to YeShiva in Israel For A Year

Iggeret HaRAMBAN Series by Rabbi Yaron Reuven.    It's been nearly 800 years since the famous letter of the RAMBAN was written to his son, and yet countless people have never learned the hidden secrets within it that can transform their lives into Heaven on Earth.  Tune into this groundbreaking lecture series as we analyze each line step by step and uncover the solution to many of the character flaws that ruin marriages, businesses, and even lives.  The first part of a solution is Diagnosis.  This Series will uncover the Diagnosis of your problems while giving you Divine Solutions you won't hear anywhere else.

INVESTING Worthless Money In Priceless Jewish NeShamot! August 16, 2019

I spent 16 years on Wall Street investing hundreds of millions at a time just to make the rich people richer.  Like many, we built beautiful buildings in this world but were still underfunded to build anything valuable in the Eternal Olam Haba.  After all of that time and endless effort, HaShem had great mercy on us by destroying all of it and taking it all away in order to show us how worthless that endeavor really was.  Today, Baruch HaShem, we invest all of our time, effort and resources in Am Yisrael and its Torah in order to bring precious neshamot back to HaShem.  It is the only investment that is guaranteed success and can be used for the Eternal Olam Haba.   Just look at these happy faces from the lectures we had this week and ask yourself What Investment Have You Made To Prepare Your Eternal World?   

Donate today to help our efforts of publicizing Torah to Klal Yisrael, and Make the Only Valuable Investment you'll be able to use for Eternity!!      Rabbi Yaron Reuven, founder BeEzrat HaShem Inc. (A 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Organization


Torah Challenge Group Completes July with Over 150 Teenagers Learning With Us Weekly July 25, 2019

With summer months being difficult at times to keep up attendance and people being away, the Torah Challenge program with Rabbi Yaron Reuven continues to push the envelope.  Although the physical attendance dropped a bit in the past week, we're still averaging about 65 attendees per shiur.  Better yet, many of the Teenagers and young adults have continued watching the lectures each week online, and continue to grow closer to HaShem.  Baruch HaShem we now have over 150 teenagers in the program.  With a massive increase in attendance expected in the coming weeks, we come to you, our supporters, to please help us save this precious neshamot.    

These past couple of weeks we've had visitors from Mexico, Colorado, New York, and many other places just to attend the shiur.  Everyone is in shock at the amazing growth these shiurim are having in attendance, and how many of the kids are doing TeShuva.  Be a hero and help us save more NeShamot by bringing them closer to HaShem.  Donate generously Today. 

Pictures that Will Melt Your Jewish Heart July 11, 2019

Baruch HaShem we're doing great with the kids as the Torah Challenge Program is miraculously beating all odds.  Just look at the kids in the photos and in our new interactive videos that show the kids asking questions.  Compare these pictures to the beginning and you already see that the Kedusha of the Torah is literally changing them.  More kids have taken on mitzvot.  Several more took on the mitzvah of tzitzit, many more started learning Torah DAILY, Shomer Negia, and protecting their Brit.  YES, they are now learning the Torah even outside of the Shiur.  Several of the girls have taken on Modesty.  You'd be amazed at their progress and are welcome to come to see it for yourself. These Mitzvot are the most difficult for this generation, and these amazing kids are doing it, while we get to enjoy learning with them.  

Since starting the campaign a couple of weeks ago, we've seen good feedback and donations from you that bought us another couple of weeks.  But just like they are progressing in their Avodat HaShem, we need you to do it as well.  Please SHARE THIS CAMPAIGN with everyone you know in the community and Jewish world, and help us continue.  We have passed 200 kids in the program, and an average of 100+ attendees per shiur, three times per week.  There is no other program like this in the world, and we must continue.  This is not a building fund, or another beit knesset to add to the community.  This is literally building the next generation of the Jewish people.  Please Donate and Share this campaign today.  Watch Them and I have a serious Q&A for nearly 3 hours last night until I was too tired to continue!!  Baruch HaShem.  

STUMP THE RABBI 12 Life After Death, Magic, Shabbat vs Murder, Lubavitcher Rebbe, Christianity

Amazing Shiur by Rabbi Yaron Reuven

Baruch HaShem record numbers this week!!! June 27, 2019

Baruch HaShem we had record numbers this week, with even more pure neshamot joining our shiurim and even a Rosh Yeshiva Rabbi Dovid Wechsler joined us for a shiur to see the Kedusha.  Several new kids took on more TeShuva, a few got new siddur as a gift so they can pray each day, another few got free tzizit gifts to wear each day, and a couple even committed to breaking up forbidden relationships BeEzrat HaShem.  Here are some pictures to warm the hearts of our existing and new supporters.  The results are there Baruch HaShem.  Please, let's all do our part to share this campaign with everyone we know so we can build this even further BeEzrat HaShem.