"Members Only" A New Space To Connect! December 23, 2020

Season’s greetings members of Jack’s
Caregiver Coalition!


I wanted to share with you a new online space that we have
created just for you.


We've been listening and we’ve heard some of you have been
having trouble getting our program events on your calendar. We’ve also heard
that it’s a pain to find the correct zoom links for our virtual offerings. And
we’ve heard there's an interest in knowing more about your fellow members and
how you can support and connect outside of our events.


Which is why I’m excited to share with you that we just launched a brand new “Members Only” page
of our website for the Jacks and the Jills! It’s password protected, and since this is only version 1.0, it’s
only going to keep get better!


This new page currently contains two helpful calendars:

  1. Members
    Only Programming Calendar:
    A more elaborate programming calendar than
    the public sees on our public programming calendar. It has all the zoom
    links you need built into it! It also has an easy button to add each event
    to your calendar. For our virtual programs we are no longer requiring our
    members to register, simply log into this page to easily join us on zoom.

  1. Birthdays
    and Hard Days Calendar:
    Currently the only dates listed are mine. This
    is because no information will be added about any member in this space
    without their consent. There is a form on the page for you to share any
    dates you would like share with your fellow Jack’s members. Birthdays are self-explanatory
    I think. Hard days are those days you’ve really struggled with. Could be
    the date a diagnosis was received. The day your loved one passed away. Or
    maybe a more surprising date that many in your life don’t know about
    because they couldn’t understand, but your Jack’s community could
    understand and could support you in a more meaningful way. The hope is
    that a date shared here will result in our community rallying around and
    supporting that member in meaningful and tangible ways.

Our “Jack” members will continue to also have access to our
password protected “Jacks
” page which contains the profiles of our Jack-to-Jack Coaches.


If any of you are unable to access any of our password
protected content for any reason please let us know and we will send you a link
to reset your password.


Lastly, we’d would love to hear about any more meaningful
“members only” content that you would like to see. In other words, how else can we show up for each other?


We hope you find this space helpful and easy to navigate, if
not – please share your questions or concerns!

All our best to you and yours,
Kyle Woody
Jack's Caregiver Coalition