Today is the day! August 15, 2019

Hello All,

I am so excited to spend this month together thinking well about supporting our children and ourselves through this big fall and school transition. Later this morning I am going to make sure we get everyone in the private Facebook group where we'll focus our discussions and support for one another for the next month.  If anyone is not a Facebook user and is not able to access it for this class, let me know and we'll make a plan.  
We have a good-sized group but not so big that we can't customize things a bit so please speak up in our group or message me directly with things you're wishing for and resources you need. I have my plans for resources to share and a timeline but we'll be adapting as we go. We'll also decide via group poll when Facebook Live Q&A sessions will be each week. 
I'll send this out in email as well just to make sure we catch everyone through email filters and such.  So if you receive this message twice, my apologies.    
I'm looking forward to "seeing" you in the group later! We'll get everyone settled and begin posting the class modules in the next couple of days. 



One week to go! August 08, 2019

Hi All!
I'm so excited to bring some really juicy tools and support your way for this big transition.  Please feel free to share far and wide about this opportunity.  The more the merrier!   This link will take you to the registration page where there are more share button options.

As early, birds, you get a special sneak preview. One of the Hand in Hand Parenting Tools is called PLAYLISTENING.  It's where we take the less powerful/smart role and follow their laughter as they delight in being the strongest/smartest. This moment of power is so healing. This list is filled with ways we can strengthen our connection signal with our kids.  Take a peek and see if there's one that seems like a fit and experiment! The favorite at our house is where we play tug of war with my daughter playfully arguing about who wants her more.

"See" you in a week!

Emily Murray
Birth Roots Founding Director
Hand in Hand Certified Instructor and Parent Club Moderator