Part 2! October 08, 2021

When I worked at bunkhouse there were several people who would come in all the time and eventually I got to share the love and truth of Jesus with them through small encounters and conversations. One was a young mechanic that became a friend and he told me he used to be a believer but has so many questions, but that he was interested in knowing more but didn't know how to go about it. So I invited him to church a few times and he never came, but I knew the Lord was doing something in his heart. Well, 3 months after leaving the shop, he messaged me asking about church and told me he was going to try it out. He said he has been doing to our church up north by himself lately and loves it and is learning so much about the Lord and has feelings he's never had before! soooo cool! 

Another CRAZY story is about this one girl that would always come in with her drugged up mom and little brother. This story happened this week and I cant stop praising the Lord about it! When she started coming in I would always feel so heavy, so full of the Lord's love for her. The Lord even placed a word on my heart for her but I just prayed about when I could share and never felt a good time, so just loved her and chatted with her when I could tell she felt so unseen, so broken. I ended up getting her Instagram before I left the shop. I always pray the Lord uses my social media to glorify Him and as a tool to share the gospel! Well this week, I posted something with a caption that shared the gospel and prayed that the truth of the Lord would lay heavy on hearts that need to hear it, and then she liked it, and so I started praying for her. Shortly after, she posted a post of dream she had a few years ago that she never knew if she should share, but finally did. When I read the dream I started crying. It was an end times dream, a dream that the Lord was literally calling her to Him. Then she messaged me randomly on Instagram, and I asked the Lord if this was the time to share with her the word and He said yes, and so I told her what the dream meant about how the Lord was pursuing her and making Himself known to her, I also shared the word I received over her months prior. She received it and said she started crying and needed to hear all of what the Lord was saying at that moment. I told her sorry for not sharing sooner, AND THIS IS WHAT GOT ME, she said "if you would have shared it at any sooner, it would not have been the right time. Today was perfect and so needed, I am so thankful we got to meet you."

I was so humbled. Our timing is not anywhere close to God's perfect timing. He knows us so intimately and pursues our hearts in such deep ways. It is so crazy to still be witnessing the fruit of what the Lord was and is doing from a few months I had working at a coffee shop back home in a season where I didn't think much was going on, He was laying seeds and watering them in His timing! Wow I'm so thankful for the testimonies of the Lord's goodness and compassion for His children, and I love watching lives come to know more of His heart for them! 

Personal quick update- I have joined a house church this week that I'm super stoked about, as I've been praying for one for months now! I am leading prayer room every couple weeks for collective, and its been so sweet!! I have been slowly receiving the few that God had placed on my heart to intentionally pour into, and its been really special having one on ones with them often and watching growth take place! I was flown out to Colorado to do a good friends engagement photos two weeks and it was so rad! It was such a needed break to sit with Christ in creation and it was sweet to get to love on them and dive deep with them, I hadn't seen her in 5 years! The Lord did a lot in my heart during that trip, coming back I was super attacked by the enemy and it was really hard for like 2 weeks lol. But I had massive breakthrough recently and Jesus is confirming and encouraging me so much. Also! the mormon girl that gave her life to Jesus comes to stay with me this Wednesday!! 

Prayer requests! - I still haven't really met my core community yet, please pray for likeminded friends that I can do life with and find genuine good friendship in! I have been pouring out a lot and hanging with the young college girls, but I desire people my own age too! Also pray for a mentor for me. Pray for Adison's visit to west palm, and for what the Lord has in store for that!! Also pray over west palm and for lives to run to Jesus instead of fear during this heaviness. Lastly, pray for my heart to be encouraged and obedient, and for supernatural provision in living here. Its my first season of living alone and renting, and also having a car, and its been a challenge and test of faith, which has been sooo good! But also hard at times as the enemy loves to attack when the Lord is doing a lot. So just prayer over my life in general :) 

thankful to know I have a community of prayer warriors fighting with me for lives around me and on behalf of my life too! 



Newsletter Oct. October 08, 2021

The Lord is wrecking west palm and the enemy Is not happy! Since moving here, I have heard that two dead bodies were found in the water right by downtown west palm, and close friends and family's of believers around me have died just this past week. There was a bomb threat at an apartment complex 2 min from my house, and there were two campus lockdowns at PBA (the college) because there was an armed man running the streets. Things have been heavy physically, but also super heavy spiritually (it's all spiritual really). The enemy has been attacking Christian leaders to young believers, BUT I have witnessed so much of the faithfulness of Christ and His omnipotence! I have been reminded time and time again that the Lord is the covering for His children, and that we fight the spiritual battles from victory in Christ, not for it because He's already won. Praises!! I have started prayer skate on the island and it is so encouraging and blessed by the Lord. Whether is new girls who show up and we get to pray over them, or if it's just a smaller group of solid believers, the Lord is so intentional every week in showing more of His character and heart to us. One of my favorite weeks was last week. I felt the Lord saying He wanted to encounter someone on our trail ride that night, so I prayed over unity in the spirit of those that would show up that evening for the skate. It ended up being just me and three of the collective worship staff people. We interceded for the city, those in our lives that don't know Jesus, and then as we were praying one of the guys felt like someone was going to approach us and that's who we were supposed to pray for. As we opened our eyes, the owner of the only christian coffee shop in the area (the one we all meet at all the time) was walking towards us and he came and sat with us and he said he didn't know why he walked that far but felt like he needed to keep going to the benches, which is where we all were. He opened up about how he's being attacked and how he was feeling lately, and we all got to pray over him and encourage him, and speak life and protection over his business, it was so powerful! 

I also had my first girls day a few Sundays ago! I had no idea what it would look like, but I felt the Lord say "just post that you're going to do it and I'll take care of the details".  My friend Jimena and I were the only two that made a little story post about doing a "surprise" girls day trip on Sunday from sunrise-5pm, and there were over 25 girls that contacted us and wanted to come!! I was shocked that all those girls would give up their only day off to go somewhere they had not idea where, with a bunch of girls they didn't know! The Lord really revealed the desire for community in the area. So Jimena and I prayed over the details and set it up and that Sunday was so rad! We did a devotional about the gospel on the beach for sunrise, then all went to a rad little coffee shop 30 min away, and then set up on a hidden beach spot 30 min north where we hung up hammocks, picnicked, and spent time in fellowship and encouraging/praying for one another all day. The girls loved it and keep asking for another! 

I have gotten to share the gospel so many different times in the shop I'm working at as well. I got to share about prayer and healing with this older Brazilian man and he shared he was a Christian and wants his son to come to my skate ministry! One of my new coworkers has a really hard life and lost health insurance so he cant go to his counselor anymore, which he really enjoyed, so I got to share with him how Jesus is the best counselor and is the only one who can bring real healing and restoration, and that he isn't excluded from it and the Lord desires that for him! I got to pray for the head chef who is an older Mexican grandpa (the sweetest!), and he has kidney cancer and keeps having surgeries but then returning to work long days, and the Lord is really impacting His life! I also told my manager I was going to pray over his back because he was unable to walk for a few days, and he was like "ok thanks" and returned to his work, and I was like no, like now. and I got to lay hands on him and pray for his back and he said its doing so much better recently and he keeps telling people about how we prayed over it! He isn't a believer, but the Lord is really softening his heart and encountering him, its so sweet! 

Part 2, Testimonies from Bunkhouse  !!!!!! (my old shop back home I was at)

- Morgan 

All moved in! Part 2 August 29, 2021

 I got to tell her why I’m in west palm, how the Lord told me to move here to love her and the other girls. It was so cool. I got her number and welcomed her to my home and let her know it’s open 24/7 for her to study, sleep, get away, cry, laugh, praise, and she was so stoked and thankful, as am I. Later, I logged onto instagram after following her and saw her Instagram story from 21 hours before that literally said “Dear God heal my heart, bring me peace, help me to see what you have for me”. GOD IS SO INTENTIONAL 

Last spring I was trying to mentor  a pba girl but the distance was really difficult because she was super busy and never had her phone. Over the summer, she was in Africa and praying for a mentor closer and she said God kept placing my name on her heart but she didn’t know why because I was far. She just got back home and I met up with her and she found out the Lord moved me 4 min from her! Now we get to dive deeper into discipleship together and I’m so stoked :) 

I’ve been meeting so many girls as I move in, and they’re so hungry for discipleship!!! I’m so so expectant and I’m thankful the Lord knows what’s best. As much as I did not want to stay in Florida, as much as I would love to live overseas, God has taken my desires and made them His. I am now so excited to live here, to be grounded for a while, to be able to invest deeply and cultivate community. Please continue to pray for this ministry, the girls and opportunities, and for my house that it may be a place of worship and encouragement and championing!! Also please pray for a mentor for me here. 

Thank you for partnering with me in what God has planned for radically changing the way we do daily life in west palm and beyond! For the lives that will be reached through the boldness and confidence in our relationships with Jesus Christ. Thank you for supporting and encouraging me. I am SO BLESSED by the body of believers I get to write to and share these praises with. I’m so thankful for the blood of Jesus Christ that saved us, and has given us eternal life so that things of this world can be beautifully enjoyed but never our true home. 

Thank you for being apart of this kingdom team the Lord has brought together, how worthy is He of all our praise! 

Expectantly running, 

Morgan :) 

Acts 20:24 

All moved in! Part 1 August 29, 2021

Wow. Reflecting on the past few months has been insane. As I read through my old journals from three years ago, I’m in awe. The words God had spoken about leading something for college girls, starting something, moving into my own place, location, every detail covered by the Lord. And now I sit. I sit in my very first “own” living space, dwelling with the Father, in awe of what He has brought to fruition. What He says comes to pass. 

It’s better than I ever could have imagined, and it’s covered in His fingerprints down to every last detail. 

Preference- in April I was driving home from worship at collective praying with Jesus. Asking for direction and clarity, wanting so badly to be sent to the nations, but desiring His plan about it all. God gave me a vision of me In a dim lit room with a bunch of college girls praying and worshipping together, and then going out and evangelizing and praying for others. I got home that night and wrote it all down. That it would be in west palm, it would start this fall semester, and it would be a place I owned by myself that was a safe place for girls 24/7. It would be a place of discipleship, to confirm identity in Christ, to champion individual gifts in the body of Christ, and to change the way we do daily life because of the reality that we live life with the power and authority of the name of Jesus. The journal entry was on April 28, 2021. The weeks that followed that vision became a thought in my mind but I had no idea where to even begin with it. In May, God told me “july”. This word got louder and louder, so it led me to quit my job in faith having no idea what was to come. Then I started a journal july 1st labeled “help me remember your faithfulness” because I was expectant. July 1st started a month of provision. I watched the Lord provide in insane ways every single day of july. From those of you who have come along side of me financially, prayerfully, and from strangers who randomly blessed me with donations, gifts, prayer, to the housing and transportation needs and miracles. The Lord taught me that when I sacrifice other things and just spend time with Him, trusting Him, He takes care of it all. (Matthew 6:33) And He did. In August I learned a different lesson. August 1st came, 3 weeks after I started the paper work for the housing, and I was still waiting for the full clearance for my housing that the Lord provided during July. Weeks went by and I started getting anxious. Then the Lord brought me to the scripture when the disciples saw Jesus feed thousands from minimal resources, but then the VERY NEXT DAY they were freaking out and trying to rationalize 3 loaves of bread and getting worried about running out. So I wanted to learn from this, I went to the journal the Lord told me to create from july. I read all of the reminders of His faithfulness, His words that came to pass, and I was filled with peace knowing my God will provide according to His will and what He says comes to pass. I remember the Lord saying it was going to happen this fall semester, as much as my mind couldn’t fathom how everything would be put together so fast, God knew. And the day the girls started classes was the day I got the text that I was cleared, I could sign the lease, and I could get the keys !!!! Insane. There’s so many little details, I’d love to share with all of you, the glory stories that echo in the walls of this home are my favorite stories to tell because it confirms God’s faithfulness and His heart for these girls here. 

Extra note - the Lord was bringing me back to the original vision where I owned my own place that was open for the college girls, as I thought on this vision and prayed about the roommate I thought I had set up, I prayed and asked the Lord to reveal His plan. She called me and then said she’s not moving to Florida anymore, so now I have the place to myself, like how the Lord originally had placed it on my heart! 

While living here I have to have an income, and so, having no connection but trusting God entirely with this move and the details, I asked Him where He wanted me to work. He knows who i need to come in contact with, He knows who needs the love of the Father, and who else better to place me than the one who knows our hearts so well. I kept hearing “Johans”, so I walked in and applied to Johan joes, a Swedish cafe right in west palm where a ton of the college girls go to study. I got hired half way through my application by the manager I was chatting with, and the owner said she wants to pay me more and make me a head barista. I live in low income housing so I can’t make a certain amount a year but also need to make enough to pay to live alone, so I did the math with the owner and I will be making almost exactly the amount I need to. Crazy how God set it up- again, couldn’t be more perfect. 

I have been working at this shop for 3 weeks. I have learned about every coworker of mine, from the one in the kitchen who works 3 jobs and sleeps 2 hours just to send money back to his kids and wife in Mexico, to the one who’s wife just passed away before they retired together with their grandkids, to the lady who lives serving her 30 year old son everyday who had a brain tumor when he was 3 and has left him in a hard condition. They all are hurting and walking without Jesus, and the Lord has set me in a place and filled me with a consistent joy that they are so unfamiliar with but are slowly becoming eager to learn more. It’s been really sweet. I have also had many conversations with the customers. I chatted with a dad, mom, and their high school daughter the other day about Jesus and the church. The mom grew up in a communist country and didn’t grow up going to church so I shared more about Jesus with her and the gift of relationship with Him! They’ve been doing online church and so we got talking about some heavy biblical topics too! I got the girls Information to stay in touch with her and they want to come to worship night sometime. The dad was teary eyed when we were talking about the goodness of the Lord and I could tell Holy Spirit was stirring His heart and hunger for more of God in his life! 

I also had a girl sitting in the shop for a while, people came and went and she stayed, heavily draped over her laptop. Eventually I was like ok Lord if everyone else leaves lead me to her. Everyone left. So I walked up to her, found out she’s a PBA freshman and moved from California and is having a hard time with getting adjusted and finding community. I felt her heaviness and she ended up dumping and processing everything to me. So I sat with her for 30 min listening and encouraging her and got to pray for her and she started tearing up. The Holy Spirit was laying peace over her life. She said “this is exactly what I needed. This literally confirmed to me that God is here and knows what I need, this is literally insane”, her excitement of seeing how the Lord intentionally sought her out brought me so much joy.

Moving update July 12, 2021

As things are moving pretty fast, I wanted to update you on the moving process! The past two weeks have honestly been a whirlwind of thankfulness and reflection. Reflecting on many experiences, encounters, and moves that were designed and orchestrated by the Lord to prepare and equip me for this move, and yet I still feel so unprepared in ways. But God has been teaching me so much about who He is, mainly through the book of Acts at the moment. His disciples heard His voice, and they went. It didn’t matter if they didn’t know how or what it would look like, they just obeyed and God did the rest- because that’s who He is and what He does. In the unknown, a lot of my prayers have been “God if this is your will, I know you’ll provide for it”, and I can’t tell you enough of how He has been clarifying. The apartment has officially been handed to me, even in the midst of a random management change that happened right as I was beginning the process, God still provided it. It is 5 min from the college campus, and is the cheapest living in west palm. There was a 3 year waiting list to get in, but the Lord used other members of the body who have built relationships already, who then recommended me, putting me next up- which resulted in me getting this miracle place that happened to open up the day I started praying for a place - if it was the Lord’s will for me to be there. On top of that, I’ve never had to move into an apartment, just a college dorm and missionary housing, so I have nothing but a few personal belongings. As I was praying for the Lord to fill this house and make it a place of worship, I was reaching out to some people on FB marketplace. I reached out to a lady about a dresser, which would have been my second item of a long list, the lady responds with “I must confess, I look at everyone’s FB profiles when they come to my house and I read your last update on Facebook and I want to donate the dresser”. When I arrive, she explains she’s moving and wants to bless me with anything else I may need. I had 3 van trips of desks, shelves, accessories, lamps, and a $5,000 Swedish leather chair and stool that she had donated to my ministry. This chair was her fathers who did mission work and was a successful business man, and she had tears in her eyes as she explained he only used this chair for his devotional time with Jesus, and how she thought he wouldn’t rather it go to anyone else. I am so honored and humbled. The Lord doesn’t only provide, He creates the most beautiful testimonies and makes His presence so known. The Lord used this sweet lady to provide almost every little need for this new place of worship. He is really giving me no reason to provide any of this alone, He is showing up in the craziest ways and clarifying this ministry will be solely built upon Him and His faithfulness. He also sent a couple I’ve never met before into my shop a few days ago around closing, so it was just myself and them. They prayed over me, spoke life and prophesied over this ministry. The Lord really couldn’t be clarifying this anymore, it’s insane!! 

I never thought I’d be back in west palm, but the Lord is already flooding my doors with girls who are asking to be mentored, for prayer, for more of Jesus- I am so expectant for what the Lord has in store. I have been spending time with Him about the details, and honestly I think most will come in His timing when I get down there. But there’s 3 main things He has highlighted. This ministry will confirm identity in Christ, champion young women and their specific callings and gifts, and change the way we do daily life. With kingdom mindsets and a boldness and hunger to live everyday with Jesus as our Lord and savior. 

I believe I will be hosting discipleship groups about 2 nights a week, prayer and fasting days, worship nights, and have it be open 24/7 for girls to be vulnerable, walk through healing with Jesus, and grow in ways He has for them. Through this, My prayer is that we start local evangelism throughout west palm and beyond. The strip from vero beach to Miami is the most unreached part of the United States. The need for Jesus is unseen as they “have everything they need”, and it’s super sad and really heavy. I have experienced some of my Christian friends growing in the west palm who have fallen into the “security” of this world and now aren’t walking with the Lord and it breaks my heart. The Lord is growing this passion in my heart to change this dynamic in west palm and these college girls, and to grow with them, challenge them, love them, and walk alongside of them through their faith journey and where God is calling them. I also pray, once discipleship grows and takes off, that I will be able to lead international mission trips with these girls to some of my contact bases over seas. 

I am really expectant, and super excited. The Lord has not told me to get a job in west palm yet, and I’m not sure if He will, although I’d be so open and ready to. I honestly enjoy working, being productive there, and sharing the gospel within work places, and God has been faithful in providing jobs and equipping me for them beyond what I knew I could do, and raising me up in those places. However, He is making it known He wants me to be very available for these girls especially in this fall semester. With that said, I’m praying for monthly supporters. I’m trying to raise $500/ month and that would cover housing and insurance. This is a huge prayer of mine, and one I know the Lord will cover as He has already been in the details for this whole move. 

This would take 20 people to give $25/ month. You can give at loves calling, under my name, and it will be tax deductible, or Venmo me at morganlleblanc as well.  I know the Lord has plans for this, and I am so excited to move and get to share the testimonies of what you’ve helped provide and pray for. I am so beyond thankful for the partners I have in ministry, I couldn’t do it without the body of Christ. 

To Him be the glory, and His will be done always. Please don’t hesitate to reach out about any further details or questions! 

Praying daily for you, 


expectant June 28, 2021

Over the past few months, the Lord has no doubt been moving and working and it’s been so beautiful. I have had this season so work and share the love of Jesus with coworkers and customers, while saving for what the Lord may have next. During this time however, I have struggled with desiring to be sent, to go where the Lord wants me. I did not think it would be in florida, I kept trying to hear “go” and walk confidently in that. 

But while trying to hear what I wanted to hear, I was not hearing the Lord correctly, so any action towards going brought tons of anxiety and worry. So the Lord finally brought me to surrender my plans of “going”, my ideas, and started transforming my desires to be His. As soon as I surrendered, I heard the Lord so clearly, and it was demanding obedience to His will. 

2 months ago I was driving home from a worship night, and I was emotionally processing with the Lord. Desiring to use the gifts He has given me, desiring to be available for the college girls who have asked me to mentor them, yearning to cultivate a community of bold evangelistic young women. Then the Lord gave me a super clear vision in the car. I would move to west palm, join staff with collective (the worship ministry I’ve been going to), and start a ministry type thing in west palm. He gave me such detail over this idea. I would disciple girls, walk with them thro healing, topics such as father heart of God, Lordship, spiritual gifts, fasting, and more. It would be an open house 24/7, for girls to come and worship the Lord. Untimely cultivating a community of freedom of spirit, identity in Christ, and living unashamed of the gospel. Ever since, I have had so much peace about this. Every bit of it is from the Lord, and He’s giving me such a heart for west palm. 

I have started prayed about staying here since I heard from the Lord about this , and then He provided a car for me to start making this vision possible!! I heard the Lord say “July.” But had no idea what that meant. So in preparing for it, I told my boss my last day would be in the middle of July and trusted the Lord would direct from there. Next was praying for housing and waiting for the Lord to clarify in that. Fast forward to this week, and I get a phone call from the landlord that runs the complex that a lot of Collective staff live at. He said a super rare situation has opened up, and he had a one bedroom open up randomly. He said this never happens and he will need it filled in a few weeks (end of July). He said there is a 3 year waiting list to get into this complex, but because I was recommended by a friend of his (a guy who works with the collective ministry), he would put me up first. I am in awe of the Lord. I am continuing to walk in faith and believe the Lord’s will will be done, and that His blessing will cover all the details. 

Lastly, I am praying for a roommate. Within a day, a friend says her friends plans fell through and she’s looking for a place. She loves the Lord and has a heart for discipleship!! 

I am so excited to share this with you guys, and I’m stoked for what the Lord is planning!! 

I am sharing this with you now to ask that you will please partner with me prayerfully, or financially if you feel led, but primarily prayerfully during this time! 

Pray over the housing, that it will all go through perfectly if this is where the Lord desires for me, for the roommate situation, that the Lord would direct me to the job He wants me at when I get down there, and for the ministry He is leading me to join- that there will be fruit in abundance!  

find me Thankful and expectant :) 

Morgan LeBlanc 

continued June 24, 2021

Thank you for your support in many ways. The Lord is so good to provide the encouragement that you are to me. As the Lord continues to speak and place His desires upon my heart for certain ministry opportunities, I am looking forward to sharing more details with you as He clarifies! He is stirring up something super exciting, but I want to be wise and wait to reveal until He brings forth more affirmation. But I’m expectant, and looking forward to what the Lord has planned! Please continue to pray for provision and direction in the unknown :) 

Please continue to reach out and send personal updates and prayer requests too :) I always get stoked to hear how the Lord is moving around you all as well! 


Acts 20:24

divine encounters lately :) June 24, 2021

A constant thought from this past month-

Waiting: as a waiter of a restaurant serves and caters to the desires of the table they are waiting on, so we shall serve and be aligned with the Lord’s desires as we wait on God. 

I have found myself waiting on the Lord more in this season because I still feel strongly about the need and passion to start or join a specific ministry one day. I don’t know all the details to this, but the Lord has clarified it in more ways than one. He has shown me more of where the needs are and has given me dreams and visions that accompany this passion. He has also been giving me heaps of different experiences that I know are all for the purpose of what He will have me doing one day. I am learning what it is to serve Him where He has me right now, as I pray and prepare for what He wants to start and put together in the future.  I don’t know timing, but I know His timing is perfect, and so I wait, and in the waiting, I learn to serve the table He has given me now.  

I turned 23 at the beginning of this month and was immediately hit with tons of spiritual warfare, but it was quickly followed by tons of faithful love and confirmation from the Father. I felt the Lord saying that He has a lot in store for this year, and as the days go on and the connections get deeper, I have nothing but growing expectations for the goodness of God in this.  

When I moved home from the skate and surf ministry in January the Lord was so quick to  provide a job at the coffee shop that I am currently at. I started the job telling my boss it was for a temporary season, and that I had no idea when or where the Lord would call me next but I would be ready when or if He did. She hired me anyway and then straight away, the Lord highlighted some coworkers and customers to me. He then reminded me that this isn’t just a job, it’s a huge ministry opportunity that He alone provided. The job has been the biggest blessing of provision during my time at home, and also a sweet lesson of waiting on God for several reasons. But, I have been serving the Lord at the shop for 6 months now, and eyes and ears are being opened more and more and it’s so exciting! I want to give you brief little testimonies from some encounters at the shop. 

There is a customer who is a mechanic and has come in every morning since I started and I finally got to share the gospel with him last week and share about how Jesus changed my life. He was super interested and said that he wants Jesus in his life and wants to come to church! Through that connection, he has also helped me do minor maintenance on my worship mobile and has been able to give me super rad deals for my car- the Lord really takes care of all the details in the craziest ways! 

There is another regular customer (mocha cold brew troy lol), he comes and stays until I close sometimes, and then stays an extra 30 min to talk about religion, other cultures, and God. The other day we chatted a lot about creation and giving glory to the Lord (romans 1:20) and how we simply can’t give any credit to any other “god” other than Christ Himself! Conversations with troy are honestly super encouraging, he asks questions, challenges me, and also verbally encourages me in missions often- its super sweet. 

There is a coworker of mine and we have been good friends since I started, I love her and want her to know Jesus so bad!! Over the past 6 months we have gotten to have some really rad conversations about the Lord, and I believe He has been breaking lies of religion and relationship with the Lord over her life. Some really cool questions she has asked me are, “I notice you see life differently than most people, why is that?”, “what is spiritual warfare?”, and “why would you only date a man who loves the Lord? What does equally yoked mean?”. It has been so special to see her interest and dive into deeper conversations with her, and I would ask that you would please pray for more of a hunger and awakening that she may come to surrender to Christ! 

There’s so many other conversations that have arisen and I wish I could write about all of them because they are all so rad and covered by the Lord! But I am just in awe of how present the Lord is and how clearly He reveals it to us through encounters such as these!

Another story that got me stoked is about my new friend Cheryl. I was at the beach yesterday and I saw a lady I knew I needed to talk to, after turning around and walking towards her I had a random dialogue go through my head about her asking me about my coffee and commenting about how nice it would be to drink It on a rainy beach day.. so weird. I got closer and said hi and she said “is that coffee you’re drinking? That must be super great on a day like today”, I literally just sat down right next to her after that with no doubt in my mind that God had clearly wanted us to chat. Hahah we talked about the beauty of creation because of creator, healing and the only one who can heal, heaven and hell and the war for our soul, and peace that comes to those who know their life is in Christ. I asked her if she had a bible and if she ever wants to read together and I think we’ve got a date with Jesus next week :)) pray for that! 

I had a friend tell me once, “look to see where God is moving and join Him”, and I feel like He’s been moving a lot around west palm and Jensen beach lately, and I have loved living life alongside Jesus in these places and watching Him move in such intimate ways! Worship nights in west palm have been such a blessing to attend and the culture is full of intentional hungry children of God. Moving around the past 3 years has made it hard to get plugged into things, but the Lord has been giving me such an amazing community in west palm and providing friendships that are anointed and encouragements to me, bringing me to tend more to kingdom friendships lately which is so special! I feel really called to the young women in west palm, focusing on discipleship and evangelism. Please be praying for clarity over what the Lord desires for that passion of mine, especially as fall semester will be approaching soon and the college girls will be back in town. 

I share the testimonies to reflect on the faithfulness of God. It is a reminder and encouragement to me, and I pray it is for all those who read too. Sometimes life in missions feels dry and hard, but the moments to reflect and share what the Lord has been doing is so special because He HAS been working and the enemy is always trying to make us forget.  I share because a small conversation or encounter is just as special as the big things, it’s a seed planted by the light Himself! Lastly, I share because Psalm 34:3 says “Oh, magnify the Lord with me, and let us exalt His name together!” I am so thankful for those of you who have been supporting me from the day I said yes to the Lord, about 3 years ago, and those who have just recently joined me in praising the Lord. 

Slightly continued ….

Brief May ministry recap May 15, 2021


In my last update I mentioned many things, but two things I wanted to follow up on specifically was the trip to Puerto Rico with Ride Nature, and the job offer I was praying about in Kona. The normal monthly update, praises, and prayer requests will be included as well :)

First off, this past month and half has gone so fast. I find the Lord revealing Himself to me in new ways, which has been humbling and exciting! I have found myself with more time to spend with Jesus compared to some of my previous seasons, and in that time I have been able to really tend and nurture my relationship with Christ, which has overflowed into my daily life and encounters. I have been humbly reminded about how everything is meaningless. Truly, it all fades away, it all means nothing, if I am not loving Jesus with my heart, mind, and soul, and if I’m not truly loving those around me. The Lord has been teaching me a lot about words. The power of speaking truth over my life and those around me, the power of rebuking lies with the authority of Jesus Christ, and the power of the simplicity of words. 

With that said, this update is short and sweet, and I pray it glorifies the Lord entirely. 

First- HUGE praise and answer to prayer: the Lord provided me a car! I have held off on investing on anything in the states for a while in hopes to move back overseas, but the Lord started placing a desire to start investing in lives here, to start sowing roots here in the states. Within a week of praying about this, the Lord sent an obedient, generous servant of Christ to partner alongside of me and encourage me in ministry. This story has so many little details, but what I’ve been reminded of the most is how the Lord brings believers together, to provide and encourage one another, and how sweet the gift is within the body!! Also, when it’s the Lord’s will, He provides entirely. As the Lord continues to lead me to sow roots here, He is building a foundation entirely upon His faithfulness, and I have been learning so much about that! I am so thankful and overflowing with emotion of how intentional sweet our Heavenly Father is. This vehicle, the miracle vehicle, is a means for me to be more intentional about mentoring a few girls on the college campus down south at the moment, to get more connected with the worship sessions in west palm beach, to lead discipleship trips, and so much more! 

This car is so much more than a car to me. It’s God’s sweet way of setting me up for what’s to come, and a way to continue glorifying Him in ministry, work, and lifestyle day to day. 

Second- I have been praying a lot more about the job offer in Kona, and at the moment there really is no update, nor has there been any further confirmation or encouragement to pursue moving there. With no clear word or lead, I most likely will not be going to Hawaii. I was hearing back from the job and housing pretty regularly, and so I prayed and asked the Lord to have them continue staying in touch if it’s His will, and I’ve messaged them several times and haven’t heard anything in 2 months. So with that said, Im continuing to rest and wait upon the Lord and spend time with my family and serve here as needed- which has been super sweet and needed. I have also had a sweet blessing to pour into my work place while working for what’s to come. 

Third- I just got back from Puerto Rico with Ride Nature, and it was super rad! It was a discipleship based trip, so we took 8 girls from fort Myers with us and led bible studies/ worship, explored, and met some locals that we got to pour into as well! I met 3 local girls that I connected with and really wanted to follow up with. During my time in PR, I spent time praying about the future, other ministry opportunities and visions, and just being alone with the Lord. It was such a sweet time of recharging and being encouraged by community, especially since I hardly get time with my friends and mentor from Ride Nature these days. So I was super thankful for that, and having the time to be loved by them! I also had really sweet conversations with several of the girls from Fort Myers as the Lord opened doors to go deeper with them, which was probably a highlight of that trip for me! The Lord healed, broke chains, encouraged, and revealed more of Himself to me and the other girls during the trip, and it was super special. 

Next week, the week of May 17th, I have had scheduled off work since February, with plans to do a road trip with friends. The road trip was cancelled and we were trying to figure out what to do to celebrate Kate and Heidi’s graduation/ my early birthday. We wanted to get tickets several times, but nothing was working out. The Lord was totally ahead of us in preparing a trip where He wanted us to be, where He has gone ahead of us in preparing hearts. With that said, my sisters, friend, and I are all heading back to Puerto Rico next week! We are staying with my Aunt’s ministry partners over there for free, which is a huge blessing! We will be exploring the area, have plans to meet up with some local girls I met while over there last week, and allowing Holy Spirit to completely lead and direct us while there! Heidi (my youngest sister) has never been to another country or on any missions trips, so I am beyond excited to be able to bring her and share Jesus in Puerto Rico with her! I am super stoked to see what God has planned for our week in PR, and I am excited to meet and serve our hosts there! 

Thank you for praying for me and encouraging me in this super unpredictable, amazing journey Jesus has been bringing me on! 

The community of supporters I have here means so much to me, and I really value and enjoy catching up with all of you. 

I have been studying 1&2 Peter lately and have been reminded of so much of the Lord’s character and what it looks like to be a disciple. If anyone ever wants to chat more about the gospel, please reach out! I always love learning from different perspectives and/or diving deeper in the scripture with other believers! 

Prayer requests- community for me while I’m home, health for my family and I, provision for my family, clarity and words of direction for future opportunities, protection in the work place as a believer surrounded by non believers, and for joyful endurance and energy to continue running the race set before me. 

The Lord is always working, and life with Him is such a gift. Praying for all of you who takes the time to read this and reach out, may the Lord continue to reveal Himself to you in new ways and bless you and your heart for Him. 


Morgan :)

Feb/ March part 2 March 19, 2021

Part 2 

Also! Exciting news! I have the chance to go to Puerto Rico with Ride Nature on an all girls trip (something that’s been on my heart for so long is to lead girls internationally!). I’m super stoked for this week. It’ll be the first week of may, and we’ll be running skate and surf church for the locals in the area while sharing Jesus everywhere we go. There is 5 of us who have worked with/ are still on staff with Ride, and then we’re taking 6 local girls from shred sisters! I’m really expectant for this trip. This will be such a sweet time of fellowshipping, growing, equipping, and learning. 

To say it’s been a crazy week is an understatement. God has answered so many prayers, been showing me more of who He is, and the blessing of fellowship in the name of Jesus. I’m being poured into, and pouring out daily. With this has come persecution and spiritual warfare in different ways. Please be praying with me and for me against these things, and that God will be made known thro everything. 

Lastly, I wanted to briefly touch on the announcement I mentioned in the previous update. I have been offered a job at a coffee shop in Kona, Hawaii next to the YWAM base there. I have also been promised a room to live in that is skating distance to the shop. This offer I’m still heavily praying about, especially as God has been doing so much in Jensen lately. But it’s something that would provide such amazing community and opportunities to possibly be sent to the nations again one day. Either way, I know God holds all the details, encounters, and timing in His hands, and I trust Him with that. 

It’s a long one this month, but I hope this hypes you up as it does me! Life with Jesus is a miracle everyday, it’s so special! 

Thank you from praying, please continue to lift me up to Jesus for clarity, provision, and safety! 


Morgan :) 


Feb/ March part 1 March 19, 2021

Part 1

The past two months have felt like a minute honestly. A lot is happening and I’m learning SO MUCH. It’s taken me a minute to write this update because my laptop crashed :/ It had all my writing and editing tools on it, and so it was a major bummer, but still just a material item. However, God was so quick to provide. A few days after, I got a text saying “I know someone who wants to give you their older Mac book for free”. GOD IS SO COOL. This happened on a Friday, following one of the most craziest weeks I’ve ever had. 

But quick, let me touch on February. Man it really was quick.. haha, but God started prepping me for what was to come in March. In February I really dove into the college ministry in west palm. I am getting to worship God every week with a rad community, be poured into, as well as have many opportunities to pray for girls, mentor, and encourage.
One of the worship nights in February a friend and I were leaving and we came across a homie on the sidewalk. We stopped and chatted with him for almost an hour. He said no ones ever stopped to tell him about Jesus but he’s heard of Him. He also said he believed something or someone was trying to get his attention all week because he was finding bibles left all over downtown west palm. We got to tell him about his Heavenly Father who’s passionately pursuing him, and our friend accepted Jesus into his heart that night!!!Among many other sweet encounters, February was an amazing time of working, resting, and feeling the omnipresence of the Lord’s love. 

March! March has been insane already. First week of March I meet a missionary family at my shop that got sent back to America during covid from Malaysia, and immediately start getting discipled by the mother, and then got to attend house church on Sunday with them. It is such a powerful friendship that encourages me in the mission field here, and internationally! Sunday March 7th I got super sick in the evening, and I had no idea what it was. Turns out it was 100% spiritual warfare because Satan knew God was about to do something rad. Monday I woke up feeling great, and then randomly got called into work, so I took the shift since I was feeling good. I worked for about 4-5 hours alone, and during that time a 26 year old girl comes in. She was shy but encouraged by her mom to ask me about housing because she just moved to the area a few days prior. Turns out she was a missionary from Costa Rica, that had run into problems when she went to renew her visa to stay longer, got detained, then they kicked her out of the country and sent her back to America with nothing. She has been staying at air bnb’s alone in Jensen beach Florida for the past week. That day at the shop, she stayed and hung out my whole shift. We talked about Jesus, missions, and then thro those convos, got to share the gospel and invite several customers who were listening to church. It was so cool! Then we went to the beach after I got off, where we prayed and worshiped God together. At the beach, God did some crazy supernatural stuff! He gave us words for each other that spoke life and clarity, the wind picked up, the sky changed colors, and ocean roared. It was so powerful. And at that moment, God reminded me of Matthew 18:20, “When two or three are gathered together in My name, I am there in the midst of them.” And there He was. The next several days we were joined at the hip, and God was doing insane things. On Tuesday we hung out the whole day, praying, encouraging one another, and evangelizing to those around us. A week before, Catherine was doing ministry alone in Costa rica and didn’t have a single Christian around to encourage her, and so the Lord was using me to pour into her after a year of her having no community. And God provided a mission minded, spirit led friend and sister for me in Jensen, an answer to so many of my prayers since I’ve been home. 

Baptism came up in conversation on Tuesday, then Catherine got stoked. She said she had wanted to be baptized for the past two years but didn’t feel comfortable doing it at a church, she wanted it to be intentional and special. She asked me to do it. Tuesday night Catherine and I go to the college worship, where the Lord gave me a word over the worship, I shared it with the leader after, and told him how I said to the Lord, “God if you want me to share this you’ll have Kyle give me the mic” (which was a super crazy thought), but then Kyle shared how the Lord did tell Him to do that. INSANE. So yesterday evening, at collective, I got to share the word, and encourage a room full of young adults worshiping Jesus to continue walking in boldness and evangelism. God is so fun to live life with! And He’s clarifying more and more how He desires to use me in speaking. 

On Wednesday, me, Catherine, her mom, and Heidi (my sister), went to the beach where Catherine and I first hung out and experienced Jesus so powerfully, and she got baptized! Then we had communion together on the beach. It was so rad! Catherine became so weak the rest of the day, which is such a powerful testimony of the chains she was carrying for so long, that were finally lifted from her. Jesus took her pain and weight, and freed her through the symbolic action of baptism. Catherine’s mom was there and started crying. She said when we first met in the shop and she witnessed Catherine and I’s interaction and connection, she said, “at that moment I knew everything Catherine had tried sharing with me for years was actually true. You and Catherine spoke a language I didn’t understand, because I’m still growing in my relationship with Jesus. I didn’t get it, I thought Catherine was crazy sometimes, but now I know it’s true, and she’s just outgrown me.”


Then the Lord gave me a image of horse jumping for Catherine’s mom, which sent her mom shocked and speechless. It was something she knew very well and spent 50 years of her life around. God amazes me at how clearly He talks, how intentionally He pursues, and how sweetly He connects. 

Remember the atheist that helps out at my work? He’s still in everyday, challenging me more and more, so I’m still sharing Jesus more and more. Haha Wednesday after my shift, Catherine and I were hanging out at the shop and I turned to Dominic and told him it’s going to rain, and he challenged me and said “no it’s not”, and proceeded to pull up his professional flight radar and showed me how there isn’t a cloud in the sky. I don’t know why i was so confident it was going to, other than God wanted to show himself. So I said yes. It is. And left. Immediately I prayed that God would make it rain and show Dominic that He is unpredictable. It started to rain hahahaha 

I texted Dominic and said “did you see the rain?” And he responded with “what do I study the weather for...” and I said “some things you just can’t predict.” 

Friday, I got the text about someone blessing me with a free laptop. 

To be continued... 

jan recap- part 2 February 07, 2021

Honestly, I share all these little stories with you because Jesus is so good. There are times where fruit and testimonies feel almost nonexistent, but it's not true, because He's always working.  I'm thankful for the body of Christ, and for communication that makes it possible to share what God is doing to encourage one other. So I want to share this as an encouragement that God is moving and doing so much more than we could ever imagine, and to share the ways I’ve seen Him moving so that we can rejoice in this together! There is ministry opportunities EVERYWHERE, and I genuinely get stoked on the brief encounters just as much as the big testimonies. I am thankful to be encouraged by many of you in what the Lord has me doing, even when that means being His hands and feet and sharing His testimony to those around me here in south Florida. 

I am realizing more and more why God brought me home in this time, and why He sent me to work at Bunkhouse for this season. I am constantly praying about what may be next, while also being intentional with the lives around me daily now. 

I always want to live uncomfortable with full knowledge of my need for Christ, rather than being comfortable and blind to my need for Him. As much as I would love to be internationally, I'm realizing more how "uncomfortable" it is to be here, in America. For that reason, I am thankful because its bringing me to press into Jesus more and more so that I can continue walking in His will for me daily. 

This update was more of a massive praise report, and I pray it is an encouragement for those of you reading. As I study more about hearing the voice of our Shepherd, I realize one of the hardest parts in hearing His voice is that the majority of the time it requires obedience, and that obedience is having to say “okay” to the complete unknown. I have found that God has never let me down and has never held out on me, He is a good Shepherd. I had absolutely no idea what was after Ride, I was actually terrified and the last thing I wanted to do was come back home. But I said okay, and within a week I got one of the best jobs i’ve ever had and have mentorship opportunities flooding in. There truly is no place like where God wants you to be, and there is truly no peace and clarity like that which comes from saying okay to God and following His voice. 

I’m thankful for those of you who take time to read these posts, I wish I could sit down with you and hear all that God is doing in your life and just get stoked on Jesus together, and maybe one day we will, if not here, in eternity for sure. :) 

I am praying for you, please send me specific prayer requests!! 

For my prayer requests, I would ask that you to be in prayer over the lives I’m encountering daily and the girls I’m mentoring. Pray for clarity and direction for what the future in ministry may look like more specifically. Lastly, please pray for my health, I don’t know if its spiritual warfare for something actually wack but I haven’t felt 100% lately, and my stomach is just giving me a lot of problems which isn’t fun. 

But seriously how rad is God! 

cheers :)


jan recap- part 1 February 07, 2021

This past month has been so rad. The last update I talked about starting a new job at the local coffee shop. When I first applied they said they weren’t hiring, so I gave it to the Lord and knew He would show me where He wanted me, and then the next day I got a text asking me to come in for an interview. This job is from the Lord in so many ways! I now work 4-5 days a week, which is more than I was told I'd get, and I have gotten to know so many of the regular customers already. My boss constantly encourages me in how well I am doing there, and for that I praise God for equipping me and giving me energy to work hard to represent Him well in this place. I am constantly reminding myself that I am not working for money, but for ministry opportunities, and I find as soon as I renew my mind in such a way, the opportunities become endless. 

Since starting about 3 weeks ago, I have seen a lot of spiritual warfare at the shop. This shop is known for being a "new age" type place with good vibes, but now there are 4 christians working there, bringing the light of Jesus daily. One day we had a young adults group doing bible study outside the shop, a lady stood next to them listening for about 5 min, and when they asked if she wanted to join, she said "no way, and if I had it my way, you all would be in jail.", and proceeded to yell such things at them as she left. Another day, I got talking to a customer about church, and as soon as I mentioned the name of Jesus, a lady standing at the counter slammed a menu down and walked out of the door, making it obvious she did not like the conversation going on.

On a positive note, I can't stop talking about Jesus, He comes up in every conversation I find myself in haha. Several customers have asked what church I go to, and said they wanted to come. Another girl said I give off a "chill, joyful vibe" and asked me if I wanted to be her surfing buddy. She is not a believer, so what a sweet way to share Jesus's love with her! A customer mentioned how bright one of the açaí bowls were, and when I said it was all natural, she was stunned and amazed at how creative our creator is, which then started a 30 min conversation about the goodness of God! There are soo many little stories and brief conversations, and I really am so thankful for every encounter. However, this past weekend was super special! 

There is a customer who comes in everyday. He is a dude who comes and sits to read his books at the shop daily. He has become a good friend of all of ours at the shop. This weekend I closed by myself, so sometimes him and his friend help close by doing trash and sweeping and such. Closing the shop takes over an hour with all the stuff I have to do, so there was so much time for conversation. His friend, him, and I ended up chatting for 2 hours about the scripture, their beliefs, creation, and our government. He ended up telling me that he is a communist, and proudly so. He said he doesn't believe there is a god, but isn't an atheist, because He doesn't really know. His friend said He believed in God, but believes his god changes daily for how he wants it. These types of conversations make me really sad for how confused and sad they are, but I am thankful for the miracle God has done in allowing these encounters to happen. We continued to talk about these topics, listened to one another, and I got to share a little bit of who the God of the bible is, and the validity of the events in the scripture. It was super rad! I pray God will soften their hearts to experience the love of the one true God, the one who cares for us. 

There is literally so much going on at the shop, with so many opportunities to love others and share Jesus. Although this is NOT what I thought I’d be doing at the start of January 2021, this is exactly what God has been equipping and encouraging me for, and therefore its the best place to be because its where God wants me. 

To follow up on the last update, I asked you to pray for mentor opportunities for me while I'm home, and I wanted to praise God and share with you that He has answered that prayer entirely! A girl I used to coach last year ended up getting in touch with me and asked me if I could mentor her, we now FaceTime weekly and are going through a bible plan together! A girl at my work messaged me the day after we had our first team dinner together and told me she had followed me on instagram for a long time now and followed me because she was inspired by how much I vocalized my relationship with Jesus on my social media. She had no idea I was the “new girl”, but had expressed how she always wanted to hangout and get to know me more. Today I hung out with her, and she opened up about so much. It turns out (no coincidence) that the Lord has placed me right in her life at the time He knew she needed a friend, mentor, and big sister most. Im so humbled and stoked to get to love on this sweet quiet coworker! 

I have also been able to go down to west palm almost every weekend to spend time with my brother and sister, and be apart of a worship ministry down there. Every time I go down God sets up divine conversations and encounters. One of the girls I met last weekend asked if I could mentor her, and I am praying about that opportunity now. I have gotten to have some of the deepest conversations at the most random times. I went to a bar for my friends birthday, (I honestly don’t love going out and I don’t drink much, but it was sweet to celebrate her!) During that night, I had a long conversation with someone about missions, what life with the Holy Spirit means, and the goodness of God. It’s honestly so amazing how God is glorified no matter the setting, and I’m really just learning about how passionate God is in wanting to do life with us.  

Also a big praise! A coworker I was working with at the surf shop before going to Ride Nature texted me the other day asking if I could baptize her!!! She’s in her 60’s and the sweetest thing ever. She said she never even thought about baptism until we had a conversation about it at work one day last year and now has wanted to give her life to Jesus in baptism since. Im seriously so in awe of how God is working in every step and season He brings me through! 

to be continued... 

2021 January 08, 2021

Hello :) 

I am so exciting to be writing this update to you and to inform you on what God is doing! Now that I am home, I am hoping to be able to get an update to you every month again. I am so thankful for all of you who support me in encouragement, prayer, and financial needs. I am also so thankful for everyone who has stayed subscribed to these update emails, and want you to know I would love to hear about what God is doing in your life as well, so please reach out any time! 

My internship at Ride Nature has come to an end. To sum up my experience, God taught me about community, humility, and how to listen better. He taught me pro's and con's within a ministry, in order that I may carry the pro's onto future ministry God has for me, and to be aware of the con's. I gained the sweetest friends and had the blessing of doing life and missions alongside of them for 7 months. My favorite parts of my time with Ride were the relationships and fruit seen among the locals of Fort Myers skate culture, the homies brekkies on Thursday's, and the outreach days on Friday's. 
The homies became some of my closest friends, I valued our time and conversations together, and would sometimes walk downtown to find them during the week and chat with them. I cried the other day thinking about them and how special it was to know them and to have the privilege of talking about Jesus to them. 
The outreach days were amazing. We gave away about 500 penny-boards to kids in the projects over a period of 3 months. These kids were about 16 years old and under, and lived in the saddest conditions. Many of them have seen their fathers shot, drugs were dealt from their homes, and many slept on the floor. No one cares for them, yet Jesus sent us to be His hands and feet and show these kids how loved they really were. It was so special to go into those communities and be able to spend hours with those kids, which quickly led to long conversations with their parents and grandparents. One of the last times I was in the projects, we were invited into "landlord's house", who was the biggest drug dealer and kinda operated that place. He was dealing drugs out his front door and his back door the whole time we were there. He had a gun on the table, and was challenging our leader about God. But the Holy Spirit spoke so kindly and clearly, and after 2 hours of conversation, being asked if we were ready to die while a gun was in his hand, and the Lord breaking his pride, landlord submitted to Jesus with all his brokenness, and said he was ready to live for God. It was amazing. 

Those stories, the memories, the hardship, the people, everything was so intentional, so beautifully used by God to teach me, grow me, and love me, and im so thankful. 

Since mid December, I have been home. I told Jesus, "your will be done, if you want me to work, you will provide, you always do." In a matter of 2 weeks being home, God provided me the best job! I am working at a local coffee shop starting in a few days. (Ride Nature was based out of a coffee skate shop, and I worked the coffee bar almost everyday. God totally knew what He was preparing me for haha). At Bunkhouse, the owner does not know Jesus, nor do several of the girls working there, but God has gone ahead and planted other believers there right now as well! I am so stoked and expectant for what God has planned for the hearts I'll be working alongside, and for His glory to be revealed! I am also going to take photos and do some hours at the surf shop I was at last year too. God is super super good. He is so faithful, He is so kind, I am amazingly overwhelmed with the opportunity I have to do life with Jesus and trust Him daily. He never disappoints, but always blows me away with how rad His plans are for me. 
Pray that God will use me within these jobs, and for connections of discipleship to be made! 

Thank you guys, 
cheers to 2021 and our perfect sovereign Lord! 

Morgan :) 

Fall update 2020 December 01, 2020

October newsletter October 08, 2020

Thank you for reading, praying and supporting me! I feel so loved and encouraged just by the fact that you read these updates! I hope you're enjoying this new style of updates with photos and such, it has been really fun to create and reflect on what the Lord is doing here. I would love to hear more from you, please reach out with any prayer requests, exciting things God is doing in your life, or just if you want to chat! 

If you want more info regarding our ministry, you can check us out on facebook and instagram @thehouseofridenature .
If you want to partner with me in spreading the gospel financially, you can head to , and find my name under the "intern/staff" fund, and then my "Morgan LeBlanc" under the "sub fund" tab. 

Thank you so much! Blessings :) 

Update! September 06, 2020

Ride Nature Update :) August 05, 2020

Ride Nature Update :) August 05, 2020

Life / ministry update July 16, 2020

Hey all! Here's the latest update regarding ministry here in Fort Myers, as well as what God is doing in my life currently and where He is leading me. If you have any questions, want to know more, or just want to chat, always feel free to reach out! 717-758-3730
I am super thankful for all your support, prayerfully and financially, I am so stoked for the partnership the Lord has provided between you and I in furthering the kingdom! I couldn't keep going and doing what I am doing without your support and faithfulness to what God is calling me to! 
Side note- if you have trouble reading, you can zoom in on the photos and text! 
Praying for you, if there is anything specifically I can be praying for, don't hesitate to reach out! 

Something New! June 22, 2020

I am totally a visual learner, and those who know me know I love taking photos, so I'm not sure why it has taken me this long to make a newsletter like this, but I hope you enjoy!
Included are photos from our ministry, what we're about, and some rad stories of those we are getting to share Jesus with!
Morgan LeBlanc 

RN Update!! June 04, 2020

I wanted to take this update specifically to go into more detail about the ministry I am working with this summer. 

Last year, while visiting my aunt in Fort Myers, Florida, I ran into a ministry called Ride Nature. We went into the shop for coffee, and I came out touched by the goodness of Jesus. They had pictures of the kids in the countries that they have brought the gospel to in the shop, which got me and one of the staff talking about the mission and vision of Ride Nature. Over quarantine, God reminded me of this ministry. I had no idea they had an internship program, but God told me to apply. Now here I am ! I am doing this to gain a deeper understanding of how to work a nonprofit, how to start and grow a ministry, and to grow myself in discipling and serving Jesus in different ways. 

Ride is a nonprofit missions organization that equips and disciples for outreach, evangelism, and discipling others through board sports. This ministry is all about Acts 1:8- "But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes on you; and you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem, Judea and Samaria, and to the ends of the earth.” The book of Acts shows the gospel took root in Jerusalem, then began spreading through the outskirt of Judea, Samaria, and beyond.  Therefore, we believe our Jerusalem here, our neighbors, so we run the coffee/skate shop as a means to minister to our community, we also do homies brekky every Thursday morning at 7am where we cook a hot breakfast for the homeless and then do a devotional with them. Through the homies brekky, the team has seen several local homeless become discipled, get jobs, cars, and we actually have one man that picks up boards to drive around and hand out to the community while sharing the gospel now! (If you click on this link, you will meet him in this video! To The Ends- Jerusalem  ) 

We also run skate church at different skate parks every night of the week. We have really rad men staff who are gifted at relating to the boys and encouraging them on the rails and ramps, which make the boys super eager to hear what we have to say after an hour or so of skating. The girl staff and I are really in charge of loving on the girl skaters, pouring into the moms who bring their boys to the parks, and making connections with people in and out of the shop. We are also heading up “girl skate” this summer, as we scope out the community in search of girls in Fort Myers to encourage, pour into, and disciple! Ride Nature does a wake church every other saturday, where we go to public wake parks and share the gospel with those athletes. Over quarantine, a pastor donated a giant warehouse to our ministry, where we were able to build a giant indoor skate park for the community. In Florida it rains a lot, so when the kids can’t skate, they tend to slip into trouble. We have faith that this space will be used to glorify the Lord and disciple many. In the warehouse, we have also built a food pantry for families in need to come get donated food for free, a barber shop for men and boys to get touched up for free, in order to help them get jobs and also help change the reputation for skaters around the area, and a hangout place with tons of games. We also have outdoor activities, seating, basketball, and ramps at this facility. This skate park is called “To The Ends”, and it is the only free indoor skate park around, the grand opening for this is on saturday! After saturday, we will have it open 3 days a week. 

Our staff consists of only 7 people, and then there are 6 of us interns. Between us, we are all helping with every job and every ministry we take part in. Our days normally start around 6 to spend time with Jesus, meet as staff and pray for the day, welcoming the Holt Spirit to do His thing, and then we serve, work, and minister until we get to sleep (around 10 ish). Days are long, ministry is 100% a lifestyle, full time. We do not pay for help, and none of us are paid, we are doing everything with joyful, trusting hearts as we serve Jesus! All the proceeds that come from the coffee/ skate shop don’t go to any person or family, but instead they go to the ministry to keep it running so it can continue to glorify God, and so we can continue to be His hands and feet in this community and beyond. We are basically running a retail shop, a coffee shop, a rec center, and a church together, and God is doing insane things though it! Everything is faith funded, so if you would like to partner with me, or the ministry financially, please reach out to me! 

Back to Acts 1:8, after Jerusalem comes Judea, Samaria, and beyond. God has created so many connections and partners for Ride Nature, so we have many organizations that donate boards and equipment for us to take to our contacts in different nations. Every year is different, but last year Ride Nature was able to take 18 trips throughout the nations in order to hand out boards to kids, share the gospel,  and disciple local christians and encourage the believers. 

With that said, in one month we will be taking a trip to Nicaragua, where we are actually starting a base there. It will be about $500, including the flight, to go for a week of ministry, discipleship, and working to build the base. At the end of July, we are planning to go to Cuba, but if that won’t work out due to corona, we will most likely go to Puerto Rico. In the middle of August, the plan is to go to Israel. I am trusting God will provide the means to attend as many of these trips as I can, as my heart is for the nations, gospel spreading, and discipleship. 

I am still planning on going to SBS (school of biblical studies) in Australia in September, however, if the boarders are still closed, I will be doing the school online for the first semester and then head there for the second part. God has spoken to study His word through this as preparation for full time ministry. I believe God is speaking that I will be coming back to work with Ride Nature as staff after the school, and possibly starting up a ministry with/through Ride that not only disciples, but truly teaches the word in depth. I am holding everything with open hands to Jesus as I am fully aware His plans are always best! 

I thank you for partnering with me, prayerfully and financially. It is so exciting to share with you as I begin to gain more and more clarity on what God has for me full time! I know God has called me to a life of being uncomfortable, a life of moving around, serving and spreading the gospel everyday all day, and a life that consists of giving up for the Great I AM. I am stoked about this, but really could never do any of it without my brothers and sisters in Christ who believe in what God is calling me to. In all honestly, monthly partners are a need for me. Even $5/ month goes so far! 

Thank you so much! 

Any questions, or just a chat, as always- 7177583730 or

Social Media:




The next 3 months May 11, 2020

Hello! First off, I want to thank you all for joining my mailing list and partnering with me in advancing the kingdom of God! The past two years God has continued to be so faithful while directing me to complete His will in spread the gospel and making disciples. He has blessed me with financial and spiritual supporters such as yourselves, which has showed me the value and importance of the roles of the body of Christ from such a biblical perspective! It has been so humbling to seek God in times of need, and to watch Him bring people like you into my life to partner with, in order to be sent out to the places God is sending me! 

As many of you know, I have felt God clarifying bible school for a little over a year now. I believe this desire to attend bible school is pure and from Him, however, He is showing me His timing is always right. He has allowed covid, and He knew when it would happen. Originally, I had planned to go to bible school last September, but seeing how life is now, I see God’s provision so much as I would have been stuck in Australia during this time or sent back home, unable to complete the schooling. Heading into this September, I have been led to hold bible school in open hands, surrendering it to the Lord completely. Australian boarders have been closed for a while, which makes things sticky with applying for a year long visa during this time. As I’ve surrendered the next few months and preplanned agendas, the Lord has led me to a really rad ministry on the west coast of Florida. This ministry is called Ride Nature. 

Ride Nature is a nonprofit missions organization that values generosity, gospel spreading, and discipleship. They meet people where they're at, and God has opened doors to starting up bible studies at skate parks, wake parks, and streets to youth that come from troubled homes, and most of the time have an absent father. They love on the homeless community in fort Myers as well. Ride Nature has a coffee shop, which is kinda like the “base” of the ministry, which brings people in for coffee, but also opens up so many doors to spread the gospel and pray for people as God leads. Not only does Ride Nature impact the local community for the gospel of Christ, but they are also active in sending teams out internationally to spread the love of Jesus to other countries and to encourage and equip other believers in those nations to step into leadership roles in spreading the gospel. 

I have been accepted for an internship to work alongside Ride Nature this summer. Everyday we will be evangelizing throughout Fort Myers and beyond. We will be serving the community in the ways God leads, always starting the days with worship and prayer to seek guidance from the Holy Spirit for daily ministry. As an intern, I will also be taking discipleship classes throughout the week. 

I will also most likely be taking an international trip with them within the 3 months. Big name board companies such as Zap skimboards, donate boards to the ministry for us to take to other nations as a way to bless youth with boards while sharing the gospel of Jesus. 

As I continue seeking clarity for where He desires me long term, I am growing and learning in the moments and opportunities He gives me in the present, knowing everyday He is preparing me more and more for what long term will look like. Just from the past 2 years I can see His preparation so clearly. From tearing my ACL and having to switch to youth ministry, and seeing God give me such a heart for high school girls and discipling them into a biblical womanhood, to not going to bible school last year which allowed me to work with FCA for a year here in Florida. In which during this time, God has been growing me in the concept of using a tool such as a sport to completely bring God into a sphere that is so quick to shut God out of. These glimpses of preparation get me so excited for what God has in store for my time with Ride Nature and beyond! 

Going into this internship, I am expectant that God will continue to reveal more of His heart and specific calling for my life. I am excited to have the opportunity to work alongside a missions organization and like minded believers to serve and spread the gospel daily here in Florida, and wherever else God may lead during these few months! 

Ride Nature, staff and interns, are completely faith funded, full time missionaries. So I will be joining in trusting in the Lord through these months to provide what is needed for housing and food as well. The pricing for the internship has been cut completely in half this summer, which is such a God thing. Housing, transportation to and from ministry and the base, and intern classes will be $350/ month, and then I will also be covering my own food. I will be unable to get a job during this internship as it consists of sun-up to sun-down work, serving, discipling, and loving on those God brings us in contact with. God has been so gracious in preparing me during this past year for where He knew I would be, and so working 4 jobs has definitely been such a blessing and will help moving into this internship as well. I have also been so beyond blessed by many of you who have generously given to bible school. 

Moving forward, I want to be a good steward of the gift of financial support I have received from you retaining to bible school, so I have put that money aside specifically for that foundational training that the Lord has spoken about, however, as life is changing, I am uncertain when God’s timing for that season will be right now. I want to keep you all in the know as much as I can, especially since we are partners in furthering the kingdom and I couldn’t do this without your support! With that said, I have decided to keep donations that were given specifically for bible school aside for the biblical training for when the Lord gives the Ok, but if you’d rather your donation go to helping me with finances for the ministry I'll be doing this summer, just let me know! 

I am so excited to continue seeking God, growing closer to Him and the calling on my life, and for the plans He has made for the next few months. I am so appreciative for all of you, God has blessed me immensely by every individual on this email strand. I pray for you daily, and I am thankful for the partnership I have in you- can’t wait for the party we’ll have in eternity one day, rejoicing in the presence of our beautiful savior and best friend! 

At the end of this email, I have attached the link Ride Nature has created for me to send to supporters as well. Check out the ministry, and what they’re about! 

If you feel led to support financially, you can go to “give online”, and you can give to the ministry or specifically! My name will be under “staff and interns” fund and then under sub fund. 

If you have any additional questions, comments, or prayer requests, please never hesitate to reach out! 


Acts 20:24, 

Morgan LeBlanc 

Ride Nature

What is the key to a meaningful life? April 03, 2020

Something different from the usual updates, but wanted to share something I wrote this evening as I was reflecting on the book of Ecclesiastes. If you have any thoughts on it I'd love to hear! Hope this is encouraging to you, especially during this time! :)

There is one meaning for life, and without it, there simply is no meaning at all.

King Solomon realized this, and his thoughts from Yahweh about this matter are made known to us in the book of Ecclesiastes. I am thankful I can learn from Solomon, who lived a very "luxurious"life, as one might say. Yet, with his years of riches and glory, that is so far from how he described his own life. This is far from just a parable to relate to, or a story to admire. This is a testimony. A testimony full of raw emotion.

To paint the picture I want to portray, here's a brief background of King Solomon. He had an empire, a really good one. He ruled during the prime of Israel- "The Golden Age", and he became well known by how he ruled with authority and success. He had control, wealth, praises, alliances, women, and talents. He wrote literature, and built structures. Some may go as far as to say Solomon was "the most prosperous and productive king ever to rule Israel." Yet somehow, he looks upon these riches, these years, and counts it as all meaningless.

God is a God of intentionality. He is so precise and detail oriented, all knowing and fully able. He creates situations to teach, to glorify Himself, and to draw us closer to Him. Solomon's story is evidence of this. God could have shut down Solomon's kingdom at the first sign of pride. But He didn't. He lets it create false idols, rise to power, succeed, and become the greatest in history. Why? So God can reveal Himself to Solomon at the peak of His life, forming a raw testimony that we will be able to learn from years later.

Solomon knew God from his father, King David, who actually warned Solomon to "Keep the charge of the Lord your God: to walk in his commands, his judgements, and his testimonies, as it is written in the law of Moses, that you may prosper in all that you do and wherever you turn..." (1 Kings 2). Despite his fathers teachings, Solomon fell into a life of reprioritizing his relationship and obligations to God in order to live the lifestyle he was chasing. Sound familiar? How often are we, too, guilty for putting Jesus on the back burner because we "don't have time" because we're rushing to practices, meetings, or social gatherings... However, let us learn from Solomon's testimony instead of walking a life that replicates it.

Despite being the wisest, most prosperous man on earth, his actions and idolizing of false gods provoked the anger and judgment from the Lord. Notttttt what you want... and so begins the conclusion to an emotional testimony of once known "King Solomon", as his life ends and his kingdom collapses.

This testimony is found in Ecclesiastes. The word meaningless is repeated 31 times in just 12 short chapters of this book. This makes me aware that "life is meaningless" was not just a thought for a moment, but a constant dwelling point for him. It became a reflection he could not escape once he became awakened to the truth. The truth in the key to a meaningful life. When he came to understand that it all meant nothing without a relationship with God, then his whole view on life changed. Back in Genesis we are told we were "created in the image of God" (gen. 1:27), and in the second chapter we get to see the pure intent for relationship between God and man. We were made for it. Specifically, intentionally created to find meaning in life through relationship with Jesus Christ. Once Solomon understood the meaningless pleasures and kingdoms of this earthly life, he beautifully writes it out for us in a direct urgent tone.

A verse that sticks out to me in particular is Eccles. 7:14- "When times are good, be happy; but when times are bad, consider this: God has made the one as well as the other. Therefore, no one can discover anything about their future." Solomon spoke these words in a time of his life that probably wasn't super good. He had come to conclusion that everything he had invested his whole life in doesn't matter, and that he spent years on nothingness. Reflecting on such a thing must have been difficult. Yet he himself could see that God had allowed those "prosperous" times of his kingdom and life, just as he is allowing the times of reflection and disappointment of himself. The heart of the one writing this verse screams "as long as you know God, you can be content in the present". I am so thankful for King Solomon and the scripture in which God wrote through his testimony.

The key verse of Ecclesiastes is 12:13-14 "Now all has been heard; here is the conclusion of the matter: Fear God and keep his commandments, for this is the duty of all mankind. For God will bring every deed into judgement, including every hidden thing, whether it is good or evil." This summarizes the book, Solomon's life lesson, and the lesson God has used him to teach us.

When God reveals Himself to His children amazing things happen. Lives change as life is breathed into them. Shackles of death are broken off in an instant and freedom bells ring and echo forever.

Let us rejoice in this, that life WITH Jesus is everything but meaningless. It is what we were created for, and what He has intended for since the garden. Let us not waste our life chasing fleeting things that lead to the building of pride and social status, but instead steward our time in creating and building what we were created for. Our relationship with our heavenly Father. 

IMPORTANT UPDATE :) March 30, 2020


I am stoked to be writing this update to you all, as I have been praying for my supporters (aka you!) and our country these past few weeks! I’d ask if you please read this update in its entirety, but especially those who have given to my bible school financially :) 

First, I want to praise God. For His goodness, for the hope that He alone brings, and for His divine presence always, but especially  in the midst of everything going on lately! As I have been studying John most recently, I have been seeing more of the character and nature of Jesus himself, and I am struck in wonder and amazement at the way He was so intentional in his years on earth. He lived a life of divine relationships before starting his years of beautiful, radical miracles. HIs father, our heavenly father, was always so far ahead of him, preparing His ways and encounters far before he got there. Our heavenly father is the same yesterday, today, and forever. When we are seeking life with God, obedience to His spirit, and a life that imitates Jesus’s, then why would we think God will show up any differently in his children’s lives now? He doesn’t! He is so far ahead of us, preparing hearts, opportunities, and situations! To me, this alone brings so much peace into the coronavirus situation. Jesus walked in peace because He knew God was in control and had a plan in every situation, as christians, we should / can be looking so different with divine peace during this time! What an awesome gift that we can obtain as children of God! 

Secondly, in walking out in the peace obtained to me, I want to address SBS, school of biblical studies, the bible school in which I have been preparing for for the past year and a half, and which you have been such a blessing to me through this preparation. Currently, I have several friends who are either studying or are staff at SBS at the sunshine coast YWAM base, where I have been accepted to attend in september 2020.  However, within the past week the current school has been shut down. Every student has been sent back to their home country to finish the school online, and every staff has been sent home before their home country shuts their boarders. Australia has shut down beaches, restaurants, and anything nonessential. There is also talk about Australia closing their boarders for several months. At the moment, people arriving are quarantined for 14 days, and local natives are not allowed to travel outside the country. With that said, the future of me attending bible school in 2020 is very unknown, as I have to apply for a visa in a few months, which will most likely be denied if the country keeps their boards in a strict lock down. 

I am praying for clarity over this situation, but also have heaps of peace knowing God’s plan is so perfect and I can’t question anything He changes for His glory. 

I wanted to write this brief update to you for several reasons, 1) encouragement. God is so present and so worthy!!, 2) to update you about the condition and prayer requests regarding SBS, and 3) IMPORTANT: I want to confirm that if, by the planning of God alone, I am not able to attend SBS this September, fall of 2020, all of you who have financially given to help me receive this intense biblical education, you will receive a full refund of what you graciously and obediently gave. 

I will continue to update you as I learn more, and as I continue praying over this situation! I am super thankful for your support and stoked to see what God has in store! 

Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions or comments at all! 


Morgan :) 

Just the beginning. January 23, 2020

As January 2020 is coming to an end, I am left in awe by how present God has shown himself to be thus far. One year ago, I had the amazing blessing to have finished off 2018 in Papua New Guinea, where God really opened my eyes to the power of prayer. We lived through 2 earthquakes during our 4 weeks in PNG, we were guests at a traditional PNG brideprice, funeral, and Christmas celebration, and we were invited into homes in remote villages to pray over the sick. This experience is one I am still processing, and will never forget. God gave me His heart for His people, and He has been showing me that everyday since that, no matter the country. I find so much beauty in that every season, every day, every encounter, is divine when you're following Jesus. One experience may be more vibrant than another, but when you're trying to see life from God's perspective, every moment has such beauty and growth attached in some way! 

My first 2 weeks of January 2019 consisted of serving and loving a group of Aussie high schoolers. Out of all the experiences in Uganda and PNG- from being electrocuted 2 times, living through earthquakes, seeing people delivered by demonic holds, witnessing the healing of Jesus Christ, and so many more- these 2 weeks with the Australian high schoolers opened my eyes in a whole new way. After 2 months in third world countries I was (and still am) processing so much, but God didn't hold back, and never does, when we are hungry for Him. God used these two weeks to show me He is who He says He is, no matter where I may be. He confirmed His calling for my life as He opened doors into young women's hearts, and created me to be a "safe place" for them, because they saw Jesus in me. This was it. The beginning of partnership with Jesus in breaking false identity of young women and calling them into who God has created them to be. God is continuing to provide so many ways to pour into young women, and growing me so much along the way as well! 

Every season, every day, and every encounter, is just the beginning. The beginning of another rad thing God has planned. 

I have been back in the states almost a year now, and my ACL is 2 months shy of full recovery (praise God!), and guess what.. GOD IS THE SAME YESTERDAY, TODAY, AND FOREVER! 

(I will send another email soon with really awesome testimonies of God at work!)

I am working 3 jobs right now, I am still coaching with dad and doing social media for FCA treasure coast, which consists of capturing testimonies of what God is doing here. I work 8 hour shifts 5 days a week at the surf shop, where God is providing opportunities to share His love and pray for people every day! I am also baby sitting and house sitting often! God has been super gracious in providing these jobs, and every one of them understands I do not work sunday, and they are all so respectful of that! Sundays are so special to me, and I value time with Abba so much. He prepares me for the week ahead, and i get to dwell on, and praise Him, for all that He had done the week prior. Without Him, I would easily be burnt out, tired, and done. But with Him, I have supernatural energy, joy, and strength, to make the most of every hour and encounter, and to walk in obedience to see Him show up in rad ways!

I am still very much planned to go to SBS in September of this year, that gives me 8 more months at home! For those who are praying for me, and giving me monthly support, I really can’t thank you enough for your generosity and partnership in what God has me doing, and what He has for me to do. I have been in contact with the school, and everything is set up for me to apply for my visa, but I can’t apply until may, so now it is a waiting game and prayers that everything will play out at God intends! 

Any questions about ANYTHING, please feel free to reach out :) , and if anyone ever wants to come down to florida, you know you have a place to stay! Thankful for you and what God is doing through you and for you as well! 


Morgan LeBlanc 

Update 12.21 December 21, 2019

For those who have been praying for me and my family, I thank you. God is so present and working wonders. Regarding FCA, girls from our High school team have given their lives to Jesus, and He has been speaking truth over them individually, calling them closer- it is amazing! For our 8 seniors, God had given me words and verses for them individually and they impacted the girls immensely. We had a senior who spent about 3 days with our team in total, completely break down and weep at what God said to her, feeling so loved and sought after. She said she feels God like never before and was so thankful to FCA and wished she could have done FCA sooner. I praise God for these moments. Often times, when I get words for people, thoughts of the enemy seep in saying "that's weird, they won't get it, they will think you're crazy". But in reality, it is God's words, and if that's the worst that could happen if I obey God by following through and giving them these words, then I am okay with that. However, God speaks clearer than I ever could, and He impacts people in the ways He knows they need to be impacted, and His ways never fail. With this said, FCA down here is taking off, we had 2 teams in the last tournament, and a coach (who wanted nothing do to with us last year) partnered with us in making this happen. God has softened His heart so much, and has definitely left a lasting impact on Him. I have come onto official FCA staff for social media down here. My job is to tell the story of what God is doing in the treasure coast. Not only is this a job I absolutely love doing and have a passion for, God has also provided a way for me to get paid doing this. As most know, FCA is all faith funded, so for me to be able to get paid for capturing what God is doing, is such a blessing, as I am still preparing for SBS (school of biblical studies). 

I am still working at the surf shop, and everyday I pray before I go in that God will provide conversation and opportunities to share the gospel; and once again, He never fails. I have gotten to stand up for Jesus, love others in ways they've never felt before, and invite many of my coworkers to church. Here's the situation- my boss grew up Jewish, but is super hardened to any religion and does not believe there is one answer, BUT he is always down to have conversations about what I believe! So please be praying for his heart to soften and that Jesus will encounter him. Three of the younger coworkers come from broken families, live with boyfriends, and are just very sad, so please be praying that they will feel Jesus' love like never before. The two older ladies are both divorced, live on their own, and work everyday. They are so sweet and adore me, always encouraging my work ethic and "joyful attitude". I have invited them to church multiple times, but they keep saying "I would like to, maybe another time"- PRAY PRAY PRAY! They want to, but I get a feeling they are worried about being judged for going by the others in the shop. I work about 4-5 days a week, coach and do private lessons, and I am doing more photography, God has been super faithful and gracious in providing ways to bring in money for bible school, I have $8,187 AUD saved for SBS so far (literally more than I could have EVER expected by this time), I need to raise $10,750 AUD for the full cost of SBS (includes housing, transportation, food, and tuition for the 9 months). My goal is to raise about 3,000 USD (visa and flight have not been purchased yet) before I leave in september, but with the money and jobs God is providing, it seems like He will be providing more to set me up for what he has planned for me after the schooling. I have no idea what His plan is, but He is setting me up to have a heart for full time overseas, so I'm excited for what He has planned. 

If i am being honest, this month has been hard for me. Realizing I have 9 months until I leave, and wanting to get comfortable and make friends here, but also realizing He is calling me elsewhere and that this is temporary, it makes things kinda weird. Living in the present and being excited for the future, without being annoyed at one and anxious for the other, or vice versa, is so different than what we're used to. I respect how Jesus was able to be fully present and love and serve everyone around him, but was also always kingdom minded and anxious to join His father in heaven again. Something God has definitely been putting on my heart to grow in, and to embrace where He has sent me for the time being. 

I just wanted to send out this quick update to fill people in. I could write a book with stories of what God is doing, and know these emails don't do Him any justice, but I hope you can see His glory through them! I have a really awesome testimony I am getting ready to send out as well, so excited to share this story about how awesome God is!!! Keep a look out, hoping to post soon :) 

I am thankful for those He has placed around me to partner with me in prayer over the lives Jesus is seeking daily, and I pray that He will bless you for the ways you too are impacting the Kingdom! Praying you all have an amazing holiday season with friends and family, and that we can dwell in the glory of our Father's divine plan as He sent Jesus to us this season, to be with us forever, giving us the gift of salvation, and resting in confidence that no gift will ever quite compare to that one right there :) Like always, any questions and comments regarding ANYTHING, is always welcome! 

Cheers and happy holidays! 

Morgan LeBlanc 

He never stops doing big things November 27, 2019

There are three main big things God has done over the past two months since I started raising money for bible school, and I am writing this update to fill you in, and to praise God for being 5 steps ahead of me all the time! 

The first main thing God has been doing is providing ministry opportunities alongside job opportunities! I have gotten to share the gospel in my new work atmosphere, and stand firm in what I believe, which has lead me to see God blessing me at work for it. My boss is not a believer, but He enjoys talking about religion, so it has opened so many doors to talk about relationship with God and not religion. My boss constantly compliments me for being a hard worker and has given me a 50% discount after 3 days of working there, when most start off with 20%. I completely see that as a blessing from God and I am so thankful for the little ways He is thanking me for sharing His word where He is placing me temporarily. I have also gotten to house sit, and the 15 year old daughter stays with me. They have buddha statues all around their house, so it has given me a chance to pray over their house, welcome the Holy Spirit, and pour Jesus into the daughter, who has never encountered Jesus. 

The second thing God is doing big things through is FCA. FCA lacrosse is going rapidly in south Florida. Girls are loving their experience being on the team, they are growing in the sport they love, and they are growing in their personal relationships with the Lord- which has been the coolest thing to see!! Several girls have said the best thing they've taken from being on the team is that they never thought the "two worlds" (religion and sports) could come together. God has been using my dad and I to speak truth into their lives, and encourage them in having a relationship with Jesus. Several of the quiet girls have been standing up to pray in front of the team lately, which is so new and so awesome to see! The feedback I have received from the girls has been the biggest blessing. Many of them are opening up and reaching out to me for prayer and encouragement, and I am starting to really see God's purpose for us in coaching these particular girls. I praise God for what He is revealing to them, for how He is using me, and for how He is calling them deeper into relationship with Him! 

The third big thing God is doing, is providing for me BIG time. When I put out my new campaign for bible school, it was solely to be able to send these updates, yet I have been blessed by so many of you in prayer, support, and financial needs. God has provided such an amazing support team for me, and I am left in awe because of it. 2 months ago I started officially raising money for bible school, and although I want to say I am amazed as how much God has provided, He is Jehovah Jireh, God that provides, and He never fails to be who He says He is; but I still remain so thankful knowing He doesn't need to, yet he chooses to. 

Between house sitting, baby-sitting, coaching, and working in a retail shop, God is bringing in tons of hours and good money. He has been working so much and blessing me immensely through these jobs, and I am so thankful. In addition, one Sunday, at our small, biblestudy-like church, our pastor mentioned that I am preparing for bible school. It was super out of the blue, but I have no doubt God lead Him to say something. The week after, I received an anonymous donation for SBS, which left me shaking and in tears. To receive these types of things, it is humbling, revealing, and clarifying in so many ways. On top of that, I felt God leading me to apply for a "Do Big Things" scholarship a few months ago, that a friend and his mom provide in memory of his dad. Applying for the scholarship was a little uncomfortable for me. The only scholarship I had ever recieved is for lacrosse, something I can get better at or get worse at, something that I had to work hard for to live up to the scholarship. Applying for the "Do Big Things" scholarship, was God telling me it is going to be nothing I can do, it will not be my strength, but His, it will be Him completely using me, to do something Big. Without knowing completely what that "Big Thing" is going to be, I applied for the scholarship. When I received the call that I got accepted for this scholarship that goes towards bible school, it was a little bit of a shock, leading to another huge humbling and trusting experience. It was a gift from the Lord, it was people choosing to partner with me, not because of how I will perform, but because they trust God to use me in a big way. 

The latest big financial blessing from God was having life long family friends decide to fly me to Maryland AND plan photography sessions in order that I may raise money for bible school. Before I flew up there we had about 4 sessions planned. Photographing people was so new to me, I did not feel confident in it, and doubted my abilities to create pleasing pictures for my customers. Through the week, I witnessed first hand God working through my photography. He took ahold of every shot, the lighting, the weather, and even the children! haha, the pictures turned out way better than I ever could have imagined, because God was taking them. Through the week, we got more and more people who wanted pictures, having about 3-4 sessions a day, ending the week with a "waiting list", for another visit in the future! God is so good! 

Keep reading for the logistical part of this process! 

This is the break down of the expenses I am looking at that will lead me to receiving the foundation

God desires for me to have for full time missions. (highlighted is the expenses not paid)

Bible school tuition = $10,750 AUD = $7,273 USD 

Flight = up to $1,000 USD 

Visa = $620 AUD = $420 USD

Oversea health care = $510 AUD = $345 USD 

(plus, I have had monthly college loans to pay off.) 

I have already gotten to pay the oversea health care and deposit, so the remaining fees are-

Total (in Australian dollar) = $11,846 AUD

With the 3 big things God is doing, and the big ways He is providing since having a balance of 0 a little over 2 months ago, I have currently raised $5,650 USD, which equals $8,350 AUD (Australian dollar)! God is blowing my mind! As I have been praying about this result and future financial needs, I keep hearing God say "I am setting you up for long term". With that said, I am buying a one-way ticket to Australia, making myself completely available for wherever He may call me after completing my foundation/schooling. 

I have absolutely no doubt that God will provide the remainder of the financial needs, plus continue to set me up for my life in full time missions. 

I would ask from you to please partner with me in prayer for these next few months- for what God wants to do through me with my time left in the states, for where He is setting me up to go, and for future financial needs. 

I am hoping to put my student loans on hold as I go back to studying, so prayer over that area of my life would be awesome as well! Lastly, if your church is looking for missionaries to support, I would ask that you may be in prayer about potentially partnering with me during or post bible school. Although I am unaware specifically what God will be calling me into, He has given me brief insight to what it may look like. He has given me a heart for young women (16-22), to transform the way culture defines them, and to champion them into being the women of God He is calling them to be. He has also given me a burning passion for His word. I believe everyone should be able to read the bible for themselves and to experience God through His word. Therefore, I would love to get more involved with the bible distribution throughout the world.

If you have questions, comments, or prayer requests, please don't hesitate to reach out (717-758-3730). Not only am I beyond thankful for you, I am so for you. I am in prayer for you daily and get so excited to hear about the amazing ways God is using you as well!! 

Cheers! and blessing to you! 

Preparations for bible school! October 04, 2019


I hope you are doing well and that you find this newsletter informative! 

I wish I could hand write this, as I just love a nice hand written letter, however, there is just too much I wish to cover with you! 


Over the past year and a half God has specifically shaped the calling over my life in more ways I could have ever imagined. He has given me His heart and spirit to introduce His children to the gospel, where ever that may lead. My heart desires Jesus daily, which has overflowed into a deep passion to see others walking with Jesus as well. We were made for an intimate relationship with our creator, father, and savior. Jesus has completely changed my life. His faithfulness, goodness, provision, healing, and presence has never failed to show how good He is, and for that reason, and for many more, I have completely given my life to Jesus to do as He desires.  Not just for a season, but for all of my earthly life. This is something I rejoice in as the life of full reliance on my heavenly Father begins, and I pray you will rejoice in partnering with me in this journey as well! 


The majority of my  life I was the “odd ball” for sharing how good God is at the lunch table, or for not doing the society norms, but I knew God had a plan for this burning passion and unique boldness to proclaim the gospel where ever I was. After 2 years of college, God has lead me to surrender a degree, college lacrosse, close friend groups, college memories, a career with a steady pay, and so much more. He has shaped my heart to be in love with being on the road, with having minimal possessions, and for making connections and conversations with almost everyone I come in contact with! He has also shaped my family’s heart to be ever so supportive of this, even when it brings me across the world for many months at a time. 


Through an organization called YWAM (youth with a mission), I recently lived in Australia doing a discipleship school and local outreach sharing the gospel with people at skate parks, coffee shops, boardwalks, and local events. I lived in Uganda for a month, eating what they eat, living how they live, praying deliverances and healings, and baptizing people there. I then lived a month in Papua New Guinea where I interceded for 4 days straight as my team hiked to ministry locations, as I was limited to hiking because of my torn ACL. PNG is a very tribal nation, majority of men have many wives, and cannibalism is still a norm there. During this time, we encountered 2 earthquakes and a land slide. When things calmed down and we were finally able to get a car up the mountain, I was able to take part in the ministry, which included praying over people with typhoid, yellow fever, and malaria. I also got to preach the gospel to a small prison with about 9 men in each little 15’ by 15’ cement square cell. It was amazing to see people in all three countries give their life to Jesus, be delivered, become healed, and get baptized into their new life with their Savior. 

God has made it clear to me that my life will consist of moving when the Holy Spirit says move and staying when He says stay. Recently, I have come back home, had ACL surgery, gotten 4 part time jobs to start saving money for where He calls me next, and for paying off college bills. I have also done a lot of local ministry with high school girls, within my work atmospheres, and basically where ever God opens room for conversation. This year I am working at a surf shop, nannying, doing little side jobs, and coaching FCA (fellowship of Christian athletes) lacrosse with my dad. As I continue pursuing God’s long-term calling on my life, I have gotten a lot of clarity that the next step for me is going to be bible school. 

The plan is to do SBS (school of biblical studies) through YWAM (youth with a mission). It would consist of a 9 month course of studying every book of the bible 5 times from 5 different directions for about 10-12 hours a day, and I would leave early next September. If you know me, hours of studying does not seem too exciting, besides the fact I get to spend so much time with Jesus and know more of Him. He is transforming my heart and mind to be so excited and passionate about this next season, which is how I know it is from Him! 

I am writing this detailed newsletter to you in prayers that you may be interested in partnering with me in my new life of being a fulltime missionary. I believe the body of Christ is gifted in different ways in order for everyone to work together to complete kingdom work! I can physically not do anything without supporters who believe in who I am and what God is leading me to accomplish. I full heartedly believe your support, financially and/or prayerfully, is an instrumental component to doing kingdom work. YOU are making a difference as we work together with Jesus to bring heaven to earth and transform lives. 


Right now, my biggest need is prayer. Prayer personally, spiritually, generally, for my family, all the above. I have seen the power of prayer too many times to neglect it. I have seen the hardest hearts soften because of prayer, I have seen witch doctors give their life to Christ on a Friday after we came and preached the gospel and interceded for them all week long. I have seen an American missionary get His wallet and passport stolen in Entebbe, Uganda, and a whole school pray for 24 hours, just for the Ugandan police to contact Him saying someone turned it in right before His flight back home (and he made it!!!). I have physically felt the loose ligaments moving inside my knee as multiple hands cover my knee with prayer. And lastly, I have seen how my relationship with God changes dramatically when I just converse with Him and lay it at His feet. I can’t make this up, there is a reason God covers prayer so much throughout the scriptures, and there is a reason Jesus lead by example through His prayer life. 


To keep you in the loop financially, SBS costs $11,250 AUD, which converts to $7,669 USD. This price includes food, housing, transportation, and schooling for 9 months. I will also be buying a plane ticket to the sunshine coast, and plan on continuing paying off my first two years of college while studying over there. As I stated above, God has been opening doors of opportunities bringing in money for SBS while I get to witness to the people I am working for/with. I plan to work very hard these next few months, while realizing entirely, the money is coming straight from God. I have friends who have done this course and said it was easily one of the hardest things they’ve ever done, but one of the best things. The time, mental and spiritual strain and growth that occurs, and home work that is involved is a lot to process, but I know God is leading me to this, so He will lead me through it! I am not certain what God has for me after bible school but I have a heart for teaching about Jesus and sharing the knowledge I learn, and I know God’s planning and timing is always good. This newsletter will be one of the primary ways I will keep updates, God sightings, and direction from God up to date for you all, I am super excited for what is in store!


I would love if you joined with me on this journey. In this request I am simply being faithful to ask the people who believe in me. I am fully trusting the Lord will provide in miraculous ways, and I am thankful He has put people like you in my life who can prayerfully support me through this journey! At the moment, I am not asking for financial donations, but I am also in no position to reject any word God has spoken to you regarding that, or the amazing blessing that comes with partnering with God in such a way. Furthermore, I am specifically asking that we can grow closer together as we pray, encourage, and champion each other as the body of Christ, as He specifies His purpose for all of us individually where ever He has us! 


I am excited to go through this journey with you, share what God is teaching me often, and bring to light the miracles He is constantly performing! 


I am really excited for what God has in store for my life, for your life, (and ours together, if you plan to join me!) Thank you for taking the time to read this, and thank you for supporting me in any way! 


P.S.- If you have ANY specific prayer requests, or just want to reach out directly, please do so! My phone number is 717-758-3730  , and please know I am praying for you daily.




Morgan LeBlanc