All moved in! Part 2 August 29, 2021

 I got to tell her why I’m in west palm, how the Lord told me to move here to love her and the other girls. It was so cool. I got her number and welcomed her to my home and let her know it’s open 24/7 for her to study, sleep, get away, cry, laugh, praise, and she was so stoked and thankful, as am I. Later, I logged onto instagram after following her and saw her Instagram story from 21 hours before that literally said “Dear God heal my heart, bring me peace, help me to see what you have for me”. GOD IS SO INTENTIONAL 

Last spring I was trying to mentor  a pba girl but the distance was really difficult because she was super busy and never had her phone. Over the summer, she was in Africa and praying for a mentor closer and she said God kept placing my name on her heart but she didn’t know why because I was far. She just got back home and I met up with her and she found out the Lord moved me 4 min from her! Now we get to dive deeper into discipleship together and I’m so stoked :) 

I’ve been meeting so many girls as I move in, and they’re so hungry for discipleship!!! I’m so so expectant and I’m thankful the Lord knows what’s best. As much as I did not want to stay in Florida, as much as I would love to live overseas, God has taken my desires and made them His. I am now so excited to live here, to be grounded for a while, to be able to invest deeply and cultivate community. Please continue to pray for this ministry, the girls and opportunities, and for my house that it may be a place of worship and encouragement and championing!! Also please pray for a mentor for me here. 

Thank you for partnering with me in what God has planned for radically changing the way we do daily life in west palm and beyond! For the lives that will be reached through the boldness and confidence in our relationships with Jesus Christ. Thank you for supporting and encouraging me. I am SO BLESSED by the body of believers I get to write to and share these praises with. I’m so thankful for the blood of Jesus Christ that saved us, and has given us eternal life so that things of this world can be beautifully enjoyed but never our true home. 

Thank you for being apart of this kingdom team the Lord has brought together, how worthy is He of all our praise! 

Expectantly running, 

Morgan :) 

Acts 20:24