May 20, 2024

Make The Tikkun - Fix The Sin

The ARIZAL¹ wrote in his Sefer, Shaar Ruach HaKodesh, exactly how many fasts are required in order to fix each sin as part of a person's TeShuva. The Hebrew work Tikkun means to fix.

If a person has the strength and willpower to fast from before sunrise until nightfall the number of times required, they can and should fast. 


— Replacing Doing Countless Fasts With Money Donated For Torah. 

In this generation, most people find it very difficult to fast. Instead of Fasting, a person can donate the cost of daily eating towards the Torah teachings directly related to their sin.  Some Sages have stated that it's best to fast at least 1 time (for 25 hours) and then replace the rest of the required fasts with donations (Tzedaka/Ma'aser/Chomesh). 

How To Calculate?

If the cost of food for an average day is $5, a person would multiply this $5 by the number of fast days they need to fast for that sin. 


THIS DOES NOT MAKE SINNING PERMISSIBLE, But Rather Is There To Make A TIKKUN For The Past Mistakes. 

The Arizal's prescribed fasts required for Tikkun:

Eating without a Blessing:                                       3 Fasts

Intimacy with Unmarried Jewish Woman:             40 Fasts 

Intimacy with a woman who is Niddah:                82 Fasts

Wasting Seed:                                                       84 Fasts

Homosexuality:                                                   233 Fasts

Intimacy w/ Goya:                                              216 Fasts