Statistics & Videos October 14, 2019

    DID YOU KNOW that suicide deaths outrank homicide deaths? More people die from suicide than from homicide, wars & natural disasters combined. Yet over 90% of suicides can be prevented! That means lives can be saved, IF we know what signs to watch out for and what to do about it. For every completed suicide, 20 more are likely to attempt suicide. Every single suicide can effect countless people, often leaving friends and family with unbearable loss, remorse, survivor's guilt, and questions which will never be answered. Yet, why do we give large attention every time there is a death by homicide yet very little attention to suicide?

    The truth is that 90% of suicides are preventable, but only if people know what signs to look for and how to provide help. The problem is, no one talks about it and there is too little education about it. There is an overwhelming stigma around this topic that makes it taboo. That is what we are here to change. It's not easy changing society. We need help. Your help makes all the difference.

    Have you ever lost someone, or know of someone who has been affected by suicide? What about someone who is struggling with mental health? The numbers have been rising, and we are trying to bring them down.

    With your support, Breaking Taboo can reach more people and prevent more tragedies for those who suffer in silence. Your donation is tax-deductible through the our wonderful 501c3 nonprofit fiscal tax sponsor, the Social Good Fund. They screen everything to make sure all of our donated money is used for charitable purposes. There is no reason not to make a difference. You can save a life right now. You can be apart of the change. Please make a generous gift today!

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