Up and Coming October 27, 2019

Want purpose? Life? and Identity? He is waiting for you, and "He" is Jesus.

Worship. . . That is what God has created us to live during out time in this world. Within us there is a desire for something greater. There are just not a lot of things that really cause us to feel an overwhelming of satisfaction and assurance. Whether successful or not, we desire to be filled; we are empty vessels. Relationship is what we were created into but not just with mankind, but mainly with Jesus Christ. I don't believe in Jesus, I know Jesus. It is not a belief but an assurance. I have been created to change this world in the areas and lives that Jesus takes me to. With God, nothing is impossible. 

Recently, God has been teaching me on being audacious and i am trying to learn what He shows but audacity is a landing strip for Jesus to move. We have lived in this world of darkness, pain, struggle, depression, brokenness, sickness, etc for too long; and we are now in a point that we welcome it and give it a place to rest within our lives. That ends today, Jesus opened a way for His children to be free from it all and live in peace, assurance, identity, hope, healing, light, love, freedom, etc. Do you desire to accept?

It is not Christianity, islam, buddhism, hinduism, universalism, catholicism or anything else because that is all man-made. This is relationship with Jesus Christ and a full surrender of your life and full obedience. God is good, and your job is to obey and live in relationship. The glory is His and the power is His. There is not yin-yang because nobody has anywhere as much power as Him. It is God and God alone.

Receive the healing Jesus is offering and trust Him. He lives, and because of that you can too.

As I continue to live in God's audacious call for my life, I present to you this offer... Not all people are called to go out to the nations because God has brought the nations to you right where you are; God specifically told me he created me to be sent which is why I am going. My question to you is, would you come? I am in need of people to come with me to bring the kingdom of God, freedom of Christ, and hope to where He is leading me. I am in need of people to partner with me financially in order to help me be funded to go and fulfill what God is calling. Join me!

I am trusting God to provide $1,000 a month from the combined partnering of multiple senders (that's you). This amount will cover for transportation, room and board, meals, and give the opportunity to bless others as well as fund my going into other regions whether on outreach or as God calls. God has called me into the a dream that I would have never imagined and I am preparing for that now. Join me!

I need people to join in releasing funds to bless others, and in prayer because it is what causes breakthroughs. Join me!

My call to you is simple. This call is not from me but from God, would you be audacious enough to commit to monthly financial gifts and become part of something greater than yourself. A move of God.

The process is easy and can be done through various avenues. You may do so through, TransferWisePayPalVenmoCash App, or LovesCalling International.

Partner With Me!

Partnering financially is not a loss on your end, but an investment in the kingdom of God and the transformation of lives. The truth is, you have been given the opportunity to live in light and live in freedom. Not all people have. This is not a feeling I have or something I want to do for fun. This is the life God has called me into that brings absolute fulfillment and a joy that is unshakeable. JOIN ME IN THIS!

How can I serve you?

How can I be here to serve you? A church is not a building, but a people. People help people, how may I help?

"For the one whom God has sent speaks the words of God, for God gives the Spirit without limit.”
John 3:34