Marriage and Missions October 05, 2020

Marriage & Missions

It’s the beauty of scripture being fulfilled that brings a revelation of Jesus to the believer. If you are familiar with the voice of The Lord then you understand what I mean when I say that scripture fulfilled in one’s own life ushers in God’s presence in a measure not able to be grasped with the mind. 

Proverbs 18:22 reads, “He who finds a wife find a good thing, and obtains favor from the Lord.” Ladies and gentlemen, on September 13th, 2020, I, Christopher Steven Quiñones ,have stepped into the fulfillment of this scripture. It all began in the Kurdish Region of Northern Iraq, when both Nina Caroline Quiñones (my wife) and I (me) found ourselves serving in a place that we ‘were not’ supposed to be serving in. Simply put, the fact that we both found ourselves present in that region was all due to a series of plans that ‘fell through’ and a simple yes to a suggestion from above to be there at that moment in time. At least that’s how it seemed to us, but I think God knew what He was stirring up. When you are running with God, focusing on Him fully, it is amazing to look right beside you and realize He has brought someone with the same calling, same purpose and desires. That is the gift of marriage. 

It was during a weekly worship meeting that my future wife and I met. I also had the opportunity to meet her family. Funny enough, at first Nina and I did not like each other. We blame our getting together on Nina’s mother, who prayed and fasted for me, as she already “loved me as a son”, as she puts it. Over the course of a year, Nina and I found ourselves back in Kurdistan. Only this time, more mature, walking in deeper obedience and distracted by the Love and voice of Jesus. It was Jesus that was playing matchmaker and led Nina to make the first move after giving her a specific word. This caused me to take time in prayer and hear a similar word to step into this together. Following some time in prayer and fasting, a few weeks into our relationship, God spoke about coming to the United States to spend time with family and GET MARRIED! Truly He has been leading us since the beginning.

Soooo, that we did. September 13th, 2020 Nina and I were overjoyed to step into this beautiful and holy covenant of marriage together. It has led us to encounter a new level of presence as we now have stepped into the love that Jesus operated in as He came for His bride. What I am most excited about in this marriage is to continually receive revelation of Jesus’ love for His bride (the church) and be able to reciprocate that to my beautiful bride. It is through the reading of scripture and as I see what Jesus did for His own bride that I am now starting to understand what love really is. Truly, nothing compares to this type of love. For the first time in my life, as I walk with Jesus, I have the opportunity to understand the unconditional love that led Him to descend, live for, die for and resurrect for His greatest love on earth, the bride of Christ. And every moment I have a revelation of His love, I am drawn to love Nina in the same way, and I am able to understand and receive that very love for myself. It truly is a great mystery but one that is so worth it. 

Moving forward, we are taking some time to wait on the Lord as we press in for vision and raise support here in the US. We are trusting for $3000/ mo as a married couple in the field. 

We have a few things brewing that The Lord has been placing on our hearts heavily. From what can be shared, God has placed serving in various locations in the Middle East. What this practically looks like is serving in refugee camps- health clinics, running projects with our orphans and widows, connecting with locals through sports and language learning, women’s ministry and pouring into the local believers. It is an exciting time for the Middle East, as we believe that God is shaking the entire region. Our next door neighbor is the fastest growing Christian nation in the world. 

God has also placed reviving the church in Spain on our hearts , termed as the “preachers graveyard,” but as you know, there is nothing impossible for God. We have not been released for this yet, but trust that God is going to bring healing physically and spiritually to the land. Over the past few visits to Spain, I noticed a significant number of locals in wheelchairs, crutches and casts. When I asked to pray for healings, God said “not yet”. Although it is not time yet, are excited and expectant for what is coming. Revival is coming to Spain and Europe! 

On a daily basis, I am improving my skills with the guitar to lead worship with my wife as she continues to receive songs from the Lord and grow in the gift of prophecy. Our desire is to become so saturated in the Holy Spirit that it is a continual first love leading to accidental signs, wonders and miracles resulting in the Kingdom growing. Our heart is to see the lost return home. To know Him and to make Him known is our greatest desire, but at the moment, falling deeper in love with Him is our focus as we continue to encounter and see what love truly is in the context of marriage.

We are also visiting churches here in the US, advocating on behalf of the refugees who Jesus loves so much, as well as encouraging the local church. Over this next season, that will be a major focus for us, before we head back to the field. It is incredible to see the bride catch fire! 

Although we have been married for a short period, what we have learned is great: Love one another sacrificially, serve one another with all your heart, be devoted to one another and present at all times. Always choose to love each other no matter the circumstances, and enjoy what the Lord has brought together because no man can separate its If God is calling you into marriage, it is an honor and for His purposes. You are going to advance His kingdom together. Trust that He is in the center and get ready for a great adventure!