UPDATE April 2020 April 20, 2020

Hi my name is Bonny Saha and I am a YWAM (Youth With a Mission) missionary. I was also born in India within a hindu family and over the course of my late teen years, whilst living in the middle east. I came to know the LORD through a counsellor, who took the risk of speaking to young man dealing with depression about Jesus. 


This initial encounter with the counsellor led me to read the Bible. At that time, I was 17 yrs old and was struggling with depression due to religious practices based in Hinduism.  This began a journey, where I got captivated by Jesus and all His miracles. It was also during this time in my life, that I first visited a Church in the middle east with my counsellor friend. 


I can still remember it was nothing quite like anything I had ever experienced before. People seemed to really happy and there was this joy amongst the teenagers that I not seen before. This intrigued me even more and led me to dig deeper into knowing who Jesus was.


The more I dug deeper, through reading the Bible and praying the Psalms, I started to encounter the joy and the very presence of God. Depression started to leave me and found myself being full of joy and there was this deep assurance in me that I had a relationship with God and that He was more real than even my parents, who I could see physically!


During this time, I began the journey of struggling to convince my family about God and also feeling the stress and strain of an unhealthy atmosphere at my home, because my family was not onboard with me going to Church and even calling myself a Christian. This led me to have a God answer and I found myself move to the UK from the middle east 12 years ago.


Currently, at 31, I am a YWAM missionary who is undertaking a Missionary Bible School with YWAM in Kansas City. Called SBS (School of Biblical Studies). This is a nine-month training program where you study the entire Bible in depth and understand context, historical narrative and how each book of the Bible can speak personally to us.


God has been speaking so deeply to me about the joy and importance of vulnerability, tenderness and kindness in my life. I deeply desire to be able to train people in the word, where they can meet the living God and have revelations that transforms their heart and brings about a passion to serve God and serve people in their local context. 


God has given me a passion and a vision, to travel in missions to the middle east and the Himalayas to set up Bible training and see local believers being empowered to know God through encountering Him in worship and in the word. So they can be empowered by God to lead others to God in the frontier nations.


Some might call these the hardest and darkest regions for the Gospel. But our God is able to break through the hardest hearts and the strongest persecution. 


As a YWAM missionary, I am able to do missions through the Levitical priestly model of the generosity, love and kind support of believers and friends who believe in the vision of God for me and partnering to see the great commission be fulfilled.


Due to the current Covid-19 widespread issue, I am in need to raise financial support that earlier was supposed to come from India. God has been speaking to me about partnering with His people to see His vision come to being.


I would love to ask you, if you would like to prayerfully consider being my missions’ partner. Not just with your generosity and kindness in finances. But also, through your unrelenting prayers of strength and courage for me. I believe that the work of missions is built on relationships and friendships among believers who partner together.


In order for me to continue with my training I need raise $1000. This will help me pay for my time in training and being supported with meals and essentials. Would you consider giving to a missionary in training.

Update November 2019- Sonny Baha November 05, 2019

For the last 8 months, I have been training and serving with YWAM. An international, missionary organisation. I trained in missions work. I also visited the Himalayas earlier this year for a few months. Where God encountered people, with healing's and salvation's.

I left for the Himalayas uncertain of what my future held. I returned with a deep desire to go back to the nations. To preach and teach the Gospel.

For years, I spent time working in IT. Not knowing much fulfilment. I even struggled with hopelessness. But ever since following God in missions. I have a new hope, a new joy and a new sense of purpose.

I now know God is calling me to the mission field. To bring the Good News of Jesus in words and demonstration of power.

God is calling me next to train in His word. So that I can follow Him and know Him more. And from there, to take the word and teach in the nations. Thailand and Himalayas are close to my heart. I am also looking for opportunities in the Middle East.

In order for me to step into obedience with what God is calling me to do. I must raise a ministry support of £700 a month for the next two years. This is to cover my living, food, missions and training costs.

I also realise I cannot do any of this. Without the support of friends who believe in me. Who believe in what God is calling me to do.

Leeanne, I would love to invite you to pray and see if God is leading you to be my missions partner. Would you consider supporting me monthly with any amount, God is leading you to. For the next 1 year or 2 years.

I would love to chat with you further. To share the passion God is laying on my heart and to answer any questions you may have.

Thank you so much for your time. I would love to receive your feedback.

God bless,