November 20, 2019

  1. Tools: Peer-to-Peer + Donation
  2. Use the provided official graphics for Giving Tuesday for Campaign Thumbnail and any other graphic areas.
  3. Hosted Site Appearance:
    1. Colors, Fonts, Background:
      1. Background image: use provided background image
      2. Main Button: 34477B, Action Button: BD2539, Progress Bar: BD2539
      3. Panel Opacity: 100%
    2. Header: Color: 292929; Opacity: 24%
    3. Homepage Elements: Order of visible homepage elements: Goal, Call-to-Action Bar, About, Links, Peer-to-Peer Teams, Peer-to-Peer Individuals, Express Donations, Comments, Activity, Mailing List Form. ***All other elements, set to hide.
    4. Footer: Color: 27365e, Font Color: ffffff, Footer Opacity: 100
  4. Campaign Settings
    1. Add a goal and show the progress bar. End Date = 11/29/2017