Thank You for Your Support as I Race Walk to Rio! July 22, 2016

Dear Supporters,

I want to first start off by saying THANK YOU! Going to the Olympics has been a long awaited moment, and I cannot believe it has finally come. It has taken years of relentless hard work and patience, and thanks to your support; I was able to make my dream of becoming an Olympian come true. Words alone cannot express the gratitude I have for all of you.

This season has been so positive, and has helped keep the five ring fever burning. It began with a huge PB that made me the 2 nd fastest American ever in the 20km race walk, and then I was 1 st American finisher at the Race Walk World Championships in Italy. I finished at that race with my fastest time yet at a big Championship. Just a week after that race I secured my 5 th consecutive 15km National Champion title. Finally, I was able to punch my ticket and rejoice in the fact that I was going to be competing in Rio. My hopes are to excel and keep up this great streak in Rio.

Leading up to Rio, there is a lot of preparation. I have been planning my travel to Rio de Janeiro, working with my coach on my training plan, obtain the necessary equipment I need and receiving medical treatment to prevent injury. I also have had to increase my treatment of seeing trainers, doctors, massage therapists, and chiropractors to a couple more times a week. Your donations have really helped with these appointments and paying for an extra gym membership to gain access to a pool.

I have not been working the past two months in order to gear up for the trials and for Rio and I am solely relying on my saving at this point to get me through Rio. When the games are over I will be looking to work much more. I am going give it everything I have on race day. I want to represent the Team USA and my home to the best of my ability. I have been working hard to keep my fitness and prepare myself for what may lie ahead. All of my hard work training is still with me from this year, and I have been relentless in my strength and cross training. I feel very confident that I am heading in the right direction to excel at the Olympic Games.

Thank you for believing in me, and helping bring me to this moment. Nothing will ever compare, and I know my success in largely in part due to your generosity. This journey has always been a group effort, and I thank you for being part of that amazing support family.

Truly yours,

Miranda Melville


An Update from Miranda Melville May 06, 2016

In the past April has been a month of exhaustion for me. I often find myself starting to feel a bit over worked and over tired. However, this year I have felt very good. Perhaps I am wiser now and have found ways to take care of myself and recover properly, or perhaps I am just stronger now that I am older. I found myself taking each workout and each repeat one at a time. Constantly gaging how I felt as if I was waiting for the other shoe to drop. So far it hasn't.

Thanks to my wonderful supporters I have trained in Germany for a week to help become acquainted with the 9 hour time difference from California. It was a tad colder than usual in Germany from what I was used to in sunny southern California. Those first days my heart rate was higher and I needed to stretch longer and more often. By the end of the week I was feeling more like myself.

I arrived with my fellow Team USA members in Italy on 5/3, 5 days before racing in the IAAF World Racewalking Team Championship in Rome, Italy. 

Those 5 days can feel like a lot until you have just 48 hrs. before the race and you are mentally battling off race jitters. Each day more teams arrive from other countries. The joys of seeing far away friends and enjoying a new culture is quickly fleeting as we all prepare for our races. I am lucky to have the support I have, and I remind myself of this often. Sometimes when I am nervous I think of how fortunate I am to have the opportunities that I do. I remind myself that failure in my eyes is not in others, and that no matter what happens on race day, those who love me most will always love me.

It is time to focus now, and what better way to do so in Rome than to watch the movie Gladiator!

Thank you to all of my friends, family, and supporters. I have what people should treasure most in life and for me that is to do something I love while experiencing the love of those who believe in me.


Miranda will compete with over 100 other walkers at the IAAF World Racewalking Team Championship in Rome, Italy in the Women's 20km races on 5/7/2016 beginning at 12:30am EST.