A Video Update from Jamie May 23, 2016

A video has been posted to Facebook by Jamie giving an update on his progress. Jamie wrote, "Hey Everyone, I just want to give you a quick update. Today marks the 4th week from my surgery. Thank you for the prayers. ?#?MuchLove?". Click here to watch on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/madhops245/posts/10153745081203512

An aggregate post of all updates remains at the following link on AthleteBiz to share and continue to spread the word for Jamie's recovery effort: https://www.athletebiz.us/blog/jamie-nieto-update/

VIDEO: Jamie Trying to Stand May 06, 2016

A video has been posted to YouTube of Jamie trying to stand with the assistance of his recovery team: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4ZkDhgzIoKY

An aggregate post of all updates remains at the following link on AthleteBiz to share and continue to spread the word for Jamie's recovery effort: https://www.athletebiz.us/blog/jamie-nieto-update/

Thank you for your continued support and words of encouragement!

Jamie Nieto moving out of the ICU today! May 03, 2016

I am happy to report that Jamie has progressed and is stable enough now to be moved out of the intensive care unit and is being moved to the Rancho Los Amigos Rehabilitation Center. His spirits couldn’t be higher as he feels this is the next step on the road to recovery. The center at the Ranch is one of the best in the country. He will rehab 3 times per day with a very aggressive program… perfect for an athlete.

His function has continued to improve. His finger movement hasn’t returned yet but he has been able to feed himself using a spoon taped to his hand. This shows much better strength and coordination compared to just days ago. He is now able to move his legs with more ease while seated in the bed. The doctors had him sit up on the edge of his bed today so that he can start to relearn balance. He was able to do this but it was exhausting work. But as challenging as things are, Jamie continues to devote himself to improving every day and working hard at getting back to his normal self.

Thanks very much for the continued support and for keeping Jamie in your prayers. Expect to have a video update from Jamie in the next 24 hours as he embarks on the official rehab process from Rancho Los Amigos.

Kind Regards,

Paul Doyle

Video Update from Jamie, posted to Facebook by Eric Willis April 27, 2016

Hello Everyone

Apologies that the video did not come through in the last email. I have placed the link directly to the Facebook video and post below, as well as an aggregated update on AthleteBiz. We appreciate your continued support and encouragement for Jamie!

Click here to view the video/post on Facebook

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Jamie Nieto Update April 26, 2016

Jamie Nieto Update

Hi everyone, thanks so much for all your donations for Jamie and especially the positive comments. Jamie is having the comments read to him and they are truly making a difference. I know a lot of people have been asking for information on Jamie and his progress and there have also been many questions about what had happened initially, so I am going to do my best to explain everything.

The injury

Jamie was coaching his group of jumpers at Azusa Pacific University and at the completion of training they were doing back flips. Initially on the HJ pit, then on the ground. Most of you probably remember this was Jamie’s signature move. After every competition, good or bad, Jamie would wave to the crowd and do a back flip or back handspring.

While doing one of these back flips, something happened and he didn’t complete the rotation and landed on his head. He fell to the ground and was immediately paralyzed. He couldn’t feel his body and was having difficulty breathing. 911 was called and EMT’s arrived rather quickly on the scene. Understanding the severity, the helicopter was called to the track where he was airlifted to USC Trauma Center. While in the helicopter, Jamie was put on a ventilator to help him breathe. On arrival to the trauma center they moved Jamie almost immediately into the MRI machine to assess the damage. Just before the MRI, Jamie started to regain feeling in his hands and in his feet. He still couldn’t move any of his limbs and his breathing was still labored.

The MRI Results/Surgery

The results showed no breakage of the spine and no cuts in the spinal cord, but the C3 and C4 vertebrae had been compressed and the disc between them had been forced forward into the spinal cord. They decided to operate and remove the disc. They had to enter the neck from the front to access the disc and remove it. They also fused the spine together at C3-C4. The surgery was a success and now Jamie is fighting through the rehab process.


The progress Jamie is making is definitely positive. He is able to breathe more comfortably now, he is swallowing liquids and soft foods now. His movement is coming back slowly. At last check this morning (Tues 4/26) he was able to shrug his shoulders and lift his forearm. He still didn’t have movement of his fingers but he was able to lift his arm with more strength and control than the day before. His lower body has feeling and he can recruit and fire the muscles but he has no movement yet. He has been able to squeeze the legs together. The outlook remains positive that Jamie can still make a full recovery. He is working hard to get back, approaching these movements like you’d expect an athlete would doing reps in the weight room.

Please keep the support and words of encouragement coming in. Believe me, Jamie is humbled and honored by all the support he is receiving.

Thank you,

Paul Doyle