Tustin Mayor's Celebration Plans Moving Forward June 16, 2020

Hello again. 

      I'm reaching out to let you know that the Tustin Community Foundation will still be hosting the Tustin Mayor's Celebration honoring Mayor Allan Bernstein this year.  We are currently investigating the appropriate time to hold this fun event under COVID restrictions.  As soon as we know the date, time and place(s) we will let you know.  All of us at the Foundation are looking forward to celebrating our Mayor and our wonderful community while raising funds for our 2020 Community Grant Fund.  Grants to local nonprofit organizations and schools are more important than ever this year. I thank you for your patience and will be in touch as soon as our details are firm.

       Most Sincerely,

       Erin Nielsen

       Tustin Community Foundation

Tustin Mayor's Celebration Postponed Again April 10, 2020

Hello again,


Thank you for being a
part of our wonderful Tustin community.  First and most importantly, I
hope this email finds you and your family safe and well.  As you probably
assume, the 16th annual Tustin Mayor's Celebration honoring
Mayor Allan Bernstein has again been postponed until it is safe for us to
gather.  When our community gets through this temporary season of COVID,
there will be many reasons to celebrate.


The Mayor's Dinner has been the Foundation's largest fundraiser and although it has been postponed, TCF must
continue to pursue our goal of raising funds to support Tustin’s actual and
most pressing needs. As you can guess, needs in our community continue to
increase at an alarming rate and local organizations and community members are turning to us for


The Tustin Community
Foundation established a COVID-19 Local Response Fund 
address the immediate and longer-term needs of Tustin's most vulnerable residents who will be impacted by the Coronavirus. Our top priortity at
this time is assisting nonprofits serving our vulnerable populations with basic
needs (food and living expenses) related to job layoffs and/or unemployment.

We already know that the
needs generated by this pandemic will exceed our available funds and we again
ask for your support.  
Please click HERE if you would like to
donate to the COVID-19 Tustin Reponse FundA donation of any
amount, when added with others, will make a huge impact.
  100% of your
donation will be passed on immediately to organizations working hard in our
community.  The donations we have already passed on have purchased food to help ensure that our Tustin families and seniors are fed.  The number of Tustin families in in need continues to rise and we are blessed to live in a community that steps up to help.


Thank you for your
support during this challenging time for our organization and our community as
a whole.  All of us at the Tustin Community Foundation look forward to the
evening when we can celebrate Mayor Bernstein and the community we care so much


Most sincerely,

Erin Nielsen

Update to the Update about the new date for the Mayor's Dinner (New Date 5/15) March 13, 2020

We are changing the new date of the postponed Mayor's Dinner honoring Mayor Allan Bernstein to Friday, May 15? because we discovered that the Teacher of the Year Dinner, another very important and fun Tustin event,  is being held on the 5/8.

I personally apologize for the inconvenience changing the date you already changed and I hope you are still able to join us. It will be a very busy May in our community.

Thank you for your understanding.

Most sincerely,

Erin Nielsen

Tustin Community Foundation

Tustin Mayor's Celebration Postponed until Friday, May 8th March 12, 2020

To safeguard against COVID-19, and the spread of the 2019 novel coronavirus, the Mayor's Dinner and Celebration has been postponed until Friday, May 8, 2020.  Please mark your calendar and plan to attend. Same location ... Same time ... Same band ... Same fun!  If you made reservations for others, please make them aware of this change.

Thank you very much for understanding. We will keep you informed of any new information.  Feel free to contact Erin Nielsen at or 714-393-8506 with questions.

Most sincerely,

Emily Grant, Dinner Chairperson

Erin Nielsen, Tustin Community Foundation

Mayor Allan Bernstein, City of Tustin