November 30, 2021

Dear Supporter,

This GivingTuesday will you consider making an end of year gift of time and hope to women living with low grade serous ovarian cancer?  As you know this specific ovarian cancer is hard to treat and disproportionately affects younger women. 

STAAR Ovarian Cancer is the only US-based non-profit dedicated to low-grade serous ovarian cancer.

STAAR exists to advocate for and raise funds for research specifically on the LGSC sub-type of ovarian cancer.  We focus on raising research funding to extend the lives of women diagnosed with low-grade ovarian cancer and we work with our global  non-profit partner to identify and fund the most relevant research proposals to expand treatment options.  We are determined to improve the lives of women with low-grade serous carcinoma ovarian cancer.  Past gifts helped us fund a project in 2021 at MD Anderson Cancer Center along with our global partner Cure our Ovarian Cancer.

Join us again and give today to help us fund another LGSC research project.


As always, we thank you for your support.

STAAR Ovarian Cancer Foundation