Savannah gained her wings February 20, 2020

Savannah gained her angel wing on 1.2.18 at 5:38 pm peacefully in her sleep.  

Update from John February 20, 2020

Official Update from John JC 9-14-18:

Marily has had a long fight with breast cancer. The tumors on her brain have started affecting her memory, eye sight and thoughts. Some days are great. Come days are confusing. Some days are a blur. Marily has decided to enter hospice care (9-12-18) to focus her time with her family and friends. She will try while brain radiation to relive pain. This will not extend her time but hopefully help with less pain on a daily basis. Please keep in mind if you visit, it will be fine one minute and not the next or she may be sleep. Just respect that she is sleeping and pop in for a quick prayer and love to her for your visit.

With the changes Marily will be going through please reach out to John via email at [email protected] or [email protected] This will help with keeping up to date with what she may need or even to visit. (she sometimes ask mulitple people for simliar things and 7 of the same thigns show up)

There is no certain timeline as that is only between her and God. Each day is another day with her.

Please consider signing up for her mealtrain

or through her campaign that is set up for her through Pink Warrior Angels. Those funds will go directly to the family.

Please continue to share her story and memories with her. Thank you for your continued prayers and support.

Breast Cancer month February 20, 2020

This breast cancer month has been one that isnt focused on all the pink but more of purple in honor of Marily.  The Stephensville, TX community and Tarleton State University have ralled around the Considine Family to make memories we will all remember forever.  Thank you to each and everyone of you that have made an impact on this amazing family.  

Follow the Team Marily on Facebook for up to date information and a place to share your pictures with the Considine Family. 

from Marily:

Team Marily 5K. Thank you Pink Warrior Angels and everyone who volunteered, donated, and participated in the Team Marily 5K. We were blessed to have lots of family members, friends, fellow breast cancer survivors, former professors of mine, former dance coaches of mine, Texan Stars, Plowboys, ROTC, Cadets, Purple Poo, former co-workers, and lots of wonderful people. It was a great event and I am so thankful to everyone who was there. It was a wonderful morning! Love y’all! ???????? #stage4needsmore#prayingforamiraclecure