It's a must read! A fantastic new issue just hit the streets! May 25, 2020

A fantastic new issue just hit the streets!  Cover story:  100 Years of Women's Votes:  A Q & A with Miranda Fraley who curated "Ratified! Tennessee Women and the Right to Vote!"   More news on how our people experiencing homelessness are handling Covid as well as how the nonprofits have rebooted, and some of your favorite vendor writers, horoscopes and Joe Nolan movie review.  Read it here:  thecontributorlive!

New Digital Edition! May 04, 2020

How are the homeless in Nashville experiencing the shelter at the Nashville Fairgrounds during the pandemic?   Do Nashville children born in poverty have a chance to make it out?  Our reporting on the Community Needs Evaluation, plus Hoboscopes, Nolan's movie review and your favorite vendor writers:  Mary B, Norma and Vicky.  All inside this weeks Digital Edition here

Thank you for supporting the men and women who sell The Contributor, working hard to improve their quality of life and climb out of homelessness!