Please Vote Nashville! July 21, 2022

In This Issue:

For the Aug. 4 Election, The Contributor teamed up with Please Vote Nashville to create a guide of offices and candidates. Since its inception, Please Vote Nashville’s goal has been to provide information on every candidate on the ballot. The ballot breakdown also gives a description of the office to give voters a sense of what exactly the candidate should do in the job.

Early voting begins July 15 and runs through July 30. Visit for more information on where to vote.

House Keys, Not Handcuffs! July 06, 2022

In This Issue:

New Issue of The Contributor! June 22, 2022


New Beginnings: Jessica Willis Fisher pushes forward June 08, 2022

In This Issue:

- Jessica Willis Fisher on her newest album, Brand New Day.

- Beloved priest and community activist Father Joseph Breen dies at 87.

- Judith Tackett breaks down Nashville's Point in Time Count.

- Bobby Watts, CEO for the National Healthcare for the Homeless Council discusses racial equity and diversity efforts in under-served communities.

- Councilmember John Rutherford of District 31 answers some questions about issues in his district.

- Philip Holsinger's immersive portrait of Nashville debuts at Chauvet Arts.

- Find out what the starts have in store for you in this issue's Hoboscopes.

- Vendors write about, Housing, Guns, The Eagles, and The Generosity of People.

- If you been binging Stranger Things (or if you've thought about it!) Joe Nolan gives his thoughts on the 4th Season. (Available now on Netflix!)

In this Issue: Between Shame and Hope: One Family's story with Substance Use Disorder May 23, 2022

Megan Barry, our keynote speaker at this year's Contributor Breakfast,  shares her family's story and insights she has gained surrounding substance use disorder in this issue.

Norma B gives us a playlist for a successful sales day here.

And suggestions for soothing rising climate anxiety from our sister INSP publication here.

Thanks for reading and buy a paper copy from your local vendor before the new issue is released this week!  

In This Issue: The Contributor responds to the TN Legislature April 28, 2022

In this issue:

- The Tennessee General Assembly's latest move to criminalize homelessness could be challenged in court.

- Vendors Paul A. and Vicky B. weigh in on SB1610 and Norma B. recounts her night seeing Garth Brooks at the Grand Ole Opry.

- Ridley Wills II explains the history of the Nashville Gas Light Company in this week's Nashville History Corner.

- Learn More About: Emergency Solutions Grant - COVID spending for homelessness. (If you like charts and graphs, this story is for you!)

- Contributor writer Judith Tackett also writes up her conversation with Councilmember Gloria Hausser of District 22.


- If you're a fan of Twin Peaks, you might be interested in this Moving Pictures column by film writer Joe Nolan on the David Lynch's sad, strange Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me.

- And of course, don't miss Hoboscopes, an INSP story about "Skate Gals" and a photo spread of local activism.

Register Now!! Contributor Spring Breakfast and Vendor Awards!! April 07, 2022

A morning you won't soon forget!  We are so excited to say The Breakfast is ON! May 11, 7 AM.  Join us as we celebrate our Top 15 Contributor newspaper vendors as they are honored for their achievements!!!  It's a special day for sure.   And we are pleased to announce our Keynote Speaker will be Megan Barry, her topic- Between Shame and Hope:  One Family's Story of Substance Use Disorder.  Please rsvp at to reserve your free spot. Reserve a table for 8 and sit with your friends!  Special thanks to Belmont University for sponsoring the event so we can honor our neighbors experiencing homelessness and all of their hard work!

See you at the Awards!!!

Cathy Jennings

Executive Director

Reflections on a cold winter for the unhoused March 02, 2022

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In this issue:

- Our executive director Cathy Jennings candidly writes about the cold weather shelter season in Nashville — where it thrived and faltered. 

- To bid farewell as staff writer at The Contributor, writer Hannah Herner writes an essay of her reflections, and shares her favorite vendor spotlights. 

- A history corner on the smallest village

- A Q and A with council member Emily Benedict, District 7. 

- Read a review on an Oscar contender that looks at homelessness that you can watch at the Belcourt! 

- Vendors write about faith and love, standout customers, and moving up

Check out our Black History Month issue! February 16, 2022

In this issue: 

- Our cover story looks at Tennessee State Museum tours that center Black experiences. 

- Dave talks music in his vendor spotlight. 

- Columnist Barbara explains why we celebrate Black History Month. 

- We learn how Black cartographers mapped racism. 

- Learn why and how we do a Point-in-Time count of those who are unhoused.  

- Read a Q and A with District 32 councilperson Joy Styles

- Hear about recovery courts in a Q and A with Kevin Batts. 

- Our film columnist makes award show predictions

- Vendors write about the Pittsburgh Steelers, acts of kindness, and suggestions for the city.

February is here! And so is a new issue of The Contributor. February 02, 2022

In this issue:

- Our cover story from International Network of Street Papers 

- The third installment of history corner on Nashville's water systems. 

- Daniel, an artist who designed some wrapping paper for us is the vendor spotlight!

- We remember David Burke, a longtime vendor who passed late last year. 

- Judith Tackett, formerly head of Metro Homeless Impact Division, interviews council member Ginny Welsch. 

- When school buildings closed, homeless families fell off the radar. Now MNPS must find them again.

- Our film critic takes a look at HBO Max comedy show, "Moses Storm: Trash White." 

Read the full issue here. 

Jimmie Allen is our Contributor cover star! January 19, 2022

In this issue: 

- CMA Artist of the Year Jimmie Allen talks to The Contributor about giving back and his own struggles with housing insecurity. 

- Charles is ready to challenge you to a game of pool in his vendor spotlight. 

- We learn about Nashville's second water system in the latest history corner column!

- We get the redistricting scoop from Tennessee Lookout. 

- MNPS helps exceptional education students adjust from the year away. 

- Vendors write about organ donation, baseball, and personal journeys with homelessness. 

- Our film critic reviews the Belcourt's latest Music City Monday!

Read the full issue here. 

The first issue of 2022! January 10, 2022

?Better late than never — hope you've had a chance to get this issue from a vendor near you! 

In this issue:

- Kenneth tells about his faith in the vendor spotlight! 

- Our history corner column looks at Nashville's first water system. 

- We talked with Deon Trotter, who is showing landlords how they can help the homeless in Nashville. 

- And we supplied a list of 10 ways to give back to the city this year! 

- Our film critic reviews the sleeper hit of the Belcourt Theatre season. 

Read the full issue here. 

PLUS: some lovely poems are sprinkled throughout the issue — all written by Contributor vendors! 

Thank you from the Contributor vendors, volunteers and staff! December 31, 2021

??As the year closes, my heart is filled to the brim with gratitude for the people who touch my life.  I am lucky to know our vendors- hardworking, determined, quirky and some of the most generous folks I know.  I know many of you feel the same way because I am always amazed, every year, as the contributions come in.  Thank you.  We have a passionate group of staff and volunteers who believe in our neighbors experiencing homelessness and poverty, and work so they have every available opportunity for a better quality of life. 

May you and yours be blessed with health and happiness.  Thank you for being part of our Contributor family.

My very best,

Cathy Jennings

Executive Director

Read the final issue of 2021 December 22, 2021

It's our final issue of 2021! Inside you'll find:  

- History on how Belle Meade decided to do its own thing.

- Positive changes for the cold weather shelter, and a push for more access. 

- Looking at how we can keep better data around homeless mortality with Rachel Biggs. 

- We share obituaries of Contributor vendors we lost this year. 

- Leaders across faiths team up to make sure all the dead have a service. 

-Celebrating 75 years of "It's a Wonderful Life" 

- Vendors write about meaningful gifts, pillows, and the year in review.  

Read the full issue here

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New wrapping paper issue in vendors' hands today! December 08, 2021

In this issue:

- Vendors write about memorable customers and the cold weather shelter. 

- We look at the challenges in end-of-life care for those experiencing homelessness. 

- Our film critic gives a recommendation for a mountaineering documentary on Netflix! 

Read the full issue here. 

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The first wrapping paper edition is here! November 24, 2021

You may notice that this issue is a bit shorter — that's because we had to leave room for two sheets of wrapping paper! Check our social media @thecontributor to see the designs! 

In this issue: 

- We hear about how Mario came full circle

- Norma shares her love for Garth Brooks

- Context on the much-talked-about Brookmeade encampment

- How Rapid Rehousing works to get people housed in Nashville. 

- Toms take the spotlight with a review on Tommy Womack's new album and a review on Tom Petty's documentary

Read the full issue here. 

NEW CONTRIBUTOR -- the old and new of the city's cold weather shelter plan November 10, 2021

In this issue: 

- Vendor Paul has some recommendations for where to eat and sit in Nashville!
- There's steamboat scoop in the history corner column

- "Godzilla" is playing in a theater again! Read our film critic's review. 

- Government news on the new director of Metro Homeless Impact Division, and a potential for a separate department of housing and homelessness. 

- Learn about MNPS's new advocacy centers that are now in each elementary school. 

- How a local nonprofit is showing the realities of homelessness. 

- Vendors write about the politics of housing and football. 

Be sure to pick up a print copy to get the full effect of the beautiful posters on vaccination from around the nation!  

Read the full issue here. 

10 years of Occupy Nashville - your new edition of The Contributor! October 27, 2021

In this issue:

- Hear about Josh's new apartment in this issue's vendor spotlight. 

- The history corner column looks at an old Elliston Place favorite. 

- An update on the Metro Homeless Impact Division leadership. 

- In our first-ever vendor city guide, Maurice gives recommendations for tourists. 

- We examine the growing role of caregivers

- Our film critic gives two new spooky show recommendations

Read the full issue here! And be sure to pick up a print copy to see a great photo essay honoring the 10 year anniversary of Occupy Nashville! 

Your new issue of The Contributor is here! October 13, 2021

In this issue:

- In an extension of our reporting on seniors, we look at what it takes to get by on a fixed income.

- West End staple Harold A. is your vendor spotlight

- Our history corner column looks at photographers Carl and Otto Giers. 

- The news on COVID isolation pods, money for Operation Stand Down, and laws about those living in cars. 

- And reviews of three scary movies just in time for Halloween!

Read the full issue here. 

The Contributor and La Noticia celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month! September 29, 2021

In this issue:

-Our cover story is printed in both English and Spanish, highlighting three community leaders in honor of Hispanic Heritage Month. 

- Anthony gets his own apartment in this issue's vendor spotlight

- We hear from Downtown Presbyterian Church's new pastor, Larissa Romero

- Change is coming for Poverty in the Arts. Learn more in this issue's nonprofit spotlight

- Vendors write about state politics, beloved customers, and being strong in your faith. 

Read the full issue here

Poetry issue lands in vendors hands September 16, 2021

In this issue:

- The best poems from the last year -- all written by Contributor vendors! 

- Demetrios the survivor is your vendor spotlight. 

- The history of aviation at Blackwood Field in this issue's history corner. 

- A review of "Widows" now at the Belcourt! 

- Vendors write about an ideal marriage, books they love and next steps in housing

Read the full issue here! 

We will also be at Pride Festival this weekend! Be sure to stop by our booth to get your copy and get the full effect of Sheronica Hayes' artwork! 

We're getting political in this issue of The Contributor September 01, 2021

In this issue: 

- Ace shares his inventive ideas in the vendor spotlight. 

- Judge candidate Robin Kimbrough Hayes writes on her philosophy and vendor Maurice shares about their friendship. 

- The origins of the word "Belmont" in this issue's history corner. 

- We remember vendor Eric. 

- Monroe Harding's foster care is our nonprofit spotlight! 

- A review of the Belcourt's new "Heist!" film series.  

- Vendors write about their library, Liz Cheney, fathers, evictions and God's law. 

Read the full issue here. 

NEW ISSUE: The Contributor goes Back to School! August 18, 2021

In this issue: 

- Chalkbeat Tennessee supplied our cover stories on school test scores and mask mandates

- A history corner on a train called Mountain Goat. 

- Our vendor spotlight is motorcycle fan Michael D.!

- A Q and A with our new SOAR disability advocate. 

- Our moving pictures column looks at "Pig." 

- Vendors write about a memorable concert, the Field of Dreams game, and God's voice. 

Read the full issue here. 

The scoop on The Village at Glencliff in The Contributor August 04, 2021

In this issue...

- For our cover story, get the scoop on the opening of The Village at Glencliff, and hear from the executive and medical director  Robb Nash

- Top vendor Brian gets help from his community.

- The History Corner looks at a spooky cave. 

- Mitigating the fallout from the ending of the eviction moratorium

- Project Return helps folks transition from incarceration. 

- Our film critic calls Mondo Hollywoodland one of the best movies of the year!

- Vendor Paul writes about scooters, and Norma shares a story of a special prayer.

Read the entire issue here! 

Rodney Crowell graces the cover of the new issue of The Contributor! July 20, 2021

In this issue: 

- The cover story looks at the social justice threads of Rodney Crowell's new album.

- Who is Col. A.M. Shook? Find out in the history corner. 

- A new policing model in Nashville pairs officers with mental health clinicians. 

- The latest update on the Jefferson Street Bridge encampment. 

- A nonprofit spotlight on My Sistah's House. 

- A new exhibition centers on the Vietnam War

- Our vendors write about city planning, health care, and the meaning of family. 

Read the full issue here. 

Your digital copy of the July 7 issue of The Contributor! July 07, 2021

In this issue:

- Our cover story looks at the limited housing options for people on the sex offender registry. 

- We remember Anthony, a vendor that is an integral part of the paper's legacy. 

- The nonprofit spotlight highlights The Cookery!

- A review of the new Black Widow movie! 

- Read how vendor Norma got into a Garth Brooks concert, and more thoughtful vendor writing! 

Read the entire issue here. 

NEW ISSUE of The Contributor highlights help for seniors June 23, 2021

We spotlight seniors in this issue!

In this issue:

- The cover story looks at how seniors who live in poverty can get the help they need. 

- A longtime friend of The Contributor, Dana, gets into housing! 

- Learn about an amateur football league in Nashville in the 1920s

- What does a street paper in San Francisco have to do with Phil Collins?  

- Hear about a new album from bluegrass artist Dale Ann Bradley. 

- A review on the Belcourt's Fellini Festival. 

- Lots of lovely poems written by vendors! 

Read the full issue here. 

Better late than never! Read about the new Church Street Park June 10, 2021

In this issue:

- Our new cart in Church Street Park!

- The story on the closing of the Jefferson Street Bridge encampment.

- Helen is vendor spotlight!

- Learn more about the cool work Musicians on Call is doing. 

- A review of a cult favorite movie. 

Plus lots of beautiful pics of local activism and thoughtful writing from our vendors! 

Get your copy in print or read online here. 

The annual summer reading issue is here! May 26, 2021

In this issue: 

- Our cover story is a Q and A with local homeless advocate Lindsey Krinks, talking about her book! 

- Jackie L. is your vendor spotlight — an original newspaper boy! 

- How adult education providers are helping the 41,000 in Nashville without a high school diploma. 

- A rave review for a new Netflix show. 

- Plus loads of awesome book recommendations.  

Read the whole issue here. 

The Transportation issue is here! May 11, 2021

Catch the transportation issue, now passing through!

- The cover package looks at a program that used to give free rides to those experiencing homelessness

- Plus an analysis on pedestrian safety in Nashville, and the new de-facto department of transportation. 

- Longtime advocate Jacqueline Sims speaks the truth about changing transportation in Nashville. 

- An outreach worker gives her take on the year-long bus pas program. 

- And vendors share their commute stories! 

- Additionally, history corner is on-theme with a story about ferries

- And you'll get a heartwarming update on Michael W. getting into housing! 

Read the full issue here. 

Your April 28 issue of The Contributor centers on art April 27, 2021

The April 28th issue is in vendors' hands now!

In this issue: 

- The cover story features an art exhibition centering on the Bible's Job, and how his story is relevant today. 

- This week's vendor spotlight page hosts a collection of quotes from vendors in honor of The Big Payback! 

- A local connection to the first flight around the world in this week's History Corner

- We remember beloved vendor Joseph Davis. 

- Checking in with a street paper like us in Memphis! 

- Thoughtful vendor writing that you won't want to miss! 

Read the full issue here. 

In honor of Black Maternal Health Week — a new issue of The Contributor! April 14, 2021

In this issue:

- A cover story on maternal mortality in Tennessee — what puts mothers at risk. 

- Lamont C. grows from housing changes, detailed in his vendor spotlight.

- We remember longtime Contributor vendor Don Nash. 

- Some ideas of where to get your next cup of coffee. 

- A review of a spooky horror film. 

And more!  

Read the full issue here. 

The new Contributor dissects how the city is "getting shots in arms" April 01, 2021

In this issue:

- Read about the plan to get vaccines to people experiencing homelessness.

- And hear perspectives from vendors who already got vaccinated.

- Wendell is your vendor spotlight! You may recognize him from Starbucks on West End.

- A review of Zack Snyder's Justice League cut...

- Our Youth Voice section highlights some amazing women musicians

Read the entire issue here. And pick up a copy in print if you can! 

Answering the big questions with The Contributor Q and A edition! March 16, 2021

In this issue: 

- The Contributor sat down with five movers and shakers working toward a more equitable society. 
- You may recognize Cynthia P.'s artwork — now read her story in the vendor spotlight!
- More horse race history in the History Corner
- Awesome vendor poetry and writing! 

And there's more! read the full issue here

Plus: did you hear we're putting Golden Tickets in the issues now? Find one in a print copy and get free merch! 

Your digital copy of The Contributor celebrates strong women! March 09, 2021

In this issue of The Contributor you'll find 
- A cover interview with Tarana Burke, fouder of the #MeToo movement
- A vendor spotlight with longtime top seller Brian W. 
- Our youth voice column hears from young women standing up against harassment at school.
- End Slavery TN tells us how to look for human trafficking. 
- Our film critic highlights an oldie but a goodie when it comes to films about homelessness.

Plus more! Read the full issue here. 

Appreciate unsung Black history in The Contributor digital issue! February 18, 2021

The weather may have delayed our release, but this is an issue you won't want to miss. 

In this issue: 
- Highlights from the National Museum of African American Music! 
- Words on local radio personality Sharon Kay and some Black History facts! 
- Nonprofits Matthews Mission and Equally Red make a campaign to support Black businesses. 
- Investigating how Nashville looks to decriminalize homelessness. 

Read the full issue here! 

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Your new issue of The Contributor celebrates "A Different Kind of Love" February 03, 2021

In this issue 
- The cover story looks at love in the midst of Alzheimer's disease
- Springboard Landings is the nonprofit spotlight! 
- News on this year's homeless count 
- A youth writer explores Alzheimer's disease
- A powerful essay from an anonymous Contributor vendor 

Read the full issue here! 

Ponder "making repentance great again" with the new issue! January 22, 2021

This issue will make you think! 

In this issue:
- Our cover story is an essay by local educator David Dark
- Doyle shares about his past jobs in his vendor spotlight
- A Q and A with Open Table's new leader, Paula Foster. 
- A review of the new doc about the FBI's surveillance of MLK. 

Read the full issue, including vendor writing and La Noticia!  

The first Contributor of the new year! January 05, 2021

Happy 2021! We decided to kick off the new year with a list of ways to help others!

- Read the cover story here. 
- Teresa is your vendor spotlight
- A history corner on two women not oft heard of in Nashville. 
- The Ace Foundation forges ahead the work of Ashanti Posey. 
- A review of a documentary that's unlike the others on prison. 
- Some heartfelt "thank you's" from our vendors. 

And there's still more! Read the full issue here! 

Time to wrap it up! (wrapping paper issue #2) December 09, 2020

Thank you so much for subscribing to The Contributor! Might we suggest gifting a subscription to a friend this holiday season? 

In this issue:

- Derek is our vendor spotlight!
- Q and A with the city's new affordable housing manager
- As always, vendor writing!
- and THREE full sheets of wrapping paper if you pick one up in print! 

Read the full issue here.

The first wrapping paper issue is out! November 24, 2020

The first wrapping paper issue is out! 

In this issue: 
- Bronson is our vendor spotlight
- Read about Native American history in Tennessee in honor of National Day of Mourning. 
- A movie review just in time for Thanksgiving! 

This issue is a bit smaller to make room for the wrapping paper. Get one in print if you're able! 

Get the full issue here. 

Your copy of our TEEN TAKEOVER issue! November 11, 2020

We partnered with Girls Write Nashville to publish the awesome work of some teens! 

Inside you'll find: 
 - Poetry and narrative writing from teen writers 
- TWO interviews by teens, printed in both Spanish and English! 
- Movie, television and music recommendations 

Plus: The third installment of our More than a Customer series, featuring Pedro and friends! 

Read the whole issue here! 

The scoop on the city's cold weather plan October 28, 2020

Your Contributor digital issue for Oct. 28-Nov.11 is here!

In this issue: 

Read how the city plans to prevent deaths from exposure cold this year. 

We've got two stories on voting — how nursing homes accomplished it this year, and how felons are getting their rights back. 

A story on a new nonprofit coming to town. 

And the best Halloween movies to stream.

Plus much more! Read the whole thing here!

Your digital copy of The Contributor's voting issue! October 12, 2020

In this issue: 

We partnered with Please Vote Nashville to put this super informative ballot breakdown for the November election in your hands — from presidential to school board races. 

Our "More than a customer" series continues with the story of Contributor Keith and The Creole Diva. 

Vicky B. gives a look at life inside public housing. 

Read the full issue here! 

Condos vs. Camps September 29, 2020

One of our city's homeless encampments has more residents than ever, and the condos next door have organized complaints. What brought us to this point, and what can be done? Read more in this issue's cover story. In this issue we also have the story of a vendor and a customer who have become more than that  true friends. Some new vendor writers share their perspectives, and some veterans share beautifully written poetry, including a tribute to Breonna Taylor. Plus, some gorgeous photos of local activism and a can't miss documentary review!

Condo's vs. Camps September 29, 2020

One of our city's homeless encampments has more residents than ever, and the condos next door have organized complaints. What brought us to this point, and what can be done? Read more in this issue's cover story. In this issue we also have the story of a vendor and a customer who have become more than that  true friends. Some new vendor writers share their perspectives, and some veterans share beautifully written poetry, including a tribute to Breonna Taylor. Plus, some gorgeous photos of local activism and a can't miss documentary review!

It's that time again!!! September 01, 2020

I love new issues of The Contributor!  This issue:  Meet Chakita Patterson, an amazing women whose business, United Streets Tours, is ALL about eradicating racism in Nashville,  Michael and Nell launch their album "Welcome Home" and Carl J shares his sales AND spiritual strategies, plus John Henry's walk with God, movies with  Joe Nolan, and HOBOSCOPES!!!

Read all about it!

Getting a home. Not as easy you might think. August 07, 2020

Getting into housing in Nashville is not easy for people experiencing homelessness.  Take a deeper dive into the process with our staff reporter, Hannah Herner, and learn more in "The Systems:  How Nashvillians Get Housing."  And the eviction moratorium is ending and the PIT count is in.  What does this mean for you? 
On a lighter note, Joe Nolan reviews the new Gordan Lightfoot documentary, Keith D tells us how his life has changed since he started selling The Contributor, and Mr. Mysterio gives you guidance.  All in this issue of The Contributor!

Poetry Edition with illustrations by Paul Collins. July 16, 2020

If you do one thing for yourself today, click on this link:  

The Contributor Poetry Edition

The last edition of The Contributor features beautiful custom illustrations by Paul Collins, curated poetry from our vendor's over the last ten years, and Haikuscopes that are truly amazing.  

Enjoy!  And it was our pleasure!!

With Gratitude,

Cathy Jennings

New Digital Edition! June 10, 2020

Your next digital Edition of The Contributor is here!

Are you concerned about the homeless during the pandemic?  Read "Notes from a Homeless Pandemic" and our  Vendor's quarantine stories.  

 Nolan's review of the movie "Detroit" Metro News and Hoboscopes will keep you coming back for more.  

Thank you for supporting and caring about your Middle TN Contributor neighborhood vendor.!

It's a must read! A fantastic new issue just hit the streets! May 25, 2020

A fantastic new issue just hit the streets!  Cover story:  100 Years of Women's Votes:  A Q & A with Miranda Fraley who curated "Ratified! Tennessee Women and the Right to Vote!"   More news on how our people experiencing homelessness are handling Covid as well as how the nonprofits have rebooted, and some of your favorite vendor writers, horoscopes and Joe Nolan movie review.  Read it here:  thecontributorlive!

New Digital Edition! May 04, 2020

How are the homeless in Nashville experiencing the shelter at the Nashville Fairgrounds during the pandemic?   Do Nashville children born in poverty have a chance to make it out?  Our reporting on the Community Needs Evaluation, plus Hoboscopes, Nolan's movie review and your favorite vendor writers:  Mary B, Norma and Vicky.  All inside this weeks Digital Edition here

Thank you for supporting the men and women who sell The Contributor, working hard to improve their quality of life and climb out of homelessness!