December 10, 2020

We have successfully wrapped up our crowdfunding campaign for Hylo! With $190,277 raised from 271 individual contributors and one major partnership, we blew past our original goal of $100,000 and we are fully resourced for the next season of work. With the deepest gratitude and from the bottom of our hearts, we want to express a huge thank you to our community! It is an incredible honor to be able to focus on building the next features in our ambitious roadmap, thanks to your support, and deeply affirming that you believe in us and want to participate in the mission to make Hylo the social coordination platform for a thriving planet.

The campaign started off with great news -  just a couple weeks in, we embarked on a partnership with the Planetary Health Alliance, based out of Harvard. This partnership is perfect for us because they are using Hylo already and their desires for new additions to the platform are perfectly aligned with what we have been wanting to build. With the blended funding from PHA and our crowdfund we were able to raise a total of $190k.

PHA is an incredible organization advancing the cutting-edge field of planetary health, which weaves public health and ecological health in an interdisciplinary approach. They are a consortium of over 200 universities, non-governmental organizations, research institutes, and government entities from around the world committed to understanding and addressing global environmental change and its health impacts. We are honored to work with their amazing team.

Upcoming Features

For our work with PHA, we’ll carry out some major usability upgrades, mobile app improvements, and big new additions. Here’s what we’re working on together:

  • Improved Profiles: Help members share who they are and connect with likeminded collaborators.

  • Community Discovery pages: Let communities showcase who they are and what’s happening in their group

  • Holonic Architecture: This huge architectural rewrite reinvents the structure of groups on Hylo to more closely match how people collaborate in real life.

  • Threaded Conversations and Forums: Make conversations easier to follow.

  • Onboarding Flow: Set new communities and new members up for success when first joining Hylo

  • Community Analytics Dashboard: Make visible the network health of groups on Hylo

View the complete scope of work with PHA on the Hylo Product Journey.

How to Get Involved

Building Hylo is the home for collaborative conversations about how we steward and build this open source project. Joining this group is a great way to get to know Hylo and participate in these conversations!

Hylo Stakeholders Call - January 27, 2021 @ 10-11:30am PT

Join the very first stakeholder call - our equivalent of a shareholder meeting - this January. We’ll report on Hylo progress, and discuss what’s needed to govern Hylo moving forward. Topics will include: working groups to start, the cadence of these meetings, and who wants to contribute in what ways. Save the date and look out for the official invite coming soon.

Thank You!

Thank you all so much for contributing. It means the world to us to know our incredible community is behind us and believes in our work. We can’t wait to co-create Hylo with you.

In solidarity,

Hylo Stewardship Team

Tibet | Neha | Kelly | Clare | Aaron 

PS - We held a campaign wrap party on December 1 with friends, Hylo community leaders, and musical guest Brian Capobianchi! If you missed it, check out the livestream here.

November 30, 2020

Hylo stakeholders, we've got some really exciting news to share. As our campaign comes to a close tomorrow we have just $7k left to raise because of an exciting new partnership that is going to fund our work for the next season! We will announce this partnership during our campaign wrap celebration tomorrow 12/1 5-7pm PST. 

You may notice that we blew past our original goal of $100k for this campaign! This is because our partner is putting in $160k to work closely with us on an ambitious and exciting scope of additions to Hylo over the next 3 months (more details will also be shared during tomorrow's event.) However, the total costs for our commitments over the next 3 months is $190k and part of our agreement was to raise the rest of that from our community. We do still need to raise the final $7k more from our community to hit our budget, so please share this campaign with your friends and let's make this happen!

October 15, 2020

Dearest supporters, we can't thank you enough for your support of Hylo ???? We are making decent progress on our campaign having raised close to $16k of the $100k goal so far. We are running this campaign as a multi-stage launch with more content to share soon like a real campaign video. In the meantime we'd love your support, please do send around the campaign to your communities!

We are also excited to share that we are now considering everyone who contributes to this campaign a "founding stakeholder". One of our core goals for Hylo is to turn it into a tech commons, a platform that is collectively co-created and stewarded by all the stakeholders of the platform who want to be involved. By stakeholders we mean all the people who care about the platform or participate in it in any way. This means the people who use Hylo, the people who contribute money to it, and of course those designing and building it. We don’t exactly know the details of how this collective stewardship will work just yet, but we are looking into models like Platform Cooperativism which utilizes the principles of democratic governance and shared ownership.

As a way to start moving towards this vision, this campaign is how we will define the first set of stakeholders in Hylo! Once the campaign is over we will organize a summit with all stakeholders to begin fleshing out the scaffolding of the cooperative structure that will hold Hylo in perpetuity. In the meantime we want to make being a Hylo stakeholder feel special, because it is! You are getting in on the ground floor of helping craft what we believe will be the technical infrastructure to support the next evolution of humankind to a cooperative planetary civilization that works for all. For one, we are planning to add different badges to Hylo to indicate that ways that various stakeholders have participated in the creation of Hylo. To be clear, we will not be giving more power or status to people who give more money to Hylo, we would show the same badge for anyone who has contributed financial support whether that is $10 or $10,000. And we will have badges for developers, designers and all the different ways people contribute to the platform!

In deep appreciation and solidarity,