Founding stakeholders October 15, 2020

Dearest supporters, we can't thank you enough for your support of Hylo ???? We are making decent progress on our campaign having raised close to $16k of the $100k goal so far. We are running this campaign as a multi-stage launch with more content to share soon like a real campaign video. In the meantime we'd love your support, please do send around the campaign to your communities!

We are also excited to share that we are now considering everyone who contributes to this campaign a "founding stakeholder". One of our core goals for Hylo is to turn it into a tech commons, a platform that is collectively co-created and stewarded by all the stakeholders of the platform who want to be involved. By stakeholders we mean all the people who care about the platform or participate in it in any way. This means the people who use Hylo, the people who contribute money to it, and of course those designing and building it. We don’t exactly know the details of how this collective stewardship will work just yet, but we are looking into models like Platform Cooperativism which utilizes the principles of democratic governance and shared ownership.

As a way to start moving towards this vision, this campaign is how we will define the first set of stakeholders in Hylo! Once the campaign is over we will organize a summit with all stakeholders to begin fleshing out the scaffolding of the cooperative structure that will hold Hylo in perpetuity. In the meantime we want to make being a Hylo stakeholder feel special, because it is! You are getting in on the ground floor of helping craft what we believe will be the technical infrastructure to support the next evolution of humankind to a cooperative planetary civilization that works for all. For one, we are planning to add different badges to Hylo to indicate that ways that various stakeholders have participated in the creation of Hylo. To be clear, we will not be giving more power or status to people who give more money to Hylo, we would show the same badge for anyone who has contributed financial support whether that is $10 or $10,000. And we will have badges for developers, designers and all the different ways people contribute to the platform!

In deep appreciation and solidarity,