Survey & next class info June 10, 2020

Assalamu Alaikum,

 Thank you all so much for learning with us these last 8 weeks, it have been a pleasure being with you. We would ready love to heard your feedback on the course, if you can take a few minutes and fill it out we would greatly appreciate it.

Also, if you are interested in attending the next level of Quranic Root Words please see the details below and link to register:!

We hope to see you in the next class!  

Level 2 begins Saturday June 20th and Ending Monday Aug 10th.  If you registered for Level 1 class begins Monday August 10th.

Dates for Level 2 roots class: 
Saturday June 20th - 1:00pm AZ/ 4:00pm EST
               June 27th - 1:00 pm AZ/4:00 pm EST 
               July 4th - 1:00 pm AZ/4:00 pm EST
               July 11th -1:00 pm AZ/4:00 pm EST

Monday  July 20th - 6:00pm AZ/ 9:00pm EST
              July 27th - 6:00pm AZ/ 9:00pm EST

              August 3rd - 6:00pm AZ/ 9:00pm EST

             August 10th - 6:00pm AZ/ 9:00pm EST

Please let us know if you have any questions!

GT Arabic Team