November 01, 2019

Dear Friends and Family of
Elizabeth Atkins,

We have created a “clipbook” depicting the projects that have been funded thus far by The Elizabeth Atkins Presents Fund. There are still unallocated funds, which will make more projects possible this year. We plan to keep adding posters to this book every half year or so. Please view the book here:

It is amazing and moving for me to go through this collection and think about all of the kids that I know have experienced something simple yet profound at a pivotal stage in their development of empathy, compassion, sense of purpose and their ability to truly connect with other human beings. I know firsthand the impact that you have had on these children, and I have heard from them and their parents about how their outlook, perspective and sense of agency has changed significantly.

I invite you to come visit our program in action in the Merrimack Valley or North Shore if you are interested. We would love to introduce you to the kids you have empowered! I also welcome any questions or suggestions you may have. I regret that I have not been in more regular communication. Capacity is the biggest challenge for any small nonprofit, and there are things like this that take longer for us to execute, even though they remain high on our priority list! Thank you for your patience.

Until we meet again, please know that I feel honored and blessed to be connected with you all and carrying out this work in honor of Liz and her incredible legacy of kindness, compassion, commitment to action on behalf of others and a love of young people.

With love and warm wishes for the holiday season, which is bittersweet and unpredictable when you are missing someone dear to your hearts,