The Sarah DeBord Fund December 30, 2021

?Dear supporters of the Sarah DeBord Fund,

As you are likely aware, when Sarah DeBord passed away in July of 2020 she requested donations to Jack's Caregiver Coalition in lieu of flowers. To honor her generous gesture we established the Sarah DeBord Fund in her honor in July of 2020.

With your support in the first year of the fund (July 2020 - July 2021) we received 40 donations totalling $4,200! That's enough to bring support to one caregiver for 5.6 years (his entire caregiving journey as a report by AARP in 2017 found that the average guy caring for a spouse does so for 5.1 years)

So far in the second year of the Sarah DeBord Fund we have received 6 donations totalling $325. To keep the Sarah DeBord Fund active at our coalition I have committed to raising $1,500 per year in her name.  

As 2021 comes to a close I wanted to invite you to consider helping us close that gap so and keep the Sarah DeBord Fund active. Every little bit helps. To learn more and donate to Sarah's fund please click here.

All our best,

Kyle Woody

Founder & Executive Director

Jack's Caregiver Coalition

Spotlight on Sarah DeBord. A Named Fund Story. October 12, 2020


As supporters of the Sarah DeBord Fund we are grateful for you and we are honored to share her story with you. It is our hope that it will inspire you and help you heal. You can find the story on our blog space using this link.

All our best,
Jack's Caregiver Coalition