August 31, 2021

5782 Rosh HaShana Annual Campaign SPECIAL PRAYERS 

"Baruch HaShem Rabbi It Worked..."

MARRIAGES, NEW BABIES, WON LAWSUIT, JOB PROMOTION, INVESTMENT & FINANCIAL SUCCESSES...These Are Some of The Personalized Berachot That Were Fulfilled For Last Years Partners In The High Holiday Campaigns. 

Despite The International COVID-19 Plague, Our Partners Around The World Have Received Extraordinary Blessings & Protection From HaShem.  After Hearing & Seeing The AMAZING Messages Coming From The Rosh HaShana & Yom Kippur DONORS In the Last 2 Years, We Are Back With A Bigger Goal: 

$400,000 (OR MORE) 

Our Goal Is To Feed 15,000 Poor Jews In Israel. 

Before We Raised A Single Dollar, We Made The Commitment and Already Sent Money To Feed Thousands of Poor Jews In Israel This Holiday by giving them Gift Cards To The Rami Levy KOSHER Supermarket Chain, but need your help to reach the 15,000 poor Jews.  These Are HaShem's Poor Children and Trusting In HaShem Blindly & Completely Is The Way We've Seen The Best Blessings.