October 12, 2020

MUST WATCH Amazing Report & Personal Messages From Sukkot Corona Project by BeEzrat HaShem

THANK YOU FOR SONG "Rak Latet (Only To Give)" BY SINGER Eli Herzlich 

BeEzrat HaShem Inc. CORONA - HELP Feeding Poor Jewish Families 

We're helping countless people for the holiday and You Can Partner With Us Too!

The Time To Be Generous Is Now.   As you've seen from our other campaigns, we've helped over 10,000 people this past 5780 year.  We'd love to partner with you and help 100,000 people this year as the needs are ever-increasing.  It's only unfortunate if we don't do anything about it when we can do it together.  Please share this campaign with your family and friends as all are welcome to join and partner with us in this big endeavor by donating to this special campaign.   CLICK TO WATCH NEW VIDEO REGARDING CAMPAIGN

May HaShem bless all of our partners a thousandfold.

Rabbi Efraim Kachlon & Rabbi Yaron Reuven