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150 Faces of Redwood City book (softcover) - SHIP TO ME

Get your copy of this commemorative softcover book of 150 Redwood City residents taken by local photographer, Jose Aguirre. 

Artist Statement

The idea of making the photo project Faces of Our Community 2.0 arose in early 2017 in one of the many coffee shops in Redwood City, when the Coordinator of Redwood Together, a Redwood City 2020 initiative, asked me if I wanted to do a new photo project to celebrate the city's 150th anniversary. In 2012, I had created 27 environmental portraits of people who lived, worked or studied in Redwood City, a project commissioned by Redwood City Together called Faces of the Community. This new project would be a second version of the project; hence, the name Faces of our Community 2.0. Faces 2.0 is different and much more ambitious. I proposed to the RWC Together and the 150th Anniversary Committees to create 150 photographs, including children, youth, adults and elderly both immigrants and born in this country to highlight the diversity and the welcoming atmosphere that exists in Redwood City. This time we would focus only on the faces. We issued an open call for people to nominate their relatives, friends, neighbors or themselves to participate in the project and the response from the community was very positive. The photographs were taken at the main library in Redwood City. We used a black background to give more relevance to the face and to avoid distractions in the image. The type of lighting was chosen carefully not only to create dimension, show depth and give life to the portrait, but also to achieve a special shine in the eyes of each participant: the eyes are the windows to the soul. All the participants were asked to look at the camera to achieve a sense of empathy and an implicit connection between them and the viewer. ....


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