Sweep Oars

Sweep Oars
16 needed - These will be used by our varsity boats, while our older oars will replace some well-loved oars for our younger rowers and masters. 

The cost of each oar is  $485.00 each. 

Each Donation of $500 or more will receive an old blade with your choice of our old Black and Royal Blue stripes, or our new White and Shark Design.

If you would like to buy a complete set (8) oars you will receive an older complete oar with blade of your choice (above) 

Multiple selections/quantities can be made to create the custom donation amount you desire.

Sweep Oars $5.00 Donation

Max Quantity:4

Sweep Oars $20.00 Donation

Max Quantity:5

Sweep Oars $100.00 Donation

Max Quantity:10

Sweep Oars $1,000.00 Donation

Max Quantity:16