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Stay safe in the sun while supporting the Cedar Key Dolphin Project!

These custom printed buffs display high-resolution photos of the fins of 20 of Cedar Key's most photogenic bottlenose dolphins. Dorsal fins are to dolphins like fingerprints are to humans: all are unique and can be used to positively identify individuals. All those nicks and cuts visible on their fins—either the result of run-ins with their fellow dolphins, an accidental boat strike, or perhaps a bite from aggressive bull shark—can be quite distinct and provide us with a method for tracking them as part of Cedar Key Dolphin Project's long-term research studies. We name each dolphin based on their fin’s distinguishing characteristics, then assign them a 4-letter code in our catalogue for easy reference. These buffs are the perfect way to help us identify which resident dolphins you see when you're out on the water ... all while protecting yourself from the harmful rays of the sun!

Printed locally by FREE SUNSHIELDS in St. Augustine, Florida (  

  • 24cm (9.5in) wide by 48cm (19in) tall
  • Soft and Breathable
  • Up to 30 UPF Sun Protection
  • Moisture wicking
  • 100% seamless polyester fabric
  • One size fits most
  • Machine washable
Our sunshields have at least 12 uses. These multi-functional shields reduce direct exposure from sunlight and protect against outdoor elements. They can be worn as a neckerchief, mask, hair band, scarf, foulard, head band, wristband, balaclava, cap, scrunchy, pirate, do rag, plus much more! Made to withstand the elements, our sunshield fabric is lightweight, breathable and seamless with moisture wicking properties that is soft to the touch. Perfect for fishing, boating, hunting, gardening and any other outdoor activities.


Note: 7% sales tax will be added.
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