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TPR's MCAT Self-Paced Program

The Princeton Review’s MCAT Self-Paced Program

  • Up to 16 Full-Length Practice Tests available for extended study
      • Access to all AAMC materials as they are released
      • Most programs use 3-5 tests during the course of instruction
  • Each Student will receive a copy of the following materials
    • MCAT Biology Review
    • MCAT Biochemistry Review
    • MCAT General Chemistry Review
    • MCAT Organic Chemistry Review
    • MCAT Physics and Math Review
    • MCAT CARS Review
    • MCAT Psychology and Sociology Review
    • MCAT In-Class Compendium
    • MCAT Science Workbook
    • MCAT Verbal Accelerator
    • MCAT Critical Analysis and Reasoning Skills
    • MCAT Science Review Questions & Solutions
  • 365 Day Access to the Online Student Portal
  • Access to all AAMC Materials as they are released
  • Online Student Portal 
    • Access to Princeton Review’s Exclusive Drills
      • Each module is organized by subject and topic, so students can gain mastery of the material through a variety of brain science techniques: assessing confidence, ensuring correct answers over time and providing clear answer explanations.
    • Access MedFlix MCAT Video Archive
      • Over 500+ hours of On-Demand Instructional Videos covering MCAT specific Content and Strategies designed to offer a one-on-one review to all students.
        • Over 80 hours of online lessons per subject
        • 24/7 access with unlimited views and tracking.
    • Interactive Score Reports
      • Students and administrators receive personalized score reports that detail their performance and pinpoint strengths and weaknesses 


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