These contain theatre specific premium make up products .

Face Kit

The face kit contains all the Items which the artist/student requires to apply on  the face for any performances on stage or offstage.

The Items Included are as follows

- Primer

- Color Correctors Red

- Color Corrector Yellow

- Crème Foundation - Dark

- Crème Foundation - Medium

- Crème Foundation - Light- Chestnut Powder

- Banana Powder

- Setting Spray

9 Sold
Max Per Order:30

Eye and Lip Kit

The Eye and Lip kit contains the shades which are applied to the dancer/artists eyes and lips. The shades are carefully chosen to enhance the dancers features and facial expressions. 

The Items Included are as follows

- Eye liner Gel 
- Eye Liner Liquid 

- Mascara 

- Lip Liner 

- Lipstick 

- Blush

8 Sold
Max Per Order:30

Application and Removal Kit

The kit contains essential tools to help the artist apply make up and remove it after. 

The items included 

- Make up Brushes and Sponge

- Q-tips

- Make up remover Liquid

4 Sold
Max Per Order:30