Protect your puppy, protect the planet Holiday Box

Love the earth and love your dog without compromising your sustainable practices! The perfect holiday gift for all the animal and planet lovers in your life. 


Pet Hair/Fur Remover Brush made of lightweight eco friendly plastic and resuable (no peeling sticky paper)

Dog Ball handmade with 100% sheep's wool 

Non-toxic Dog Bowl

100% biodegradable and compostable Dog Poop Bags  portion of proceeds from this product go to rescue and animal-welfare organizations

Poop Bag Holder made from recycled materials. 

Our holiday gift boxes are one of a kind... meaning we only have one of each! Don't hesitate and miss out on this perfect holiday gift! 

By shopping 'Be Sustainable collection' you're directly supporting Sustainable Seattle's community programs. We know you are committed to sustainable practices & we hope you love these items as much as we do. 

To ensure delivery before the holidays end, order by 12/8/20. 


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