'Smiling for Sustainability' Holiday Gift Box

Feel good about caring for your teeth - makes a great gift for your favorite host our houseguest!


Pure Silk Eco Floss - 100% silk floss with plant based wax coating, refillable glass container, and compostable packaging

2 Bamboo Toothbrushes made from biodegradable bamboo and BPA free bristles

Hello Toothpaste Tablets responsibly sources ingredients and materials in a plastic free reusable tin

House Sister Diatomite Toothbrush Holder - a biodegradable breathable organic fibrous structure

Our holiday gift boxes are one of a kind... meaning we only have one of each! Don't hesitate and miss out on this perfect holiday gift! 


By shopping 'Be Sustainable collection' you're directly supporting Sustainable Seattle's community programs. We know you are committed to sustainable practices & we hope you love these items as much as we do. 

To ensure delivery before the holidays end, order by 12/8/20. 


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