Pah-Tu Postcard Pack

Variety postcard pack that’s a part of our "In Sight" Visual Series for "The Forces that Divide and Aligning for Sustainability" Artist: Pah-tu Pitt G.

The Tahoma series is about the mountain's (known as Rainier by many) experience as a witness to increasing temperatures and catastrophic fires. The mountains breathe through the forests, glaciers, and streams. Through these experiences Tahoma continues to support life, hold clouds, and promote a shift to sustainability. Moisture and fire are important elements centered by many Native management practices with implications for the dynamism and values needed for sustainable futures.

Tahoma 1 is a mixed media Collab with Sean Gallagher (Inupiat) also of Native Kut. Blockprint and Acrylic.

Tahoma 2 is mixed media with watercolors.

Cedar Rose Rising is about creating vibrant connections. Through reciprocity, we have the power to learn and lift each other up, while creating a legacy rooted in place and respect for first peoples.

*We are a small team and therefore ship at the end of each month. If this is a gift, or you need it sooner please send us a message to and we will expedite your items to you. Thank you for your support!

Proceeds split between Sustainable Seattle & In-Sight Artist 


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