Set of 13 Postcards

We asked our designer, Bianca Ng, to share a little bit about what went into the artwork, and postcards.

"I devoured the contributors' responses. Each response felt like an intimate conversation inside their brain. In learning about their creative processes, I also uncovered more about my own. The words that resonated most with me centered around vulnerability, hope, and connection. I gravitate towards visualizing quotes that give me a new perspective or instinctually punch me in the gut with raw honesty. I feel imposter syndrome when it comes to using color because black and white is home for me. Recently, I've been drawn to adventurous color palettes. I love how unusual color combinations can create visual magic and curiosity. Also, each color I use serves a purpose; it's never haphazardly chosen. For the anthology, I picked seven distinct colors that also work well together, to represent the seven chapters. And of course, The Seventh Wave blue was included in the palette." 

Bianca Ng, Artist in Residence @ TSW, anthology designer