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Gift Cards for our Scholars

Gift Cards can be purchased to supply our Afafanto Scholars and Afafanto Girls Clubs with necessary supplies.

Year One Afafanto Scholars are leaving home for the first time. They do not have a suitcase for their belongings or a knapsack for class.


15 Sold
Purchasing a Personal Health gift card for a deserving young woman means that they will recieve a supply of sanitary pads and a set of panties, a mask, soap, and sanitizer.


27 Sold
This Gift Card will purchase a set of textbooks.


11 Sold
Fill a bag full for notebooks, pens, pencils, markers and other school supplies. 


16 Sold


6 Sold
Each of our Afafanto Scholars is required to purchase a calculator and measurement tools for their studies. 


16 Sold


9 Sold
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