Pictured bracelets come with either elastic or corded bands

A. Painted Glass Beads: Handpainted recycled krobo beads

B. Woven Bangles: Colorful woven bangle bracelet with black background

C. Black Beaded: 5/8": black beads with 3 colored glass beads

D. Braided Cord Thin: Adjustable cord with 3 krobo beads

E. Braided Cord Thick: Adjustable with 1 larger krobo bead

G. Yellow painted Krobo on elastic

Colorful woven bangle bracelet with black background. Pictured above.


Only 1 left!
Each Black beaded bracelet contains 2-3 krobo beads in the center. Choose option on checkout.


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Each bracelet contains black braided cording and recycled glass beads


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Painted yellow krobo beads with small black glass beads on elastic


Only 1 left!
wraps around wrist 3 times. Available in blue or yellow. Please specify


Only 4 left!
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