Professional Results in Tough Locations

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Maintaining access to a 1200-mile trail is a big job. While many PNTA partners contribute to the effort, PNTA’s own Performance Trail Crews lead the way in safeguarding the trail corridor and maintaining connectivity from end to end.

Performance Crews are equipped to take on the most challenging and time consuming projects needed to keep the entire trail accessible, even in remote Wilderness areas. Crew members who join the program commit to an intensive, summer-long mission. They may spend weeks clearing backcountry trails or rehabilitating areas damaged by wildfires and floods to restore the PNT.

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Your gift to the Youth Crew Heroes Campaign will unlock funding to empower future outdoor leaders to tend trails and have life-changing outdoor experiences.

With your help, we can grow our inclusive youth service program and create opportunities for aspiring leaders to get outdoors, connect with nature, and explore careers in natural resource management.