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Lucy was part of the ASPCA's 700 animal seizure in NC in early 2016.  She was trailered down here with 2 other mares and a 3 week old foal.  They are known as the "Carolina 4".  When I first met Lucy, she was covered in mud, boney and had her back foot wrapped with blue tape.  She couldn't put pressure on it and she was deathly afraid to leave Ethel's side.  As the days progressed, she lost some of the mud and while still boney, you could see she was a diamond in the rough. Over the next few months, she gained weight and her coat became shiney but still, she remained shy as volunteers entered her pasture.  Her rehabilitation has been slow but she learns to trust her caregivers more and more every day.  She is finding out that the farrier and veterinarian are her friends.  She has begun some basic round pen training but she still has a way to go for rehabilitation.  Will you help us raise funds to care for her while she slowly progresses back into a loving and trusting companion? Help us to help her become the diamond that shines!  Thank you for your donation.




Our goal is to provide education and awareness regarding the plight that some OTTBs face when injured or retired and can no longer race. While HART does intervene and rescue these horses from dire circumstances, we also work tirelessly to provide a better future for these majestic athletes.  This is done by providing options and intervening before they end up neglected, abused,  or worse, at a Kill Pen.  How can you help?


Become a Team Hart Member by making a one time annual donation of $50 or more and help a horse today!  You can choose your very own HART horse!  You will receive a photo,  your horse's story,  and frequent updates through Instagram and Facebook!  You will also be listed on our website as a Team HART Member!  This also makes a perfect gift for the horse lover!  Want to help even more???


Always wanted to have your very own horse,  but don't have the circumstances?   Sponsor a horse that needs your help!   Your monthly sponsorship will help provide food,  shelter,  veterinary care services,  hoof care,  and more for a rescued horse that has been abused/neglected horse or an injured/retired OTTB.   You will change their lives forever and help save so many more! 

Partial Feed Program $100/mo
Basic Care Program $50/mo
Farrier/Hoof care Program $25/mo

What you get

  • Photo Certificate of Sponsorship
  • Your name,  school,  business listed on our website under Horse Sponsors 
  • Frequent updates of your horse on Instagram and Facebook
  • Ability to visit your horse either in person or through Facebook LIVE with appointment! 
    *We do require sponsors wanting to visit their horse in person to attend a safety orientation prior to your first visit. 
    Choose your horse and become a sponsor today!  This is also a perfect gift for horse lovers and great for businesses or schools, church ,and youth groups! 

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