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by Grant & Kara Anderson





The Butterfly Ball Prom King & Queen Competition is back!! Vote now for your favorite couple and help them earn their crowns!!

The couple with the most votes will be crowned Prom King & Queen during the Butterfly Ball on January 28, 2023! The winning couple will earn an ALL-EXPENSES PAID VACATION to the destination of their choice thanks to our friends at Bursch Travel! 

$1 donated = 1 vote! All proceeds from voting benefit the Olivia Caldwell Foundation for pediatric cancer research and to bring expert pediatric care to Wyoming kids at the Pediatric Specialty Outreach Clinic! All votes/donations are 100% tax deductible! Learn more about our missions by visiting

Voting kicks off on January 09, 2023! Then the field will be narrowed to the TOP FOUR couples on January 18th! All voting will end at 11:59 pm on January 27th!

The 2023 Butterfly Ball Prom King & Queen Competition is brought to you by Banner Wyoming Medical Center, Northern Lights Energy, First State Bank, & American National Insurance - Nic Eskew Agency!

This has taken me some time to decide if this was something we wanted to do; however, I believe my husband and I would make great candidates to support the large scope of the cause that hits so many points.  We are a great couple, I work for a cancer facility, we had a premature baby and went through a very high-risk pregnancy, we have a teenage daughter and family treated with mental health issues. 

Mr. Grant Anderson is already my King.   In 2017 I was re-introduced to Grant through my cousin after going through a traumatic experience.  If anyone has gone through a Divorce, they should know that the only winners of such an experience is the Attorney's. So, this was where our journey began. 

Grant and I started dating in late 2017 which was what I felt was safe considering he lived in ALASKA.  Someone living so far away seemed harmless not only to me, but my pre-teenage daughter.   Fast forward several months, Grant started flying to and from Alaska every single month. Alaska to Wyoming, and Wyoming back to Alaska.  He worked 3 weeks on with 1 week off.  Not one time in 3 years, prior to COVID-19 and eventually getting laid off from the oil field did he not make this trip.  He later sold his Alaska home and moved over 3000 miles to permanently live in Wyoming with me and my teenage daughter for good.  What a MAN!!!  He now works for Sinclair and he is here to stay, right by my side! 

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